How To Apply Winged Eyeliner With Spoon

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Winged eyeliner has been a makeup staple for decades. It’s a classic look that never goes out of style and it can be adapted to suit any occasion.

There are many ways to apply eyeliner, but the winged liner is one of the most sought-after looks. In this tutorial, we will show you how to apply winged eyeliner with spoon! Let’s start with grabbing the materials that you need to get this job done!

How To Apply Winged Eyeliner With A Spoon (1)

Things You'll Need

1. Liquid Eyeliner

You need a good eyeliner, in a liquid formula. That way you can easily and quickly apply the perfect line to your eyes. You can choose any good eyeliner as per your preference.

2. A Spoon

Being one of the main items for this tutorial, don’t forget to grab a spoon that we will use later.

3. Makeup Eraser

If you mess up, no worries! Use this little eraser to get rid of any mistakes! It comes with an angled edge so it will fit perfectly into your wings while wiping out any smudges or mistakes before they dry down.[1]

4. Mascara

To finish off your look you’ll need to add mascara for full luscious lashes that will last all day long!

How To Apply It?

1. Measured Your Wing Lengths

Start with the outer corner of your eye, and work inwards.

Start by curling your lashes and applying a layer of mascara. This will help keep those pesky lashes in place as you apply the eyeliner on the top lid.

2. The Handle For The Bottom Wing

Grab your spoon and create the inner portion of your winged eyeliner, this is done so that when you apply the outer portion it blends perfectly with this one for seamless results.

The handle for the bottom wing should be at the end edge of your lower lash line, but don’t stop here yet.

3. The Spoon For The Top Wing

Start from just outside of the corner, without dragging too far, make small strokes until you reach the center of your eyes.

Then drag back to where you started making sure to really emphasize that  winged look. As you are doing this, line up the spoon to ensure that it is straight and even. The spoon will be used for the top wing.

4. Fill In Accordingly

Now add your favorite liquid eyeliner and complete the look. If you have a small eye, then your handle should reach mostly to your lash line, if not all the way there.

Similarly, fill out more of the rounded edge on each side with liquid eyeliner when you have larger eyes or want it to be less dramatic.


The winged eyeliner technique is a classic beauty staple. It’s also one of the most difficult to master, which is why many people shy away from it. But with this simple guide you can apply your makeup like an expert and get that perfect cat eye! 

All you need for this easy DIY is a spoon (yes, really!) and some patience. Give this article’s helpful tips on how to do things right next time you’re in front of your mirror – or better yet save our instructions as a bookmark so they’ll be there when you need them again!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best eyeliner for beginners?

For beginners, the best eyeliner is liquid liner because it’s easier to use than pencils. Also, it is thicker than pencil eyeliner. The best liquid liner for us is waterproof, long-lasting, cheap, and easy to use.

It’s also way more foolproof compared to trying to do a wing with an angled brush. You want something really easy on yourself if it’s your first time unless you’re like me who always obsesses over winged eyeliner.

2. Can I just use my fingers instead of an eyeliner brush when applying liner in this way?

Sure!  If you want your lines to be thicker and more dramatic than what would come out with a brush then go ahead and draw on the line using your finger but make sure it’s clean or else you’ll end up transferring bacteria from other parts of your body onto your eyes which can cause eye infections.

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