How to Get Waves Fast Without a Durag

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Getting 360 waves without durag is impossible, but contrary to that there is a way to obtain waves without a durag.

Indeed, a durag is one of the main requirements to get 360 waves. It’s a quality that assists you in getting waves of any hair. But what when you don’t have a durag but want 360 waves? There you need this guide!

This guide on how to get waves without a durag will help you with everything you need to know about it including the type of hair, tips, and process of getting waves without durag. So, let’s read more to learn more about it.

How to Get Waves Fast Without a Durag

How Should One Achieve This?

The way to achieve this is by getting a haircut that has the right layers, then you can start brushing your hair more often and try not moving too much while sleeping.[1]

Doing these things will allow for some waves to form on their own without having to use any products at all.

What Type of Hair Can Form Waves Without Durag?

You just need to make sure your hair isn’t too long and layered in a way that makes it difficult for waves to form naturally.

Even medium-length hair that isn’t curly and only waves on the ends of your strands when it dries naturally then you can still get this look.

How to Get Waves Fast Without a Durag

The hairstyles that would allow for waves to form without a durag are layered haircuts.

To get these types of layers, you need to have your hair cut in different lengths so the front portion does not cover most of your head and is only left with some length on top.

After which, it should be brushed more often than usual because this will make waves start appearing from natural oils as well as keep them healthy at the same time!

However, if brushing doesn’t work after weeks or months then one can use products like sea salt spray to help make their strands wavy but this has been said below how much better it is when people take care of their locks themselves naturally.

If you need waves without a durag, take care of your hair. Brush it more than usual and keep still while sleeping to get the waves fast. 

Some of the useful processes are waiting down below read on!

Get a Haircut

If you are looking to go from straight hair to wavy, the first thing that needs changing is your haircut! 

The most important aspect of this step is finding someone who knows how to cut waves in the way you want them so they don’t become too curly or thinned out.

Brush More Than Usual

The waves will not form if you don’t brush your hair

To make the most of this step, use a wide-tooth comb while in the shower and when dry.  Brush from root to tip then back again so that all the hairs are lifting away from each other. 

This is an important step because it helps keep tangles at bay for those with more than shoulder-length locks.

While we can all benefit from brushing our hair more often, this step will be even more necessary if you use your fingers and not a brush when getting wavy locks at home without using products or a durag.

Don’t Move Too Much While Sleeping

This one might be tough but try not to move around too much during sleep as well– especially on hard surfaces like floors or couches which can cause kinks in your curls overnight. 

If you do need to get up, shake out any loose dirt before going back into your bed.

Practice good sleeping habits by avoiding movements while asleep as they could lead to frizziness which isn’t what we’re going for here! We just need some gentle movement elements.


In general, it takes less time and effort than many other styles but requires more diligence with brushing and sleeping habits. 

It’s worth experimenting for those wanting something different without having much commitment involved as well as those who need some tender loving care when their mane gets frizzy.

If you’ve never used this method before it also helps to leave your hair in its natural state as much as possible.

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