9 Different Types of Hair Rollers You Should Know About

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Hair rollers are a great way to get voluminous hair without the need for heat styling. However, it’s hard to find the right hair roller for your needs.

There are so many different types of rollers out there, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for you. Each of these hair rollers have their own benefits. 

We’ve got 9 different types of rollers that we think you should know about! From curlers to hot rollers, we have a variety of options that will suit any need. Check them all out here!

Different types of hair rollers

Different Types of Hair Rollers

1. Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are the most common type of hair curler. They work by heating up with electricity and then you can curl your locks quickly without having to use any heat directly on your head.

They come in different sizes, so they will be more effective depending on what size curls you want. You should also know that hot rollers will need to be replaced about every six months because the heat can cause them to lose their effectiveness over time.

2. Foam Curlers

Foam curlers are usually made out of foam and they work by wrapping your locks around them before clamping them closed with a clip or Flexi-rod, which is then heated up in an oven for a set amount of time.

You should know that these won’t last as long as hot rollers so they’ll have to be replaced more often – typically after one year. These types might also not give you big waves like hot rollers do but instead give you softer curls.

Foam Curlers are ideal for those with curly hair who want to add some texture and looseness to their style without the use of a hot tool like a flat iron or curling wand.

They work similarly to sponge rollers, but they also include an even softer foam that’s been infused with silicone in order.

3. Velcro Rollers

Velcro rollers work similarly to foam curlers except these don’t use clips; rather, the velcro rollers conform to your hair and they’re heated up in an oven.

You’ll want to replace these types of rollers more often because the velcro can get worn out with time, but you don’t have to worry about clips breaking as you do with foam curlers.

Velcro Rollings can be used on wet or dry hair thanks to its adjustable design which means you’ll never have trouble finding just the right fit.

These types of rollers will give your locks plenty of volume and body while also providing you with natural-looking waves – perfect for someone who wants something different from straightened-out styles every day.

4. Steam Hair Rollers

Steam hair rollers are made from metal that’s been coated so it doesn’t rust when used in steam or water, and this will give you waves similar to hot roller curls – but without any heat damage.

They’re ideal for those with curly hair since the moisture and heat from your head will help shape the curls more easily without frizziness or dryness, but they also work on straight haired individuals as well due to their traditional design.

These should last around one year before needing to be replaced as well because of the wear on them.

5. Flexi-Rods

Flexi rods work similarly to Velcro Rollers except instead of being flexible at all times; some Flexi rods might be rigid to add volume and shine.

Flexi-Rods are perfect too if you have short locks that need extra length! Simply bend one end back over itself while holding it in place with your fingers before rolling it up along its full length to create added volume at the roots.

It’s much easier than using a brush thanks to this innovative design which is why these types of rollers can be found all over Hollywood.

6. Heated Rollers

Heated Rollers are perfect for those with naturally straight hair who want the option to use a heat styling tool without worrying about damaging their locks.

They’re also great for those with thicker, kinkier types of curls that need some extra help getting them well defined and frizz-free.

7. Magnetic Rollers

Magnetic Rolling Heads work on all types of hairs because they contain magnets embedded in each roller which easily attach themselves to any metal surface such as your curling iron or flatiron.[1]

These rollers can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond stores so you’ll never have difficulty tracking down this specific type again. They will grip even fine hairs while you sleep thanks to their magnetic properties.

You can use these at night without having to worry about them tumbling off your head as well; this is due mostly because these types take up less surface area than any others which means they won’t they’re less likely to move.

8. Brush Hair Rollers

Brush Hair Rollers are specially designed to work with your natural hair. They act just like typical hot rollers but the feature is a metal brush on the inside that helps distribute your hair evenly before it sets.

These are often used by people with thick, coarse types of curls who have trouble getting their style to stay in place.

Brush Hair Rollers are specially designed to work with your natural hair. These hair rollers are the perfect product for those with healthy or dry hair that want to add some bounce to their locks to create a looser, natural look.

These types of rollers don’t have clips so they’re easy on your scalp like most other types – however, you’ll also get more time out of each one because there’s no need for constant reattachment.

9. Sponge Rollers

Sponge rollers are great for those days when you’re in a rush and need to give yourself some speedy volume. They come with an attached sponge and are placed on your head like typical hot rollers before they set. 

It’s also easy to find Sponge Rollers online or at beauty supply stores where the choices will be plentiful which makes it even easier to choose the perfect style.

These types of rollers are also great for those with frizzy, curly hair that needs a little extra help staying smooth and manageable.

Sponge Rollers will stay firmly in place all day – even at work. They’re not going to fall out easily so you can walk around comfortably without having to worry about them falling out or getting caught on your clothing.


Hair rollers are a great way to style your hair quickly and easily. The 9 different types we’ve highlighted in this blog post should give you plenty of options for styling it just the way you like it! 

If you want more information about how these work, be sure to read our article on all things hair related. We hope that this has been helpful for those who have found themselves wondering what type of hair roller they need or where they can find them online. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with!

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