A Guide to Choose Best Wall Mounted Hair Dryer For Home & Hotel

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No more do you have to stick with your boring old wall mounted hair dryer anymore. Change to a trendier and better one. There are so many walls mounted hairdryers available in the market that you will be spoilt for choice. Generally, you will see that wall-mounted hairdryers are associated with public spaces where theft of hairdryers has to be prevented, but you can even pick off these best wall mounted hair dryers for home as well. No matter what kind of hair type you have or your budget, you will surely find the one that will be perfect for you. 


Best wall mounted hair dryer

Best 7 Wall Mounted Hair Dryer To Buy

Some of the Best wall mounted hair dryer available in the market are:

1. Sunbeam Global Economizer (Most Versatile)

This hair dryer is not only one of the best wall mounted hair dryers for hotels but also a brilliant option for your home; this is the main reason why it is one of the most versatile wall mountain hair dryers in the market. The reason for this is that it has a brilliant power saving option. You will also find the hidden switch that will let you switch between 1200 watt to 1500 watt.

Some other essential features include removable lint filter, two hair speed and heating settings, night beam with a soft glow, etc. When you place the hairdryer in the base, it has an auto shut down the system. Unlike most hotel hair dryers, this one would not suck out all the moisture off of your head and is much gentler. 



  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design
  • Cost friendly
  • Dual heating 
  • Fairly quiet motor



  • No cool air setting
  • Only high to low setting available

2. Andis Quiet Hangup (Most Long-Lasting) Hair Dryer

Andis is another most famous walls mounted hair dryer brands, and their Andis Hair Dryer maintains the company’s reputation. This wall-mounted hair dryer comes equipped with the LED light. It works on a quiet motor system, so it is perfect for a hotel or a cruise. There are three different settings for heat and two for air, making it suitable for all hair types. If you want off the safe, long-lasting dryer, then this is the one to choose

Some may complain that the night light is too strong. Keeping in mind that most wall mounted hair dryers’ electrical wires burn out with continued use, its shock-proof mechanism is the added layer of protection, which is much appreciated. 


  • Long-lasting motor
  • Quiet 
  • Multiple heats and air settings
  • LED night light
  • Shock protection 


  • Poorly designed buttons
  • Turbo feature is not very powerful

3. Oster Hair Dryer Professional (Easiest To Clean)

Oster has been a top contender in the market for producing electrical machines, and its Oster Professional 76932-710 Hair Dryer also holds to its name. Its handset is secured with a magnet. Its structure shuts off automatically when it contacts with the base unit.

For the styling options, there are only two settings available, so for the fashion-forward person, this may not be the ideal option. It also comes equipped with the night light, and it can be cleaned easily as the filter is removable. The curled cord is 6ft, so all can easily use it. 


  • Magnetic shut off system
  • Easy cleaning
  • Auto shut off
  • Fairly long curl cord
  • Night light


  • No cool shot
  • Small power cord

4. Conair Wall Mount 1600 Watt Hair Dryer (Most Popular)

The Conair Wall Mount 1600 Watt Hair Dryer which is composed of LED night light, is very popular and found in many hotel chains. As the name suggests, it works on a 1600 Watt voltage system, which automatically shuts down as soon as it is placed on the base

People might want a hairdryer with the lower voltage setting is it draws less power, which helps in keeping the electricity bill low. Just like the previous hairdryer, this one also comes equipped with the 6 ft cord length and easy to clean the filter. 


  • LED night beam
  • Long coil cord
  • Easy cleaning of filter
  • Two heat and speed settings
  • Auto shut off


  • No tourmaline 
  • No cool shot

5. Proversa Wall Caddy JWM6CF (Highest Warranty)

Designed like the wall caddy, the ProVersa is one of the most potent walls mounted hairdryer available in the market. If you are worried about the warranty period of your hairdryer and are sick of hairdryers, which stop functioning within one year of purchase, then this one is for you.

It comes with extra safety features as well as multiple heats and speed settings. Unlike the previous two hairdryers, its cord is quite small and can be quite a nuisance for many people. The ALCI also certifies this model, so you can be sure about the promises of safety this dryer makes. 


  • ALCI-certified
  • Auto shut off
  • Durable
  • 2-speed settings
  • Three heat settings


  • Small curl cord
  • No 

6. Sunbeam Wall Mounted Hair Dryer HD3003 (Most Features)

This wall-mounted hairdryer is one of the best in the market; although it may be somewhat expensive, the high technology incorporated in this device is worth the price.  

The Sunbeam Wall Mounted Hair Dryer is one of the few walls mounted hair dryers not only integrated with ionic technology but also called a small button that is perfect for

and setting the look for the day. On the other hand, it has three-speed and heats settings, which can easily be customized according to your hair type and the type of hair look you are going for.


  • Uses ionic technology
  • Has a shot button
  • It has speed settings
  • It has an LED light
  • Electricity saving mechanism


  • No dual voltage
  • Expensive

7. Proversa Hair Dryer JHD63 With The Wall Caddy (Most Trending)

This is not like most wall mounted hair dryers in that it is like standard hand-held hair dryers, but it comes with wall caddy where you can easily install your hair dryer after use. 

This hair dryer can be traveled with because it is not associated with the wall caddy, which is an excellent reason for you to purchase this, especially if you are a constant Traveler. Along with this site also has two heat and speed setting levels, which is excellent for customizable options for your hair. 


  • It can be traveled with because it is not connected to the wall caddy.
  • Two heat and speed levels.
  • Presence of the shot button.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable grip.
  • Great design.


  • It is not optimum for hotel use.
  • It is not like plain wall mounted hair dryers.

Things To Look For Before Buying Wall Mounted Hair Dryer?

The functionality and durability of your dyer will affect its ranking in the market. No two products will be absolutely the same. So it is better to check how well your preferred wall mounted hair dryer scores for each of the features listed below that you need to keep in mind before making your purchase. 

  1. Size And Shape

First and foremost, you need to keep in mind the shape and size of the wall-mounted hairdryer. It has to have a compact design. You will find that most wall mounted hair dryer will have a generic form which takes up very little storage space. These hairdryers were initially designed to be placed on cruise ships where there was always of space crunch, so naturally, the design had been made considering that. 

  1. Shockproof

Make sure that the label of the box mentions that the product that you are buying a shockproof. Read the reviews online to get a better picture of the dryer. 

  1. Ionic Or Tourmaline

You will find that most handheld hair dryers bomb with all labels such an ionic technology, or the product has tourmaline. If you want a high wall-mounted hairdryer, you would prefer to buy one which comes with these two tags. The ionic technology helps in getting frizz-free and shiny hair while the costly tourmaline crystals, which are powered before used in the dyer, helps to achieve smooth hair. Tourmaline dryers are better at blow-drying hair up to 40% more quickly than standard dryers. 

  1. Night Light

Optional LED night light, as well as the ones that emit less noise, will be preferable. Generally, you will find that these dyers make less noise than a handheld one making it perfect for hotels. 

  1. Heat/Speed Settings

While most dyers will not have a new shot option, all of the brands have the generic two heat settings- high and low. Some of the dyers will also come with a variable setting for speed. 

  1. Auto Shut-Off

Almost all wall mounted hair dryers has the auto shut off feature when the dyer is placed back in the base. This leads to the saving of electricity. 


You can pick the dyer that suits your needs the best. Do not let valuable space go to waste. Impress your customers with these powerful dyers, which will leave your customer’s hair smooth. 

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