Natural Hair Growth Oil Recipe For Stronger and Dandruff Free Hairs

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People with good hair are appreciated all the time. As human beings, being drawn to perfection and an effortless personality is quite natural. Having a head full of healthy hair growth can be very fruitful in real life. Firstly, people who already have flowing, lustrous hair are instantly considered to be more robust and potent than the rest in the lot. The health of an individual is a crucial aspect of maintaining the kind of hair with which they are born. Poor routine in the maintenance of your hair can result in dull and curly hair and can often lead to hair fall, later on in life. Dandruff, however, is a widespread problem for people of all age groups.

Dandruff can be very disturbing. It poses a lot of problems, not only for you but the people near to you as well. As no one in the history of humankind loved the generation of dandruff, it is viable to say that people look ugly and unhealthy when their head blooms with dandruff if you are currently suffering from the action of dandruff on your hair you need to take immediate steps and stop the cause from its roots.

Natural Hair Growth Oil Recipe

Dandruff Can Adversely Affect Your Overall Appearance

The action of dandruff can spoil all the hard work. A person’s overall vibe ceases to exist when they are always frowned upon by the active growth of dandruff in their head. No matter the looks you own or the clothing you prefer to wear, the problem nullifies every aspect of a person’s character. Such is the impact of dandruff and hair problems in your life.

Can Natural Hair Oils Cure All Forms Of Hair Issues?

For most of the cases, using a proper hair oil that works for your hair type and scalp and result with a beautiful head of hair over time. Although, without a proper diet and healthy living practices, you cannot achieve the best results you are capable of.

It must be known that using natural remedies, and you might need to be patient to see good results. Thus, being in the habit of maintaining your hair, while being the best version of yourself in all aspects of life can ease the process of such transformations. Thus, being patient is very necessary to witness good results with time. However, the results you would achieve by doing so would last a considerable amount of time without fading away, unlike the harsh easy to use products that you normally see. 

Prepping time For The Recipe

To make a brilliant oil concoction to achieve stronger and dandruff free hair, as well as to promote natural hair growth, you need to nourish your hair. The recipe for making the oil is easy-to-follow. The total time you need to invest in making this product is 9 minutes, which includes two minutes of preparing time and 7 minutes to cook or make the oil. If you buy the ingredients and use the exact amount that the company prescribes in the recipe, then it shall ideally last for at least six months. 

natural hair growth oil


Go to the market and buy the following ingredients for your DIY hair growth oil. 

  • Coconut Oil—200 millilitres

Coconut oil 200 millilitres is one of the most versatile and popular oils that you can add to most hair oil recipe. That is the same reason that it has been famous as a natural hair oil recipe for hair growth damaged hair and dandruff as it forms the base of this recipe. It contains a large number of fatty acids that will help the oil stick to the hair follicles, too profoundly nourishing the scalp. Make sure you buy good quality coconut oil. Do not go for any synthetic products; only pure coconut oil is beneficial, which is free from any additives. It will make your hair lustrous and silky, as it also works as a conditioner. People use it for the treatment of dandruff for centuries, and when mixed with lemon juice, its power increases. This recipe will not work if you opt-out of the coconut oil. 

  • Almond Oil—50 millilitres

It contains vitamin e, fatty acids, magnesium, proteins as well as antioxidants which will promote the growth of beautiful natural hair. It will help you to reduce the damage of hair and restore it to its natural beauty. Not only will it help to moisturize the hair but also to lock in that moisture so that your scalp does not dry out too quickly. Mix all the beneficial components that help to secure it on your scalp. Say goodbye to split ends and dandruff with the help of this oil. 

  • Olive Oil—100 millilitres

The natural keratin of your hair will be shielded against damage by the use of olive oil. The reason for the addition of olive oil to this recipe is because it contains oleic acid and vitamin e. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well as it can be used for prevention for fungal infection. The DTH hormone, which leads to hair fall, can be controlled by the use of olive oil, so it is an essential aspect of this recipe. 

  • Castor Oil—30 ml

 Castor oil is essential for people who are suffering from receding hairline or severe hair fall. It promotes the growth of new thick hair and will help in getting natural hair growth that you want. It also helps in removing dandruff, and ricinoleic acid that is contained in this oil has anti-inflammatory properties. 

  • Red Hibiscus Leaves—5 leaves

 Many of us do not consider that red hibiscus leaves are a brilliant ingredient to put into hair oil mixtures. It has a lot of benefits. The red hibiscus leaves will help in protecting the natural color of your hair. It will slow down the process of greying of hair while protecting its youthful glow. It also acts as a conditioner to leave your hair soft, smooth, and bouncy. 

  • Fresh Amla Juice—30 millilitres

Amla, which is the popular name for Indian gooseberry, is an essential part of good hair oils. This also helps in preventing your hair from turning grey. It also helps to build strong hair. It was so by binding copper and iron to your hair, which is very important to maintaining healthy hair.

  • Neem Leaves—20 leaves

 Neem is an ingredient that is great for skin protection as well as for hair treatment. It has a lot of medicinal properties. With its antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it will surely help your scalp to become healthier. 

  • Bhringaraj (Eclipta Alba) Leaves—10 leaves

This ayurvedic plant facilitates hair growth and the promotion of healthy hair

The Process Of Making The Final Product:

Natural Hair Growth Oil Recipe

So you can see that to make this hair growth oil recipe for natural hair, the ingredients are straightforward to gather. Each of these ingredients has a special value, and that is why it has been added to the recipe. 

  • Take a deep pan and put the amla juice in it. 
  • Then you need to care for all the oil in this pan. 
  • Put the fresh leaves that have been cleaned.
  • Boil this mixture for 5 to 7 minutes; then cool it down.
  • Put the mixture into clean containers. You may notice some clouding at the bottom of these bottles, but that is very normal, and it does not affect the quality of the oil. 

How to apply the oil?

Some of the oils in this mixture, like castor oil and almond oil, are very heavy, so it is advisable not to keep this mixture on your head for more than an hour.

  • Warm up the oil and then apply on your head. Gently massage in the hair oil on your scalp. 
  • Make sure that your hair roots are properly covered with this mixture and also put some oil on your hair stand up till the tip.
  • The hair should be completely covered by this mixture to get the best results. Then it is advisable to wrap your hair inside a steaming hot towel to lock in the moisture.
  • You can remove the towel and put it in hot water. Then, wring it out before repeating the process. Let the towel be on your head for another 20 minutes. 
  • Let your hair be in this position without the towel for another 20 minutes before shampooing out your hair. 
  • Use a mild shampoo so that the benefits of the oils do not get washed away. You will now have beautiful hair free from any worries. 


Moreover, healthy natural remedies are most likely not capable of hair regrowth, thus having hopes that high would result in vain. For the most part, these natural hair growth oil recipes for natural hair can cure the problems you are facing and can help prevent them for a long time.


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