Learn How to Cover Up Acne & Pimple Scab on Face with Makeup – 7 Easy Steps

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Anybody who suffers from acne and pimples while growing up can relate to the fact that it looks quiet is displeasing to the eye. First and foremost, what you need to understand is that acne and pimples are very normal, and it can leave scars on your face even after they are gone.

This makes us feel self-conscious, and you are always checking the mirror to see if these scabs are noticeable.

We also feel insecure when we see these marks when we take our pictures. You should not feel ashamed due to these scabs, and there is a brilliant way to hide or conceal them. 

Good and well-applied make-up can help you cover up your acne and pimple scab without any hustle. Of course, you can tackle the problem before it even arises and apply petroleum jelly without clogging your pores to keep the scabs at bay, but realistically it is not always possible.

Do not get this disheartened the next time you see scars on your face reminding you of the days of that acne and pimple filled face, just put make-up on it and you will have the most glammed up smooth skin.

Some simple steps will help you cover scab with make-up, which you can easily follow to bid those scars farewell.

How to Cover Up a Scab on Face with Makeup

Steps to follow to hide scabs with make-up

  • Apply Primer:

    Before buying the primary check, the label and go for a pore eliminating foundation primer. The Primer will help the make-up stay on your skin for a longer period while making the skin feel smoother.

    It will make your skin feel more even so that it can be the perfect canvas for the make-up that you will apply over it. You can also provide the blemish spot by using rubbing alcohol on the spot and letting it dry.

    Applying antibacterial cream can also be helpful. You can get over the counter ointments, but consulting your dermatologist can be the best path to go. 
  • Apply concealer: 

    This is a very crucial step, and you must not skim on the amount of concealer you apply on your face. Do not use the concealer with your fingers to avoid cross-contamination.

    Make sure that you cover each blemished spot for maximum coverage. Never drop the concealer directly on your face as it leaves streaks, appropriately blended. Always choose the concealer that matches your skin.

    Even your foundation should be of a similar shade. Please make a note that some concealers change their color after a few hours and also due to change in the climate.

    Keep testing out the concealers before you find the one that works best for you. Also, luminous foundations must be avoided as it can highlight the bumps on the skin. Concealer with matte finish will make the skin look softer and even. 
  • Concealer for under-eye:

    For a smoother look, you should pick out concealer for any discoloration or darkness underneath your eyes. Get rid of the dark circles and make your skin look even. 
  • Dab with a tissue:

    You do not want to look like you have put on hundreds of grams of make-up on your face. For this purpose, you should dab your face with tissue paper to absorb the excess make-up and to give your skin a more natural look. 
  • Apply foundation:

    Always go for a foundation that matches your skin tone. Many people make the wrong decision of going for a foundation that is a few shades lighter than their skin tone.

    Just one looks quite unpleasant to the eye and can also highlight the bumps that you want to get rid of. You can go for a liquid foundation, which is very easy to apply. 
    It is easier to apply liquid foundation without wiping off your concealer with a good brush.

    Please do not buy a cheap brush as it can undo the whole process forcing you to start again when using a normal foundation. While using a liquid foundation, it is better that you use a make-up sponge.

    Gently dab the foundation on your face while avoiding the scabs so that you do not disturb the magic that your concealer is doing to hide them. You can dust some powder foundation on those spots to cover up the scabs completely. 
  • Set your makeup:

    A pressed powder should be applied after letting your make-up set for a few minutes. You must use a large fluffy brush to apply this. This will make sure that your make-up stays on your face for a long time. 
  • Use make-up finishing spray:

    The finishing spray is not only to make sure that your make-up lasts longer but also to give your face a lighter look. 

To Sum It Up -

These steps will make sure that you can step out of your house without having to worry about your scars. Go for a bold lip color or eye make if you want to accentuate your look.

Just remember that purchasing non-comedogenic, lightweight, full-coverage products as well as products with long-lasting formula is perfect for you, and always remember to remove the make-up at the end of the day to keep your face healthy. 

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