How to Detangle Matted Hair Fast: A Detailed Guide

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Don’t you just hate when you wake up in the morning and your hair is all tangled? Matted hair can be a real pain. You try to brush it out and you end up pulling more knots in, or the hair breaks off and leaves your head looking fuzzy.

It feels like it takes hours to detangle, but don’t worry! There are lots of ways to get rid of that pesky knot. No need to chop off those beautiful locks!

In this post, we’ll go over a few methods for how to detangle matted hair fast. But first, let’s know how it occurs.

How to Detangle Matted Hair Fast

How does this happen?

Matted hairs occur when your hair gets tangled and knotted up. It can happen for lots of reasons – it could be from sleeping on the same hairstyle, or if you have long hair that gets wet often.

It is a common occurrence in curly-haired people because our frizzy curls are more susceptible to getting knots than other types of hair such as straight or wavy.

Matted hair usually happens when we wash out conditioner residue left inside the strands during the washing and drying-out process without applying any additional moisture afterward.[1]

This will result in dry ends which makes them tangle easily with each other along with dirt particles like dust, lint, pet dander, etc., leading to matted locks.

Does it have to be cut out?

No, Matted hairs can be detangled to avoid this from happening. The best way to keep your strands from getting snarled together in a matted mess is to use some kind of detangling product after every wash.

This will help remove any excess oils, which can cause tangles on their own, plus it’ll leave behind a nice layer of conditioning that’ll make it easier to comb through your mane when you get ready for bed at night.

How To Detangle Matted Hair Fast

1. Dampen Hair

When your hair is dry, it will tangle easily and the knots are usually harder to get out without cutting them off.

The best way to start with wetting your matted hair when you just need a little extra moisture on your strands – spray some water or use moist heat for an easier time getting through tangles.

2. Loosen Tangles With Your Fingers

After spraying some water onto the locks or using moist heat, gently loosen up any tangled bits by carefully pulling apart anything that seems stuck together as if you’re playing “Operation” with yourself.

Be careful not to pull too hard or you’ll break the hair. You want to loosen those tangles without cutting your strands in the process.

3. Pull-Apart The Easiest Knots With Your Fingers

When it comes time for a close-up look at the tangle, try pulling apart any of the easier knots with just your fingers.

This will help separate out all the individual pieces that are bundled together and make it much more manageable when you’re working on detangling each piece one by one.

4. Comb Out Hair Carefully And Slowly

Once you’ve loosened up as many matted sections as possible, take small sections and comb out the tangled hair as carefully and slowly for the last time.

5. Rinse Out Your Hair

Rinse out your hair and bolt it again. It’s not enough to just use a blow-dryer or leave your hair alone for the day.

After you’ve rinsed out all of the tangled sections, boil it again in water mixed with lemon juice and tea tree oil – this will help give new life to damaged strands that need some extra care.

How To Keep Hair From Matting?

A Clean-Cut Is Always Best

Don’t let those tangles keep going! The more often you’re able to get back to cutting off any matted locks, the less likely they are to happen again next time around.

Don’t Put Any Heat On It

This will only make your locks drier and more matted.

Don’t Get It Trimmed More Than Once A Month

It’s important that you give your hair a break from treatments every now and then so that it can bounce back into shape in between appointments with scissors or clippers.

Do A Regular Protein Treatment

Do a regular protein treatment every two weeks to make your locks healthier and less likely to tangle up in the future.

Regular Cleaning Is A Must

The longer you let your hair stay dirty, the more likely it will be to mat up and start tangling with itself.


In conclusion, a detangler can be used to get out of tangles quickly. It is important to not pull hard on matted hair as this may cause more damage than good. 

The best way to avoid future tangles or knots in the first place is by washing one’s hair regularly and using conditioner after every wash for less frizziness! In addition, you can follow all the above mentioned tips to avoid tangles!

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