How To Airbrush Skull Using Simple Skull Stencil? – Beginners Guide

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Do you want to draw a skull and eliminate having hard lines on its edges? An airbrush skull stencil can help you achieve your goal. This article offers complete guidance on how you can use the airbrush tool to make a simple skull design. 

With the help of the skull stencil, you can avoid making hard lines and make the colors blend easily. However, you have to be careful about not letting the edges appear dark, as it can make it evident that the skull has been drawn using a stencil. One doesn’t need to be very skilled to be able to use a skull airbrush stencil. Here are a few essential things that need to be taken into consideration. 

How To Airbrush Skull Using Simple Skull Stencil

The Choice Of The Stencil

One has to be careful about the size of the stencil that he if choosing. It should not appear very extravagant. The ideal option is to opt for a flaming skull stencil that measures 5¾ by 3¾ inches. This stencil is ideally suited for making body tattoos. 

However, this kind of stencil can also be used for making patterns on vehicles, helmets, and many more. The design is fundamental, and it shouldn’t take a lot of time to make the design. Not only this, but the artist can easily modify the composition according to his convenience. 

For instance, you can choose to add more flames, or you can decide to make the eyes look sharper and deeper, and so on. 

How To Paint Using The Stencil

Read on to find out how to paint using the airbrush skull stencil: 

  1. The Sketching: First, you need to secure the stencil firmly where you wish to get the imprint. This doesn’t only keep the stencil in place but also makes sure that the color doesn’t get sprayed over the areas where it shouldn’t. If you want to make sure that no glue backing is exposed, you can choose to double the border. If you tape the stencil on all the four sides, you will see that the edge gets expanded, and you will notice over-spray on the surface. To avoid this, it is advisable to leave the tape slightly raised off the surface. Since precision and accuracy is the key, use the stencil with gentle hands and full concentration.
  2. The Colouring: The sketch doesn’t even begin to appear real unless you start coloring it. For this process, you will have to reposition the stencil many times and secure it by using multiple small pieces of tape. 
How To Airbrush Skulls For Beginners

Other Important Facts To Look For

  • You have complete independence when it comes to selecting the method of coloring. However, the most suitable way to color the skull is by starting with the light colors of the flame. Therefore, start with the yellow color and then gradually move on to the darker shades. However, be very careful when you are getting the fire done. The flames flow in different outward directions, and each flame needs to be attended to with the utmost care. 
  • Once you are done coloring the flames, move on to the skull. First, apply the base color of the head with the help of an airbrush and then add the little details. Here, you can choose to add contours to the cheekbones, make the eye sockets appear hollower and sharper. Use different shades of gray to finish the task. 
  • Once you are done coloring, leave the paint to dry. After the paint has dried, your masterpiece will be ready. Getting your unique design is a child’s task! When are you trying your hand at it? 

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