13 Best Wax Warmer for Hair Removal [Review & Buying Guide]

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Waxing is a popular hair removal technique that removes the hair from the root. Although it can be painful, it’s a great way to remove hair from sensitive areas. 

Waxing is one of the most effective ways to remove unwanted hair for good. It’s an affordable, long-lasting way to get rid of pesky hairs on your legs, arms, face or any other area you want smooth skin. But if you’re not careful, waxing can also lead to skin irritation and ingrown hairs.

We’ve found that using a heated wax warmer makes the experience much more comfortable and less painful than cold wax strips or sticks. Our list includes some of the best wax warmers for hair removal on the market today so you’ll never have to worry about your skin again!

Complete List of Best Wax Warmers for Hair Removal

1. KoluaWax Waxing Kit Wax Warmer Hair Removal

KoluaWax Waxing Kit Wax Warmer Hair Removal is a wax heating pad that provides waxing services in the comfort of your own home. It’s designed for easy wax removal with an automatic shut-off function to ensure safety and convenience.

It is best suited for people who want to use this product as their sole source of hair removal without having to go anywhere else. The downside is there are no shades offered so waxing is best done in a well-lit area.

The kit includes a wax warmer, 25 disposable wax sheets, two pairs of latex gloves, one spatula set, six wands (two small/four large), four sponges, three slotted tweezers (one long and two short), ten metal loops for eyebrows or ear hair removal treatments; and one nail folder with 20 paper strips.

This Hair Removal device comes with much more than your basic wax warmer, making it incredibly easy to use. This device heats up quickly and does not require any additional tools such as wax strips, waxing sheets, or wax spatulas.

Overall, this wax warmer is one of the finest warmers currently available in the market which is loaded with tons of great features available at a very justified price ticket.

2. Bella Verde Hard Wax Kit

Bella Verde Hard Wax Kit is best for people who want to do their hair removal in the comfort of their own home because it is designed without any moving parts so there are no risks or messes involved with using this product.

The Bella Verde Hard Wax Kit’s high-quality formula can be used on all types of skin from sensitive to rough and thick. The wax warmer is a waxing kit that includes a wax warmer, two pairs of wax strips, and a spatula.

It comes with an easy application process where you simply heat your wax until it melts then apply the strip onto the desired area and peel it off after ten seconds.[1]

This kit contains everything you need to get started with your own at-home waxing business, or for personal use. This easy-to-use hard wax formula provides a longer-lasting, more comfortable experience than traditional soft waxes – all in one convenient kit.

It includes Bella Verde’s signature blend of 100% organic ingredients, an application spatula, a stainless steel pot with a built-in heater coil, and 6 reusable muslin cloths (2 large and 4 small).

This high-quality, salon-grade hard wax is perfect for all hair types and skin colors. The Bella Verde Hard Wax Kit contains everything you need for one full-body Brazilian or bikini wax.

3. Lifestance Waxing Kit

Lifestance Waxing Kit is the perfect solution for at-home waxing. It includes everything you need to achieve salon results. This all-in-one home waxing kit provides everything you need to remove unwanted hair from your body quickly and painlessly – achieving a high level of results.

The kit includes everything you need to achieve salon-level results, including a warming pot, spatula, waxing strips, a soothing aftercare balm, a jar of wax, a wooden spatula, and an instruction pamphlet with easy step-by-step instructions for use.

It can be used to heat the wax and do the hair removal, such as ear waxing, facial or body hair removal, bikini line, underarm, etc.

There are two ways to use it: by using a container of hot wax (with or without cloth strips) or by melting the solid block of wax in a bowl that comes with your warmer.

The kit includes 4 different colors of wax, each with its unique strength and fragrance. It is infused with fragrant lavender, blueberry, blackberry essential oil, which is suitable for all areas of the body especially the more delicate areas while its strength is effective on coarse hairs.

The electric wax machine can melt the hard paraffin wax and make it soft, warm, and easy to apply. The warmer plate is made of high-quality ABS material and has 6 temperature settings for different skin types.

Looking at all the benefits you must try once as It is a built-in safety cut-off switch that prevents overheating. The heating element will automatically shut off when the water level becomes low to prevent damage to the product.

4. GiGi Multi-Purpose Hair Removal Wax Warmer Kit

Gigi wax warmer is the best way to make your hair removal process easier, faster, and more convenient. This beauty tool can be used for both professional and personal use.

The GiGi Wax Warmer has a temperature control knob that ensures the wax temperature is optimal no matter the wax formula. It will heat the product evenly and allows the hair removal wax to remain at a heated temperature until you turn it off.

It has a see-through cover so you can keep an eye on the wax temperature. You can also adjust the temperature control lever as well as indicator light with ease.

