How to Make Mascara at Home? – Step by Step Guide

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The concept of males in modern days is that ladies apply makeup to look fair. But fortunately, that is not the correct concept. The composition is one of those beauty products which are used to make a female look flawless and stunning. 

Among all the beauty products, the one preferred by most of the women is the mascara. For those who do not know the use and details of mascara, it is a beauty product to make your eyes more beautiful than it is. 

Mascara is used for making eyelashes look longer. It makes your eyes look smarter and more prominent. Knowing the qualities of mascara, the curious ones might love to read a lot more about it in this article. Let the journey begin.

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Homemade Mascara Recipe That Works

Beauty Products and Their Effects

There are numerous beauty products in this world. Women are born beautiful. Makeup makes their naturally beautiful skin look flawless. There are numerous beauty items of different brands. 

Each one manufactures unique beauty products for unique skin tones as among these billions and trillions of populations all around the world; there exist women and men with different skin tones and types.

What looks good always does not a suit and vice versa. But as we all know, there is a positive as well as a negative side of everything in this world. There are even people in this world who do not prefer makeup at all due to these side effects. The manufacturers cannot merely keep the composition chemical-free. 

That would not be a makeup item but a fruit juice! And there is always a side effect of these makeup items on the skin due to regular usage. To avoid such scenes, people of this 21st century have started making homemade natural makeup items. You can find DIYs on the internet every now and then. 

These DIYs can help you create beauty products on your own in natural procedures. If you are a mascara lover, you must know homemade processes for making natural mascara sitting at home. 

Mascara from branded manufacturers helps make your eyelashes look longer and brighter. Still, the chemical composition of such mascaras can lead to the breakage or falling of the natural eyelashes automatically on regular use. 

If you are one of those people who do makeup regularly and have some risks of damaging your eyelashes, you must learn the natural ways of making mascara at home. Here are several methods mentioned in this article for your use.

Methods of Making Mascara in Homemade Ways

how to make mascara at home

Different people use different strategies for making homemade mascara. Among all those methods, you will get some DIY mascara in this article. On the first method, you will learn how to make mascara at home using charcoal. You will need a few things to further continuing the process of DIY mascara. You will need:

  • One teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  • One teaspoon of Coconut oil
  • ½ teaspoon of beeswax
  • One tablespoon of Aloe vera gel
  • Three activated charcoal tablets or capsules
  • A small bowl
  • A spare spoon

These are the things which are quite common at home. These are the necessary items for making homemade mascara.

On further reading the article, you will eventually get to know how to make mascara at home naturally. The quantity of the ingredients might vary according to the need of the people.

  • At first, you must put one teaspoon of vitamin-E oil, one teaspoon full of coconut oil, and ½ teaspoon full of beeswax in a small glass bowl. Glass bowl is necessary for you to see the composition color and mixture transparently with your naked eyes.

  • You must stir the above items in the bowl properly so that they blend well. The mixture should be slimy and semi-solid. The blend should be so well that one cannot differentiate among the products.

  • The mixture in the bowl will eventually harden.

  • Bowl some water in a bigger bowl and place the smaller container of the solid mixture on top of boiling water. The smaller container should float on top of the bigger one so that it does not drown in the boiling water.

  • The solid in the smaller bowl eventually melts, and a liquid is formed. Add three teaspoons of aloe vera gel in the small bowl of mixture.

  • Mix it well so that they cannot be separately distinguished. You can even use direct aloe vera gel from the plants for better results.

  • You must break the three capsules of activated charcoal over the mixture for giving it a black color.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before using the homemade mascara. You must be careful while handling the hot containers or bowls of boiling water. The doctors do not approve charcoal for the eyes. To avoid any threat to your eyes, you can even use any eye-safe black color or black powder of mica.

In the second method, you will need the following items for making homemade mascara:

  • Five teaspoons clay of the color you want your mascara to be
  • One ¾ teaspoon of water
  • ¼ teaspoon vegetable oil or vegetable glycerin
  • One pinch of guar gum
  • A spoon
  • Glass bowl

With these ingredients, you can prepare your homemade mascara to maintain the safety of your eyes at ease. Do the following steps to develop good quality homemade mascara:

  • Take a pinch of guar gum in a glass bowl for visibility of the component and add five teaspoons of clay of any color. You can choose mud of any color.

  • Mix these two ingredients properly to avoid the remains of small particles, which can irritate your eyes. The guar gum gives thickness to the homemade mascara, and the clay makes the mascara dry down quickly after application.

  • The clay which you will use should be Bentonite clay with cocoa powder to give a brownish touch or Australian clay for reddish-brown color mascara or even Australian black clay for jet black finishing mascara.

  • After the gum and clay becomes a proper mixture, add water one ¾ teaspoon and some amount of glycerin or vegetable oil to the mix.

    You can adjust the amount of glycerin and water in whatever way you want. You can simply add water and glycerin drop-wise to avoid spilling more liquid in the mixture of clay and guar gum.

    Adding too much liquid to the mix can make the composition of your homemade mascara go slimy or reduce the water holding capacity of the mascara. It will take a lot more time to dry off.

  • The homemade mascara is made of organic matter. It would not be surprising for you to discover bacteria and other living organisms on the mascara wand if you use it for an extended period.

  • Change the homemade liquid mascara every four to six months to avoid germs in the wand. Wash your mascara tube and rod every time you empty the container.

Besides the above two methods of making homemade mascara, you might be confused about how to transfer the liquid into the mascara tube and wand.

There are several easy steps that you can take to move the homemade natural mascara into its holding container. Follow the below steps to do the task:

  • At first, you must wash the mascara tube and wand properly. Use a disinfectant every time you empty and rinse the mascara tube. You can empty the old liquid at first by filling the mascara tube with water or soapy water to get rid of the remaining black color inside the tube.

  • Take away the top wand from mascara tube and then put it in soapy water. Use your hands to remove the black stains from the wand brush. The soapy water will prevent your mascara wand from hardening. The stiff wand brush might hurt your eyes and break your eyelash the next time you use it.

  • Rinse and rub the wand, brush the mascara tube softly to avoid tearing them up.

  • After cleansing everything, you can use a syringe to fill in the mascara tube. Use the syringe tube to pull out the homemade mascara from the bowl where it is stored. Use the syringe to push the liquid in the mascara tube.

    Repeat the process of pulling out the fluid and pushing in the liquid in the mascara tube.
  • Another way of pulling out the homemade liquid mascara is by using an icing bag. Empty the bowl full of homemade liquid mascara into a packet bag. Make the liquid accumulate to one of the corners of the plastic bag.

    Hold one end tightly to that the liquid tends to burst the plastic bag. Make a hole in one turn and push out the fluid into the mascara tube.

The above are the methods of making and filling a mascara tube with homemade liquid mascara.

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