Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

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If you are planning to buy a new Airbrush makeup kit and still confused which one to buy or you have a thought in mind to buy Luminess Air kit, then you have come to right place. We reviewed Luminess air kit at various criteria and finally came up with this detailed review.

In today’s generation, everyone is a bit more aware of their looks. Everyone wants to look their best not just on some occasion, social gatherings, or essential events but also on regular days. Enhancing your look does not only make you feel great but also boosts your self-confidence to another level. Thus, it is necessary to look great and feel great. 

Apart from clothes and accessories, one of the most crucial parts is to enhance the beauty of your face. People not only check how good your dressing sense is, but they also lookout for a beautiful, charming look. Makeup is like a magic wand, just a light touch of which can transform the look of a person. Your already lovely face can get more amazing with the slightest bit of makeup. 

Luminess Air Airbrush Makeup Kit Review

When the topic is still on makeup lets, not forget the most crucial point of makeup. It is blending. You can say that the makeup is impressive only when the blending is done in precisely the right way. The mixing needs to be perfect to achieve the right look. You need to blend your makeup well if you do not want to end up with the unmatched skin color of your face and neck. And to a blend, you need the right kind of brush. There is a lot of makeup brush kit with airbrush foundations etc. in the market. But, you need to know which the best one for you is.

Luminess Air airbrush is one of the best makeup brushes in the market. Professional makeup artists even use this. You can entirely rely upon these for all your blending issues. Makeup is essential for people who need to look their best, and to achieve the perfect look, the makeup needs to be blended with a good brush.

You can choose from the full range of makeup brushes that are available in the market, but the Luminess Air airbrush system is something that has grabbed the makeup lovers’ attention. The Luminess silk uses the airbrush stylus to blend in the makeup. The result is smooth, even and enhanced makeup. You can use this Kit easily also if you do not have experience of years and are not a professional makeup artist, and still, have the best results. Yes, the Luminess Air airbrush is extremely easy to use and works like a magic wand. 

A Quick Look into The Features of The Luminess Air Airbrush

When it comes to airbrush makeup kit, you should have the idea of applying. Or, you must have the patience of learning and practicing the applying technique of the makeup airbrushes. Let’s, get into the features to know about the features of the airbrush – 

  • Luminess Silk has the best natural way of applying. Anyone can easily use the makeup brush. 
  • The airbrush provides coverage to sun damages like tan and spots and blemishes. 
  • The Luminess Air airbrush kit is available in 12 different foundation shades. This provides coverage to every skin tone, and the unevenness spots blemishes of every tone. 
  • You will not need any concealer as the foundation itself covers skin issues, fine lines, and dark circles.
  • Luminess Makeup Airbrush is entirely water-based, so you can stay worried free of getting any reaction. It is incredibly safe for even sensitive skin. 
  • The exclusive formulation of these products leaves the pores clog-free.
  • Luminess Air Airbrush is oil and alcohol-free. 
  • The Kit comes with eight different shades of blush. 
  • You can easily buy a kit according to your skin tone. This includes fair, warm, tan, medium, and dark. 
  • The moisturizer of the Luminess Air kit nourishes, moisturizes, and hydrates your skin. This is something that you won’t find any everyday airbrush kit. 
  • The best part is, the Luminess Air kit comes with a one year warranty of the whole unit.

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What do you get inside the Kit?

Before making any purchase, you must know what the whole kit contains. However, the Luminess Air Makeup Airbrush is a complete kit that comes with a lot of units that you need for a fantastic makeup. You can even check out some Luminess airbrush review. Let’s get to know what kits you get – 

  • Airbrush Stylus – This is also known as the airbrush gun. This is the unit that you point to your face and spray the makeup or the airbrush makeup. There is a sliding trigger that gives the power to control the makeup to you. The whole control resides on you and not the stylus. You can push it hard for a more dense spray of makeup (check top 10 best spray tan machines here). You can press it lightly for a medium compact spray.


  • Airbrush Compressor –This is the one that supplies the pressurized air to the airbrush stylus. This is just a one-button unit; you can just quickly press this and plug the compressor. This will power up the airbrush stylus and also send air to it.


  • Foundation – Luminess Air kit comes with two bottles of foundation. These two bottles go well with a wide range of skin tones. The best part is that it is different from the traditional foundation; the makeup brush foundation does not need to be close to your skin.


  • Moisturizer – You get a moisturizer with this kit. The makeup of Luminess Air airbrush has water-based makeup, but it is better to moisturize your skin before applying any makeup.


  • Blush – Luminess Air kit also has a blush. But this is only specific for airbrushes. You can choose the shade of the blush from the range.


  • Hose – Luminess Air kit also has a suitable length hose that lets you freely use the stylus and the other unit. This way, you do not have to be too close to the compressor.


  • Instructional/manual video – You do not have to worry about how to start using the Kit. You get an instructional video with this Kit that helps with every instruction or tips to use the kit. You need to have the right amount of patience.

About the Product

When it is about Luminess Air review, let’s also discuss the two airbrush systems it is categorized in. The company withstands the fact that customers are divided into professional and regular use, they have made two different sets of kits – 

Luminus Air legend System

This kit from Luminess Air is for the ones who are not professionals. This system gives you the liberty to learn to apply a wide variety of makeup techniques. This Kit provides you with the opportunity to choose the color of your compressor from rose gold and black, hot pink, black and white, and aqua and white. 

Let’s check out what this Kit contains – Two bottles of ultra foundation, One bottle of blush, One bottle of moisturizer or primer, and one bottle of skin-brightening glow. 

Luminess Air Pro System

This range of airbrush kit is for the professional ones. Whereas the legend kit has a compressor with a simple on and off button, the Pro system has three switches that let you transit through three speeds. This button helps you to control the pressure per square inch of the airbrush stylus. This can be an excellent tool for the ones that are better experienced in makeup. 

With the Pro system, you get a bottle of bronzer which is available with the Legend system.


This is the best and most cheap system that you can find in the market. The company offers a $19.99 for a 30-day trial; after that, you have to pay $59.99 for five months. 

The makeup material like foundation can easily be bought from any online retail store. 


When it comes to the Luminess makeup airbrush system, you can rely upon it blindly. This is just worth every penny. This product is the best example of ‘Value for Money.’ Even if the device starts showing any issue, you can call them up and have it repaired without paying anything is it is under the warranty period. 

Luminess customer service is extremely efficient; they get your work done in just no time. You will never have any problem dealing with them. The best thing is that the product is extremely portable and travel-friendly. The compact finishing of the system helps it take place in every makeup lover’s heart. The compressor being small in size does not end up consuming ample space. 

The long length of the hose helps keep a reasonable distance between the compressor and the makeup airbrush. Whenever you go somewhere, you can easily carry the Kit in your vanity. The convenient payment method gives the Luminess kit another thumb up. 

However, this Luminess kit is far cheaper than any of the makeup airbrush kit found in the market. The makeup is sweat proof and does not even clog your pores. The makeup is just right for daily wear. The Kit is convenient to use, and no need to be a pro to apply the makeup in the right way. The formulation of the makeup is excellent, and it does not affect the sensitive skin.

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