It comprises a user-friendly interface that makes it one of the best wax warmers of the time. Its smooth stainless steel surface, protective see-through cover, and removable lids make it easy to clean, sanitize and improve functionality. 

The wax warmer comes with a sturdy base that will not tip over even if you accidentally bump into it. The product accommodates most 14 oz cans of hard waxes and melts them in less than 30 minutes making it a great buy for anyone looking for an affordable wax warmer.

5. BLITZWAX Waxing Kit

BLITZWAX is the first digital wax warmer and is engineered for melting wax, hard wax beans, and hard wax bricks. The BLITZWAX depilatory wax has a special delicate formula for sensitive areas that follows the body curves and easily captures short and fine hairs.

It’s specially designed for use at home and includes all the necessary items for a comfortable, smooth and convenient waxing experience. It includes a removable wax pot to maintain the integrity of your product while in use.

The warmer features an adjustable temperature dial ranging from 86° to 257° Fahrenheit for control and maximum comfort. BLITZWAX also comes with a matching top to cap and uncap the warmer as well as a cleaning brush.

This all-purpose hard wax kit is ideal for the entire body including face, eyebrows, lips, arms, underarms, chest, bikini, and legs. It is a revolutionary new way to wax, with technology that allows you to warm your wax to the perfect temperature in less than 30 seconds.

It uses patent-pending digital technology for precise heating and an easy-to-read LCD screen. It is a waxing kit that comes with 5 packs of premium scented wax beans. 

With this hair removal wax, you will be able to get rid of unwanted body hair easily and quickly. This means no more burning, no more guessing, and no more time wasted on the phone with customer service trying to figure out why your wax isn’t melting.

The kit contains an easy-to-use heating element, which can be plugged into any standard outlet to quickly heat the included waxes. All these features makes this wax warmer a must buy for interested people.

6. ILansley Waxing Kit

No products found.

ILansley waxing kit is the best at-home waxing kit. The ILansley waxing kit is a complete solution for all your hair removal needs. It includes everything you need to remove unwanted body hair from the comfort of your own home.

Wax pot has an auto-off function controlling the wax temperature which maintains the ideal consistency of your wax throughout the day and keeps working.

The product uses durable ABS heat-assisted material to prevent overheating. This helps you to get a smooth, clean, long-lasting result. It is portable and easy to use with no mess or fuss! Get silky smooth skin with this amazing product!

This is a complete waxing kit that includes all the tools you need to do your waxing at home. These waxes are applied thin and even, up to 2-3 times less product is used compared with other brands of wax.

ILansley Waxing Kit is an all-in-one waxing kit, which has 7 different types of wax in one. It includes 4 pieces of pre-waxed cloth strips, 2 sponges, and 1 spatula. 

ILansley waxing kit is the best choice for you if you are looking for a professional and easy way to remove unwanted hair at home.

No products found.

7. GiGi Space Saver Hair Removal Wax Warmer

The GiGi Space Saver Hair Removal Wax Warmer is the perfect wax warmer for the beauty professional who performs minimal waxing services or has limited counter space.

GiGi Hair Removal Wax Warmer is designed to make waxing easy and convenient for you. The warmer heats the wax quickly, which also helps in keeping your wax fresh. It comes with a temperature control knob that allows you to adjust the temperature as per your requirement.

GiGi Space Saver Hair Removal Wax Warmer is the best wax warmer for your salon. It is a portable, space-saving device that will provide you with soothing aromatherapy and even save time and money.

This wax warmer comes with an adjustable temperature control knob that allows you to set it at any temperature between 100°C – 200°C (212°F – 392°F). The sleek design of this hair removal wax warmer makes it easy to use and clean after every use. 

Super compact dimensions at only 5 5/8 W X 4″ T it easily accommodates a 14 oz can. Heats most types of wax and keeps wax at a constant ready-to-use temperature.

It’s perfect for waxing large areas such as legs, arms, back, shoulders, and more. Its unique design features an ergonomic handle to make it easy to use anywhere you go. 

This hair removal device is perfect for both professional use and at-home use. You can easily clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth or paper towel after every use.

8. Makartt Hair Removal Machine Hard Hot Wax Warmer

The MAKARTT wax warmer is an economical, safe, and easy to use hair removal machine. This hot wax warmer is great for home use or a salon. It can warm up your hard wax and soft wax in minutes.

It also allows you to melt 14-ounce cans of hard wax, as well as loose bricks, microwavable kits, and more. This professional hair removal tool is designed to warm up the softening wax in a few minutes, helping you save time and effort. 

MAKARTT wax warmer is made of 100% copper wire, which is a high-quality material for heating. The heat assistant material and inner pot are also molded in ABS to strengthen its durability.[2]

The temperature can be adjusted from 60-110 Celsius(140-230 Fahrenheit) by the knob on the right side. It will light up when it reaches the set temperature and turn off automatically when the temperature is higher than 110 Celsius(230 Fahrenheit).

