The Ultimate Guide on How to Apply Liquid Foundation With a Brush

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We all want to have flawless skin, and the best way to do that is by applying a liquid foundation with a brush.

The problem is, it’s not always easy to know how to use one properly!

It can be tricky when you don’t know how to apply liquid foundation with a brush or what brushes are good for which purposes or how many different types of brushes there are.

In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about applying liquid foundation with a brush so your makeup looks perfect every time (and so does your skin!).

Let’s quickly start with the prerequisites that you’ll need to get this job done.

How to Apply Liquid Foundation with a Brush

Things You’ll Need for Applying Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation can be applied with either an angled brush or a makeup sponge depending on personal preference but is usually better when used in combination with one another. [1]

Make sure to tap off excess water from both tools before application and then use gentle circular motions all over the face until you have fully blended it out!

Here’s what you need to apply foundation to your skin perfectly.

1. Cleanser

Wash your face with a cleanser. This will remove any dirt and make your skin feel clean so it’s ready to absorb your foundation.

2. Moisturizer

Apply a moisturizer after you’ve washed your face and leave it on while you apply the rest of the makeup products in this tutorial. This will help protect your skin from the harsh ingredients in liquid foundation, ensuring that it looks its best.

If you have dry skin, use an oil-free moisturizer instead of cream to avoid looking too greasy throughout the day. You can also try a serum or gel-based product for extra hydration if needed.

3. Primer

Apply primer from the center of your face outward, helping to refine pores and keep foundation looking matte for longer (for oily skin we recommend mattifying primers).

4. Brush

Choose a brush that is about 1/3”-1/2” long depending on which type of coverage you’d like to achieve, and apply in circular motions until you have achieved the desired level of coverage.

If it’s a silicone-based product, then tap off excess water once or twice before starting application since it doesn’t absorb water well when wet.

5. Concealer

Apply concealer using a shorter brush and blend with your clean fingers or, if you prefer it easier to use a thick makeup sponge for full coverage.

Avoid redness around the nose by blending in smaller circular motions going outward from the nose as this tends to do more damage than good but under the eyes, we recommend using larger circles again starting from underneath before working upward towards the cheeks so it blends out naturally for flawless skin.

How To Apply Liquid Foundation With A Brush​

Liquid Foundation with Brushes will leave patches that are unevenly covered in makeup so make sure you use gentle circular motions until all areas have been blended properly.

After stamping and plating onto your skin with a clean blender (or other soft tools), take some time to blend any harsh lines out gently with a wet sponge.

If you are using liquid foundation without SPF then make sure not to neglect moisturizing after application because if not done correctly – dryness could lead to cracking on your face.

Make sure to also use concealer or tinted moisturizer for blemishes, dark circles, redness, etc. Let now dive into the step-by-step process of applying the Liquid Foundation.

Step 1: Wash Your Face With A Cleanser

This is so important because it removes any dirt and dead skin cells from your face.

It also prepares your skin for the rest of the steps in this process, which will help you to have more even coverage.

Step 2: Apply A Moisturizer

This will help your skin stay hydrated and supple, which in turn gives you a more even coverage when applying Foundation.

Step 3: Use A Primer

Primers are designed to help your liquid foundation last longer on the skin.

It helps prepare the skin for a smoother, more even coverage and it also makes this process much faster.

Primers help to make your makeup last longer and will also provide more even coverage in the process.

It is important that you use a primer before applying the foundation so that it does not crease or fade throughout the day.

Step 4: Dot Your Face With Foundation

The liquid foundation should be applied with precision, but don’t worry about getting every spot on your face perfect because we have a concealer for this!

Dabbing liquid foundations onto certain areas of your skin (the forehead, nose, chin) can give an illusion of flawlessness without much effort at all.

You’ll want to apply just enough product until you achieve the desired finish – usually, one layer is enough for most of the day.

Dip your brush into some of our liquid foundations and then apply all over your face in circular motions until you have blended out any excess product or air pockets that may be left behind.

If necessary, use two coats of makeup to get an even finish.

Step 5: Damp And Stamp

Stamping the brush into the foundation before applying it to your skin ensures that you will have even coverage.

You can also use a damp makeup sponge for this step, but be sure to pat it down on a paper towel first!

This will ensure that there is no excess water left on top of your face and in turn, creasing or caking up with product.

Step 6: Blend With A Damp Sponge

If you’re using a liquid foundation with more of a matte finish, it’s important to incorporate some moisturizer and blend out the product evenly with your fingers or a damp makeup sponge.

It may be tempting to just blot off excess water on your face after applying makeup but doing this will leave patches that are unevenly covered in makeup so make sure you use gentle circular motions until all areas have been blended properly!

After stamping and plating onto your skin with a clean blender (or other soft tools), take some time to blend any harsh lines out gently with a wet sponge.

Step 7: Use A Concealer

Make sure to also use concealer or a tinted moisturizer that matches the shade of your foundation for any blemishes, dark circles, and redness.

Expert Tip

When applying a liquid foundation, it is always best to blot after patting it onto the skin with a clean brush or sponge for the most perfect and long-lasting finish.

Don’t forget to wash off those tools before using them again, though!

That’s everything you need to know about how to apply liquid foundations with a makeup brush – now go out there and make sure that your skin looks flawless like mine.

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