Complete Guide to How To Use Hair Rollers for Different Curls

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Want to try a new hairstyle? Well, of course you want to try, that’s why you’re here!

Hair rollers are an easy way to get curls without the hassle of using curling irons or hot tools. They’re also great for creating volume and adding texture. If you want to know how, keep reading!

In this guide, we’ll show you step-by-step instructions on how to use hair rollers for different types of curls. You’ll learn what type of roller is best for your hair length, thickness, and curl preference – as well as which techniques will give you the most beautiful results. 

Plus we’ll share our favorite tips that will help make styling with hair rollers even easier! So, read on to learn everything you need to know about how to use hair rollers and how to get curls with a roller set.

how to use hair rollers for different curls

How To Use Hair Rollers for Different Curls

There are different types of hair rollers that come with different functionalities and usage. To make it easier for you, we’ve covered all the major types with their step-by-step instructions on using them to get the perfect curls. Let’s start first with Foam hair rollers.

1. How to use Foam Hair Rollers

Foam hair rollers are used to curl your hair. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from long, skinny rods to big fat cylinders with ripples on the surface. 

The foam material is usually made out of polyurethane or silicone, which means it can be heated up so that when you place it on your head before rolling up your hair around it, you’ll have an instant wave or curl.[1]

1. Wash Your Strands

You’ll want to start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. You can also use a dry shampoo for extra volume and texture.

2. Prep and Dry

Next, you want to prep your hair with heat protectant spray before blow drying it so the curls will last longer.

You could even do this in advance if you’re having trouble finding the time! Once your strands are completely dry, roll them up into sections of about an inch or two thick—don’t worry how they look yet because that is what we fix next.

3. Apply Your Rollers

Now take those sections and carefully wrap them around foam roller rods so each strand is separated by at least one half-inch space from its neighbor on either side (the more spaces between hairs, the more volume).

4. Wait it Out

The final step is to wait for the curls to form. Give your hair at least an hour, and up to a few days, depending on how long you want them.

If it’s been more than five hours since you applied rollers in wet hair, spritz on some dry shampoo or oil spray before unrolling—the heat from blow-drying helps make each section curl nicely.

Unroll one section by hand; don’t pull too hard because of all the knots formed while rolling with Velcro roller rods.

Now quickly smooth out any tangles using your fingers so they won’t be visible when revealed.

5. Show Off Your Curls

Finally, take down the rollers and enjoy your masterpiece!

How to Use Hot Hair Rollers

1. Prep your Rollers

Plug your hot rollers in and begin to heat things up. It is best to section off your hair with clips and lay the roller on top before rolling it up.

2. Roll Your Hair

Roll your hairs and apply volumizing spray for that extra oomph! Once your hot rollers are ready, start rolling sections of hair at a time until you get all over your head covered with them.

3. WAIT to Give Your Curls Time to Form

After an hour or two, see how much curl has been achieved using this method by gently removing the roller from your hair section by section.

4. Start Unrolling Your Hair

After about ten minutes, it’s time to start unrolling your hair with some product on hand. 

Grabbing one strand at a time, gently use your hands or brush to loosen up any tangles before starting the unraveling process.

5. Unveil Your Curls

Keep in mind that you don’t have to stop here—with these foam rollers, for example, if you want even more of an 80’s vibe then all you need is a can of hairs.

6. Roll the Hot Rollers Out of Your Hair

This method is best for those with fine and thin hair. The heat will create some waves in tighter strands while leaving looser waves on thicker sections.

How to Use Hot Hair Rollers

1. Prep your Strands

Prep and dry your strand by sectioning them into fours or sixes depending on how many rollers you plan to use: two, three, four, or six.

2. Roll Your Hairs

Roll up each section in the roller with your hair on top of the rollers and facing out for a fuller look. Make sure to leave enough space so that when you attach them they do not touch one another.

3. Use Your Volume Spray

These are great for giving those natural waves more bounce and making curls pop.

After attaching all of your Velcro rollers either use an elastic band to tie it down at the crowns or let it sit loosely around your head – whatever works best for you!

4. Wait for it

Wait it out! Give your curls time to form into their own curl pattern before revealing them.

5. Show off Your Curls

It’s done! Time to reveal those beautiful locks.

Expert Tip

Use foam or hot rollers depending on the length of your strands.

If using Velcro, wait until all sections are rolled up before attaching with a roller clip or elastic band so that they don’t stick together when rolling them out. 

This will also give you more volume as opposed to curling from top to bottom like long hair does – start at the roots instead!

Apply spray if desired (these are great for giving those natural waves more bounce)

When it comes time reveal those beautiful locks by undoing each section one by one starting from the back forward. The front should come out last.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hair after using a curling tool.

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