A Guide to Choose Best Tourmaline Hair Dryer for fine & curly hairs

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Hairdryers have now become practically an essential household appliance. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, the hairdryer is a simple tool that gives you a chance to set your hair in precisely the way you want. Its utility is not only in terms of its stylistic functions but also its convenience, as you can use it to dry off your hair quickly in case you’re in a hurry to go to work after your quick morning shower.

10 Best Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Top 10 Best Tourmaline Hair Dryer for fine & curly hairs

Choosing the best tourmaline hairdryer for beautiful hair for you can be a pain considering the number of varieties available in the market. So, we’ve researched for you! Following is a detailed list of the ten best hairdryers available in the market right now.

1. Babylisspro Nano Titanium Dryer:

It is just the best to choose.  It seems to be preferred by a large section of women opting for hairdryers nowadays. Its nano titanium makes it provide 6 top quality drying options, both cooling and heating, for excellent results. Its wattage is between 80 and 2000, where the 2000 watts option is for super-fast drying. It is also very light, yet durable making it perfect for use while traveling.


  • It brings together six different types of heat and speed settings for you to choose and use.
  • The BabylissPro Nano Titanium Dryer comes with a cool shot button that allows the hair to stay in a place when you tie it up.
  • The cold temperatures on the dryer work best for hair that is shiny and straight.
  • The technology of nano titanium adds modern-day technology with the transmission of heat for great results.


  • It is, however, not advised to use the dryer at the highest temperature unless you are in a hurry.

2. VAV 1875W Lightweight Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer with Diffuser Concentrator

Here is a hairdryer that is sleek, hardy in nature, and functional.


  • It is reasonable as far as the pricing is considered. It is of good quality as well.
  • The dryer has a relatively big wind opening and generates less sound.
  • The entire unit comes with a nozzle, concentrator, and diffuser.
  • There are a total of three heat and two-speed settings.
  • An ALCI device acts as a protection to the dryer.
  • The VAV1875W Negative Ions Hair Blow Dryer is extremely useful for beginners and has been rated a full five out of five stars on many e-shopping platforms.


  • Overheating issues are prominent with this hairdryer.

3. Devacurl Hair Dryer Ionic with Diffuser

The Devacurl Hair Dryer Ionic with Diffuser is one of a kind hair dryer that suits every hair type perfectly. It is proud of being an award-winning gadget specifically made to suit all hair types. It comes with a unique Devafuser in the shape of a hand that can be regulated for 360 degrees such that it flows air through the roots of the curls or hair strands.

You can adjust the temperature settings according to your preference. There is a two-way switch for hot and cold and two speed settings in total.


  • This hairdryer is suitable for all hair types.
  • The dryer comes with advanced technology and is the best ionic ceramic tourmaline hairdryer.
  • This product has been awarded the Curl’s Editor Choice Award for the year 2016 for Best Styling and Tool.
  • The hairdryer offers a 360-degree flow of air.


  • This is a relatively expensive hairdryer.
  • Some customers had complaints about the period it lasted.

4. Wazor Blow Dryer Professional

Keeping the latest fashion trends in mind, the Wazor Blow Dryer Professional has been designed. It contains an AC motor inside, and this causes curly hair to look even more gorgeous.  It helps you combat the frizz and the damage well. The effects of the Wazor Blow Dryer Professional are set to last for up to four times longer than usual.


  • The negative ions in the Wazor Blow Dryer Professional help you smoothen your hair in no time.
  • The technology in this hair dryer helps you protect your hair cuticle from overheating and overburning.
  • It has airflow speed to set, which gives you a flat with soft end hair within minutes. This is undoubtedly the best tourmaline hairdryer for beautiful hair.


  • Users have come across issues related to overheating and diffusion.
  • The unit weight is substantial compared to other products.

5. Jinri Blow Hair Dryer with Diffused Technology

If you wish to dry your hair in a period of five minutes, this is the hairdryer you should be adding to your cart right away. This hair dryer comes with a salon professional level ac motor that performs brilliantly and draws away from the 45% of the water trapped in the hair.


  • It will protect your hair from any damage.
  • The dryer comes with two-speed settings and three heat settings.
  • A shot button is present, which sets your hair to a specific style of your wish.
  • The concentrator nozzle is present to get you a shiny superior texture of the hair.


  • The overall design of the hairdryer could have been better.
  • The dryer overheats too quickly.

6. Remington Hair Dryer Damage Protection

As the name suggests, the Remington Hair Dryer Damage Protection is a hairdryer that is meant to provide long-lasting effects to your hair while keeping it nourished. It comes packed with the micro-conditioner technology and advanced coating technology.


