6 Easy Steps to Get the Perfect Home Spray Tan: DIY Spray Tanning

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Tanning is a big part of summer fashion, and for those who don’t want to go outside in the sun or visit a salon, there are options. One option is DIY spray tanning at home.

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with a professional spray tanning process or want to take care of your bronzed look on your own time, we recommend the spray tan at home option.

However, spraying tan at home can be a bit tricky especially if you’re doing it for the first time. So, to help you with this, this article will present 6 easy steps on how to get the perfect tan without going anywhere.

Easy Steps to Get the Perfect Home Spray Tan: DIY Spray Tanning

Steps on DIY Spray Tanning at Home

1. Find an Optimal Spray Tanning Room/Area

Now that you’ve decided to give spray tanning a try, the first step is finding an optimal room or area.

The room temperature should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and if possible there should not be any sunlight coming through windows because this can cause skin irritation.

The best place for DIY tanning is in a room with an even surface to lay down on and no obstacles, like tables or chairs.

If you have a spare bedroom that can be devoted just for this task (even if it’s only temporary), then we recommend using the area where there is no light coming in through windows, such as closets or storage rooms.

You don’t need to be an expert at spray tanning, but for those of you who aren’t convinced by the pros and cons of at-home tans, here are a few pro tips.

You will need old towels nearby for any over-spray or spillage that may occur as well.

  1. To avoid stains on your tiles, walls, etc., we recommend you designate a space for your DIY spray tanning session in your home.
  2. Some of our favorite places to spray tan are corners of larger rooms like kitchens or living rooms with no furniture nearby.

In order to prevent any mishaps while spraying, be sure to layout a protective mat or towel beforehand.

2. Thoroughly Exfoliate Your Skin (Before the Session)

In order to get the perfect DIY spray tan at home, you will need to do a bit of prep work beforehand. One key step is exfoliating your skin before spraying.

A few helpful tips for prepping your skin:

  1. Use an invigorating scrub.
  2. For best results exfoliate at least 24 hours before the session.
  3. Don’t forget to exfoliate a day or two after your spray tan, too!
  4. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and any oils that may be clogging up pores on your body. This will leave you with an even application of a tinted bronzer for maximum results.

The skin in the knees, elbows, and heels is often overlooked during tanning. Be sure to be diligent about exfoliating before and after spray tanning, as well as during the session itself. Follow these easy tips, and you’ll have a perfect DIY Spray Tan at Home in no time.

3. The Cold Water Trick

Full-on showers are not recommended, you can get some tanning benefits from cold water.

One nice way to reap the benefits of a cool shower is by using an invigorating scrub and then washing it off with lukewarm or tepid waters which will help close up pores after exfoliating white dead skin cells that may be clogging your skin.[1]

A trick to avoid skin is to blast your skin a little before using the spray tanning solution.

Before you start applying the water or spray, try blasting it with cold water first for about 3 minutes as this will help reduce the risk of blocked pores and keep tan even.

4. If You Plan to Wax, Do It a Day Before

If you plan to wax, then do it a day before the spray tanning.

Waxing involves removing hair from the skin and we all know that this process also removes some of the outer layers of your skin which is what can cause blotchy patches on dark tans.

Since most people prefer avoiding these problems by keeping their skin as hairless as possible, waxing is a perfect solution.

Prep your skin for the spray tanning session by exfoliating, moisturizing, and waxing 24 hours beforehand Wait until any cuts have healed and keep your skin at an oily or greasy state- don’t use deodorant or antiperspirant.

5. Apply the Spray-On Solution as Evenly as Possible

Before starting the process your body should be completely dry. Immediately apply the solution to your skin with an even coat, making sure not to miss any spots.

Spray in a sweeping motion rather than just spraying it all over yourself at once and avoid contact with clothes or hair by standing upwind from them.

When applying, make sure to hold the can at least 8″ from your body and stay with someone to help you in hard-to-reach areas like the back.

6. Apply the Tanner to Your Face and Hands Last

Wear gloves for dishwashing gloves to protect your hands and avoid getting tanner on them or between your fingers.

Spray the solution onto a clean towel, then pat it all over your face with small circular motions in order to make sure no streaks are left behind.

Wait at least 12 hours before showering or applying any moisturizer, makeup, lotion, hair products, or perfumes to avoid staining your skin.

When applying the tanner to your face, make sure not to put too much on; instead, mist it over your skin. When applying to your face, spray the tanner lightly.


Not all people with dry skin have the same needs, so each person should consider their own circumstances when choosing products and applying makeup for a good result.

Overall, make sure you choose foundations designed for oily or normal skins if that is what works best for you.

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