It also has a built-in thermostat that automatically shuts off when the desired temperature is reached.  It has been tested for more than two years and they are all durable and reliable making it a good choice to buy.

9. SATIN SMOOTH Professional Double Wax Warmer

SATIN SMOOTH Professional Double Wax Warmer is a wax warmer that is designed to last. It features double wax warming chambers to provide you with quick wax heating and an easy-to-use design.

The SATIN SMOOTH Professional Double Wax Warmer can be used by both professionals and beauty enthusiasts – this product is perfect if you want the benefits of professional waxing at your convenience.

This hair removal machine has two temperature settings on each side: low (150 degrees) and high (185 degrees). This allows you to choose between lower temperatures when removing sensitive hairs, such as those around the bikini area; or higher temperatures when dealing with thicker areas like arms.

It also has a built-in thermostat that automatically shuts off when the desired temperature is reached. This wax warmer will help to remove hair without any pain or irritation, leaving you feeling soft and smooth!

The wax chamber of this wax machine can be heated up quickly in only 15-30 minutes for easy use at home or salon service. The wax chamber has a handle for effortless carrying, making it easier for home use or salon service.

This waxing device features dual chambers so you can provide quick wax heating and an easy-to-use design with just one product: perfect if you want the benefits of professional waxing at your convenience.

The SATIN SMOOTH Professional Double Wax Warmer comes with two different heat settings on each side – high (185°F) for thicker areas like arms; low (150°F) for waxing sensitive areas such as the bikini line.

It also has a built-in thermostat that automatically shuts off when the desired temperature is reached, preventing any accidents from wax getting too hot and making it so you don’t need to worry about overheating wax or forgetting to turn it off! This wax warmer will help remove hair without any pain or irritation, leaving you feeling soft and smooth.

The wax chamber of this double waxer features handles on both sides making it a perfect option for anyone who wants professional results but prefers using something on their own.

10. Salon Sundry Professional Single Pot Electric Wax Warmer

Salon Sundry Professional Single Pot Electric Wax Warmer is a wax warmer that is designed to give you professional-level waxing at the comfort of your own home.

It features a single pot design and adjustable temperature dial, so you can control it from low (150 degrees) up to high (185 degrees). This waxer also has an indicator light for when the desired heat level has been reached – making this product both convenient and safe!

The wax chamber on this hair removal machine will allow waxes or lotions to be heated up in just 15 minutes with its quick heating feature. The body of this device is made out of ceramic materials, which are known as being a better material than plastics due to their higher heat retention properties.

It is designed with the experienced waxer in mind. It features a powerful, high-frequency heater that quickly melts wax for fast and easy use.

The unit heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with an adjustable thermostat so you can fine-tune your temperature settings. The Salon Sundry single pot electric wax warmer is a convenient size (4-1/8″ diameter) to fit most containers of wax.

The wax warmer is constructed of metal and plastic and has a compact design that fits easily on any countertop or tabletop. This unit features a ceramic heating element with no exposed coils, which makes it safe for home use.

The durable all-metal heating pot can be used with any type of wax and will not warp when heated over time as some plastic pots do.  This wax warmer is perfect for use at home or in the salon, and it’s also travel-friendly.

11. SATIN SMOOTH SSW12C Professional Single Wax Warmer

SATIN SMOOTH SSW12C Professional Single Wax Warmer is a wax warmer that has a professional design with an easy-to-use, single wax pot.

This wax machine provides quick heating and is perfect for use at home or in the salon – it features two side handles that provide easier wax application without having to touch the hot wax chamber.

It also comes equipped with adjustable heat settings on both sides of its wax chamber, so you can have high (185°F) or low (150°F). The waxer will automatically shut off when the desired temperature is reached thanks to its built-in thermostat, preventing any accidents from overheating your wax.

This hair removal device has one durable ceramic pot designed especially for all different types of waxy products including lotions and creams; it heats wax in just 15 minutes, perfect for at-home waxing.

The waxer is made of metal and plastic materials, which are both durable against wear and tear or heat damage. This is a single wax warmer that works best for small to medium-sized salons. It has a beautiful satin finish and will look great in your salon.

This wax warmer can hold up to 1 lb of wax, which is enough for you to do many clients. The design of the unit allows it to be placed on any flat surface with ease. 

Its compact size makes it perfect for waxing at home or in the salon, and this wax machine is also travel-friendly.

12. Domie Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit

The Domie Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit is the perfect way to remove unwanted hair. It comes with everything you need for a full-body waxing treatment and is easy to use.

