Airbrush Makeup – How Long Does Last?

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When it comes to applying makeup using an airbrush, it is one of the simplest and most excellent ways to apply makeup on the skin.

However, there’s always a concern of people with airbrush makeup is, how long does airbrush makeup last?

This is because the longevity of makeup is all we want while applying makeup.

So, if you are thinking over to try out airbrush makeup and have a concern about its lifespan, it is advised you to take a bit of time to read this guide before you jump in for airbrush makeup.

How Long Does Airbrush Makeup Last?

Does Airbrush Makeup Last Long?

Makeup is something that we need the most while going to a party, event, or some celebration, as it gives us confidence and makes our face flawless.

Although applying makeup might take a bit of time, the result is always satisfactory. But the sad thing for most of us is, only after an hour more of being outdoors, your makeup might start melting, which is so embarrassing. It is the worst situation that you might face with makeup as it makes you look snappy. 

However, there are some ways in which you can counter this trouble, and one of the best ways of doing so is using airbrush makeup — using airbrush makeup is quite a simple and straightforward process.

It is just like spray painting a car. You just need to spray makeup gently on every area of your face. When done, every area of your face is evenly covered with a balanced amount of makeup.

It puts an equally saturated layer of makeup that sticks above to your skin. Since there is only a single layer of makeup applied on your face, it is likely to last longer than usual.

Most people believe that using airbrush makeup will plaster the makeup on your face that will only vanish when you decide to wash it off.

Well, there is some truth in this belief. However, the longevity of airbrush makeup also depends upon some factors which we are going to discuss now. 

Factors Affecting the Longevity of Airbrush Makeup

As I mentioned above, there are some factors which we need to consider to make the airbrush makeup last longer than usual. Here are those factors:

1. Skin Type

This is one of the most important factors which affects the longevity of the airbrush makeup. Like different people, skin type also varies with people. But in general, there are three different skin types — normal, oily and combination, and dry.

However, there are also two different skin types, which is the least common but found in some people — sensitive and acne-prone skin. Let’s discuss them one by one to get a better idea of that.

ii. Oily and Combination:

Well, there are two different kinds of skins in this type — the first one is the oily skin in which most of the areas of your face are oily. On the other hand, combination skin is the mixture of dry and oily skin, where some areas of your face are dry with a few others as oily.

On oily parts of your skin, the airbrush makeup sticks hardly with your face, while on the dry area, it is prone to flank off.

iii. Dry:

As I mentioned above, airbrush makeup doesn’t last long on dry skin as the makeup doesn’t stick perfectly with your face because of the absence of moisture. So, it is highly subjected to flank off from the surface.

iv. Sensitive:

When it comes to airbrush makeup, the sensitive skin is just like that of normal skin. This is because airbrush makeup will not tend to any allergic reaction to the skin. So, for sensitive skin, airbrush makeup will be long-lasting.

v. Acne-Prone:

For acne-prone skin, airbrush makeup is not a good option to choose as it doesn’t cover the pimples completely. So, we cannot give any comments on its longevity.

2. Type of Makeup

Well, this factor also affects the most in terms of longevity of airbrush makeup. This is because most of the makeup used for airbrush is liquid in the state to give a smooth and gentle texture on the face. But the longevity of makeup depends upon the percentage of fluid in the makeup. 

3. Weather

It plays a vital role in the longevity of airbrush makeup. In humid weather, the persistence of makeup will decrease and will more likely to melt. While in dry and windy weather, it will stick together with your face and will last longer than usual.

Some Tips to Make Your Airbrush Makeup Last Longer

Tips to Airbrush Makeup Last Longer

Apart from taking care of all the factors mentioned above, you can also follow these tips to increase the longevity of your airbrush makeup.

  • After applying makeup, try setting it up with powder to increase its longevity.
  • Use a minimal amount of makeup as it will give a smooth and glossy texture.
  • Apply a maximum of two layers of makeup, not beyond that as more the makeup layers, higher the chances of its melting.
  • Use the best quality primer while using airbrush makeup.
  • Use that airbrush makeup, which has a balanced fluid percentage.


So, I hope you might get your answer to your question. As I mentioned above, it is very subjective and depends upon the factors mentioned above, But yes, it lasts longer than the traditional makeup.

Well, if you are dealing with some problems related to the longevity of airbrush makeup, you can follow the tips mentioned above.

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