How to Properly Use a Hair Volume Mousse For Straight & Curly Hairs?

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Being a part of this 21st century, you cannot be an exceptional choice to Mother Nature for your great doings. Those things happen mostly in Reel’s life rather than real. The atmosphere and environment you live in are full of dust particles and different forms of pollutants. Living in these places full of polluting matters and still somehow managing to maintain a healthy, voluminous hair is bliss to the fortunate women. But for those who are not that lucky at present, here are a few tips about using your best friend ‘hair volume mousse.’ 

How to Properly Use a Hair Volume Mousse

Hair Problems And Types

There are billions of people all around the world. Very few of these people have the same kind and quality of hair. Most people have different and unique hair types. The quality of your hair depends on the maintenance. In today’s world, it is next to impossible to possess a perfectly healthy hair without much expense. 

Some people have blonde hair while the others have brown or black, even grey and white hair color. If you stand by a footpath or any busy road, you will find at least twenty different types and styles of hair within a minimum of about ten minutes. You might find people with curly hair, short or long hair, and even precisely straight hair. Different hairstyles suit different faces. 

Like there are billions of people in this world, there are billions of hairstyles and types and also colors all around the world. To learn techniques on the maintenance of these beautiful gifts from God, you need to go deep into this article.

How To Prevent Hair Issues?

There are several ways of maintaining beautiful hair. The best way to prevent hair loss and hair damage is by applying oil and vegetable juices on the hair. You might even try different organic procedures for hair maintenance. But in the busy life schedules, every woman can’t pamper their hair using these ways. Now you must be thinking of how to use mousse on straight hair. Well, you have got nothing to worry about as you will get every knit and bit of instruction and other product details on hair volume mousse in the next paragraph.

What Is Hair Volume Mousse?

You must have noticed shaving foam or birthday foam sometimes. A hair volume mousse has got the same structure and type as that of shaving foam. The uses are different, one has to do work with a beard, and the other has to do it with hair. Most women desire for hair volume gel. Their long or short beautiful hair becomes unmanageable at times. 

This is the time when one can use hair volume foam. If you have to attend a party or an occasion and on that particular day you are having a bad hair day, it is the accurate time to use hair volume foam. You might have thin hair, baldness, or frizzy hair, and you do not know how to use mousse on straight hair even. In those times, the hair volume mousse can be your ideal choice and hair’s best friend. 

How To Choose The Correct Hair Volume Foam?

Choose The Correct Hair Volume Foam

Now that you know the purpose of hair volume mousse, it is high time you should know how to choose the ideal hair volume mousse for your hair. The type of hair volume mousse depends on the problem and quality of hair you have. If you have an extremely thick hair type, you should go for the sturdy holding capacity hair volume foam. If you have thin hair, you must choose hair volume mousse itself. If you want to style your hair and make it look more voluminous, you must go for a tougher quality of hair volume mousse.

Process To Apply The Hair Volume Mousse?

If you have straight and thin hair type, then hair volume mousse is your ideal choice. If you do not know how to use mousse on straight hair, here are the stepwise instructions are given below:

  • The first and foremost step to start with the procedure is to read the instructions on the aerosol spray can in which the hair volume mousse comes. You must read every guidance on every product after purchase and before use. You should maintain this system as every type of hair volume mousse has different techniques and procedures of use or application.
  • In the second step, you should wash your hair correctly. Whatever is your hair type, you should use your preferable shampoo before applying the hair volume mousse. You will get the best result of hair volume mousse only on clean hair. To avoid any hair damage, you should take this precaution. As you all know, hair adds to the beauty of every woman.
  • You should not air dry your hair before the use of hair volume mousse. Applying the hair foam on dry hair will result is hard and damaged hair shafts. 
  • Rinse and partially dry the hair shafts properly using a towel. Water dripping from the hair shafts might make the hair volume mousse not perform well. In this way, things can go wrong with your hair.
  • When your clean hair is in a damp state, take a handful of hair volume foam from the aerosol spray can. You have to take the amount or quantity of hair volume foam according to the length of your hair and type. Applying an excessive amount of hair volume foam might result in hair hardening, and hair damage-causing split ends and other hair troubles.
  • Massage your hair from the mid-length to the hair ends with a handful of hair volume foam. Try to blend the mousse as pleasant as possible. You should not put any chemical product like the hair volume mousse in the hair roots as it might harm your hair growth. If the hair volume mousse does not suit your hair type, it might also cause scalp infection. To avoid these problems, you must not apply the hair volume foam in the hair roots on the first go.
  • When the foam is blended properly in your hairs, you can use a hairdryer to dry your hair.
  • This is the essential part. While using a hairdryer, you must know the hairstyle you want from the hair volume foam. As the name suggests, the hair volume foam will automatically make your hair look more voluminous than usual.
  • If you have thin straight hair, you can grab a handful of hair and twist them the way you want while drying. It will provide you the best small curls. Twist and grab the hairs the way you want your hairstyle to be.
  • If you have curly hair, you can stretch your hair shafts straight while using the hairdryer to dry. This will give your curly hair a straight makeover.
  • If you have thick curls, you can try stretching your hair follicles more straight and in sections for more natural moves. Hold each section of hair straight while drying with a hairdryer. Repeat the process until all your hair looks straight and voluminous. 
  • If you have straight and thick hair, you can use the hair volume mousse to make them look curly or wavy in whichever way you want. The necessary procedure of styling your hair type with hair volume mousse remains the same in each one. The method of holding the hair sections while drying your hair makes the difference.

If you have already damaged and frizzy hair, you should apply the hair volume mousse carefully to avoid any more frizz or damage in the hair. In the case of damaged hair, it is best not to apply any more heat of the hairdryer as it might cause more split ends in the hair. Instead of any use of a hairdryer or heating instrument, you can air-dry your hair. Though, air drying of a mousse applied hair takes a more extended period for styling. It would help if you were careful while handling these cases.

The basic idea of applying hair volume mousse for styling your hair and giving thin hair some voluminous look remains the same. You have to follow the above points to get a sophisticated and professional look with hair volume mousse.


People use various chemical products for styling their hair, especially women. Previously hair volume foam had such a composition that it made hair hard and sticky, but at present, the composition of the hair product has changed so well that it softens and styles you’re yours at the same time. 

In spite of such advantages, you must take care of the after reaction and side effect of every chemical product used on the skin. In case of any appearance of scalp infection or skin rashes after using hair volume mousse, you must consult a dermatologist.

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