The device has an automatic shut-off function that turns off automatically when the temperature of the wax rises above 65°C. When it’s time to clean up, simply wipe down the surface with a damp cloth or paper towel and let air dry between uses.

Domie Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit is a full-treatment warming wax warmer that heats and holds 500 ml of wax–enough for a full arms-and-legs treatment.

The Domie Wax Warmer On, Wax Warmer Off warms wax beans to pre-set melting temperature, then keeps it liquified and ready to use; just like an oven. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need for a professional salon quality at home.

It has a preheating function that warms the wax beans to the desired temperature, then keeps them liquified and ready to use; just like an oven. It also has an on/off switch with an indicator light for easy operation. After heating, the wax can be used for up to 30 minutes.

13. Maxpearl Wax Kit for Women Men

Maxpearl Hard Waxing Kit is the best way to get started with your professional waxing at home. It’s easy to use, and it comes with everything you need to start waxing right away.

Maxpearl’s hard wax beans are a high-quality, all-natural product that is perfect for use with our electric wax warmer. Max Pearl wax kit for women and men is a good alternative to shaving, waxing, and tweezing.

The hard wax beans can remove hair from the root quickly and effectively without causing irritation or leaving red bumps behind. It also provides long-lasting results for up to 2 weeks.

The blue refill can be used with any brand of electric warmer, while the cream wax is designed for use only with Maxpearl’s warmers.

All you need to get started is included with this kit – 500cc electric at-home wax warmer, 14.1oz hard wax beans (2 Flavors), 20 Wax Applicator Sticks (10 large & 10 small eyebrow wax Facial Waxing sticks), 10 rubber fingers. The low melting point allows beginners to apply the hard wax over the skin smoothly without a break.

The hard wax beans are formulated using a unique blend of natural ingredients that allow for smooth application over the skin without break or crack.

Overall, this waxing kit is a good investment, and the wax beans are easy to use. Turn off heat when finished so that the thermostat shuts down the device after the set time has passed. Make sure not to leave unattended while heating wax! This hard wax makes it effortless to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wax Warmer

The first thing to consider when choosing a wax warmer is what type of wax you will use with it.

If you plan on using hard wax then there should be specific warms made specifically for that material or else the machine may not work properly due to its low melting point after preheating up the beans inside.

The second important consideration is if you need something compact enough for home use or would prefer something more professional-looking that could go in an actual salon setting as well.

Lastly, wax warmers come in a wide range of prices, so it is important to think about what you can afford and how much wax will be used on average.

Alternatives of Using A Wax Warmer

Before purchasing a wax warmer there are other options available such as waxing or shaving which may require less upkeep than waxing depending on the individual’s skin type.

When deciding whether to buy an electric wax warmer or not one should also consider the cost savings over time for each option – since waxing would need more frequent applications versus every few weeks with hair removal due to long-lasting results from hard wax beans especially if they have been pre-warmed by using an electric appliance.

Finally, some people might prefer NOT having any heat involved during their waxing experience and wax warmers are not the only option.

There are also wax coolers which can be used in place of wax warmer for home use, but please note that these machines do require a little more skill to operate than an electric wax warmer so they are best left to those who have prior waxing experience or someone with training if you plan on using it at-home without supervision from a professional.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this wax heater review of the top 13 best wax warmers for hair removal. I hope that it has provided you with some guidance in your search for the best wax warmer.

The final decision is up to you and what features are most important to you; however, if you’re looking for a reliable hair removal kit at an affordable price without sacrificing quality or performance, the Domie Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit would be our top recommendation.

The Domie Wax Warmer Hair Removal Waxing Kit is my favorite because it has a removable cleaning brush, and is also guaranteed to be free from harmful chemicals like Parabens or Formaldehydes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best wax warmer for hair removal?

The Dermawand is one of our top choices because it has been specifically designed for body hair removal as well as facial treatments such as eyebrow shaping or facials – making it ideal primarily due to its versatility although this particular model does come at a higher price point.

2. What temp should wax be for hair removal?

It is best to use wax that has been pre-warmed up to get the most out of your waxing experience.

This can be done using a wax heater at home or by going into any salon and asking them if they have such equipment available where you could do it right then and there. 

But more on this later as we will soon discuss what wax warmers are good options for salons versus those who would prefer something smaller like an electric model intended primarily for personal use only – which may not require being preheated before applying it onto the skin unless used with hard wax beans instead of cream wax.

3. Is waxing better than shaving?

Shaving can cause the hair to be cut below skin level which causes it to grow back thicker and often coarser than waxing or waxing with cream wax – this is because wax removes a layer of dead cells from your epidermis before pulling out any unwanted hairs.

This leaves behind softer, finer follicles that are more easily maintained over time without needing as many applications each week since they will not have been cut down by shaving them off like one would need with a blade to achieve the same results.

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