  • This hair dryer has a three-tone heat setting and two-tone speed setting, which controls the transmission of heat.
  • It comes with a cold shot as well. You can lock your hairstyle with this setting.
  • The entire unit is rather easy to clean, which leaves less damage due to dust and dirt accumulation.
  • The Remington Hair Dryer also has a micro-conditioner technology in-built.
  • Quick-drying performed with this hairdryer.


  • The buttons for heat and speed may be difficult to operate for the customers.

7. NITION Negative Ions Hair Dryer Diffuser

NITION Negative Ions Hair Dryer is a hairdryer that is specially designed for curly hair. This dryer will give you natural curls and beaches waves for the longest time. Dry your hair quickly with the NITION Negative Ions Hair Dryer Diffuser.


  • This hair dryer comes packed with a power cord that is a total of six feet in length. This means that you can use your hairdryer from a reasonable distance.
  • Using a cold-shot technology, you can set your hair in place.
  • 1857 AC power has been installed in the unit.
  • This hairdryer is easy to use and works quickly to get you smooth, shining, and straight hair.
  • This is the best tourmaline hair dryer for curly hair.


  • This hair dryer does not suit long hair too well.
  • The high setting on the dryer functions better than the low setting on the hairdryer.

8. John Frieda Hair Dryer Frizz-Free

As you see, the name of this hair dryer by John Freida goes by Frizz-Free in the product name. Combines with the ionic technology, this hair dryer gives you smooth and shiny hair in no time. An 1875-watt AC motor is installed for a quick run at drying your hair. 

A ceramic-titanium compound coating inside the hairdryer lets the heat to be distributed uniformly.


  • The hairdryer comes with one diffuser and two concentrators that work exclusively on improving the curls. It will boost hair volume.
  • John Frieda Hair Dryer works well as it is user-friendly and easy to clean as well.
  • An ionic generator comes integrated with the dryer technology.
  • A cold shot button with the dryer keeps the hairstyle in place.


  • One of the significant disadvantages of this product is that it may have issues with durability.
  • The price is on the higher end.

9. Centrix Hair Dryer Ceramic Salon Quality

Come to talk about hair dryers that make the least to no noise at all during the operation; the Centrix Hair Dryer works the best. It is light in weight and designed in such a way that the motor fan produces the least noise while drying hair.  It dries hair faster than most other hair dryers in its price range.


  • There are two-speed settings that allow you to control the speed of the airflow from the dryer.
  • The motor inside the hairdryer draws maximum attention as it is made to create the least noise.
  • A concentrator is also included in the product box.
  • The cord is long enough for you to plug in the hairdryer at a distance.


  • Since the hairdryer comes with intricate parts, maintaining them can be difficult as any damage may cause noise, thereby failing the purpose of the dryer.

10. Conair Hair Dryer with 2-in-1 style

The product by Conair is marketed, stating a 2-in-1 method for hair curling and hair-drying. The hair dryer comes with an AC power of 1875 watt. It has ceramic technology that gives you guard by permit the allocation of heat.


  • This hair dryer has three heat settings for controlled heat regulation.
  • The two-speed settings allow you to regulate the speed of airflow.
  • There is also a cold-shot button.
  • The diffuser gets rid of frizz in the hair, and the concentrator locks your hairstyle.


  • The product is expensive.
  • The cord retracts when it gets overheated.

Things to Look for Before Buying Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Buying a hairdryer might be an impulsive decision for many but come to think of it, it is anything but what an impulsive buy should be like. A wrong hair dryer could damage your hair beyond repair and can even cause hair loss. We generally consider the price range as the deciding factor. However, there is more to investigate.
1. Heat Settings
Hairdryers should have a minimum of three settings for heat regulation in total so that you can select the settings as per your need. The airflow at the least or the medium setting works best for all hair types.
2. Speed setting
Just like the heat settings, almost all hair dryers come with three settings for speed, i.e., low, medium, and high. The airflow is controlled by the speed setting. This setting, combined with the appropriate heat setting, gives the best result.
3. Wattage
The electrical power of a hairdryer varies for various types of hair quality. Thin hair usually requires 1000-1800 watts for thin hair. Thick hair needs 3600 watts of voltage, but hair dryers qualifying for this check is on the expensive side.
4. Brand
This is important as everyone likes to choose a hairdryer from a trustworthy brand. Durability matters, and the brand name tell you how much of assurance the brand image can produce for the product.


Every girl wishes to have a magnificent mane to them, be it naturally or treated in the salon. The way to smooth, silky hair tassels is no more a dream, but a dream come true. The credits for the advanced technology go to the tourmaline hairdryers available in today’s times.

With the tourmaline ceramic hair dryers in the market, you can put your time to use and make sure to get great hair in just a few minutes. This means you can finally wave off a bye to the salon days. Thus, lessening the amount of time you waste at the parlors. Get your hair done with the help of a fantastic hairdryer.

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