12 Best Shampoo for Locs and Dreadlocks of 2021

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Locs and dreadlocks are a beautiful way to express your individuality. But they require special care. They are best cared for with a shampoo that is specifically designed to cleanse the hair without stripping it of natural oils.

The best way to wash your locs or dreadlocks is with a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo. This will keep your hair from drying out and becoming brittle. It also prevents the dreaded “loc itch.”

That is why we’ve compiled this list of the best shampoos for locs and dreadlocks that will keep them looking healthy and shiny. Whether you have natural hair or extensions, these products are sure to give you the results you want!

All these products are made from natural ingredients and contain no harmful chemicals like sulfates, parabens, phthalates, or artificial colors. Check out our list below for more information on each product.

Complete Best Shampoo for Locs and Dreadlocks

1. Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo

Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo helps remove up to 90% of heavy, dulling residue caused by shampoos, conditioners & styling products.

This non-irritating clarifying shampoo gently cleanses your hair and helps boost volume by instantly rinsing away build-up. It even treats oily hair and dandruff.

It is formulated with malic acid, fruit enzymes, salicylic acid, and vinegar. All these ingredients help remove residue buildup to give you clean-looking natural locks. With this shampoo, your hair will have a healthy shine and texture.

This best shampoo for locs easily rinses away all the unwanted residue that makes your hair dull looking. You only need less than a dime-sized amount to wash your thick hair – so it’s very cost-efficient.

It is recommended for all hair types and is gentle enough even for color-treated hair. This clarifying shampoo will help your favorite daily shampoo work even better by removing excess oils, sweat, dirt, styling products, and environmental pollutants from the scalp.

This clarifying shampoo is designed to be used as a once-a-week treatment to remove residue from styling products, including gels, mousses, and pomades. It’s gentle enough for daily use on normal hair types.

2. PURA D'OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo

PURA D’OR Original Gold Label Anti-Thinning Biotin Shampoo is a proven & tested formula that promotes hair strength, thickness, and volume. It reduces hair thinning by strengthening the hair follicle from root to tip.

This shampoo with DHT herbal ingredients helps reduce shedding, breakage, and scalp itching for men and women who are experiencing or have experienced hair loss.

It contains biotin, nettle leaf extract, saw palmetto extract, pumpkin seed oil, and other essential nutrients to help strengthen your hair from the inside out.[1]

This exclusive formula helps hydrate the scalp, reducing dryness, brittle strands, and improves hair manageability without weighing down your hair.

This anti-hair thinning shampoo is free of harmful sulfates such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that can strip away hair’s natural oils leaving it dull and lifeless.

This Biotin Shampoo is a unique formula that combines the power of biotin and other essential vitamins to help prevent hair loss. This shampoo’s proprietary herbal blend helps reduce scalp dryness and irritation while improving manageability making it one of the best shampoo for locs.

3. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Rich Hydrating Shampoo

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Rich Hydrating Shampoo is a luxurious, creamy shampoo that gently cleanses and conditions curls. It gently cleanses your hair, leaving it soft and manageable. 

This best shampoo for locs is best used with the entire Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla line from cleansing conditioner to styling crème making this whole family of products one of the best shampoos for dreadlocks. 

It contains a proprietary blend of starflower, baobab seed, mongongo oils that have natural shine boosters and UV protectants. This mild, rich shampoo gently cleanses your hair without stripping away its moisture or over-drying it out like the other best shampoo for locs.

The rich lather rinses clean without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Hair will be left feeling soft, moisturized, and shiny. It contains the warm and sensual Black vanilla fragrance for a soothing fragrance experience.

This moisturizing shampoo contains Aloe Leaf Juice that hydrates your hair so it’s softer, while Sweet Clover & Rose Extract give your hair a healthy shine. Use this nourishing shampoo to transform unmanageable hair into incredibly soft feeling hair.

This fragrance-free formula is infused with black vanilla beans and cocoa butter to deeply hydrate while delivering intense shine. It is free of sulfates and parabens, this product is safe for all hair types.

This sulfate-free formula is infused with a rich blend of Organic Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and African Black Soap to moisturize your curls while cleansing them. Our signature vanilla fragrance will leave you smelling great all day long.

It provides essential nutrients that will keep your curls shiny and healthy-looking – plus you’ll notice it smells good too.

4. MAJESTIC PURE Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Majestic Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Virgin Coconut Avocado Conditioner Set is the perfect daily shampoo and conditioner combo to remove build ups while nourish and hydrate hair and scalp.  

It is a gentle, yet effective daily shampoo that cleanses the hair without stripping it of its natural oils. It is healthy hydrated hair and scalp sulfate free made in the USA.

This shampoo contains apple cider vinegar which helps to strengthen your hair by removing buildup from styling products, pollution, hard water minerals, chlorine & other impurities.

Majestic Pure Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo & Avocado Coconut Conditioner Set is a complete set of shampoo and conditioner that will leave your hair feeling clean, soft, smooth, and moisturized.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo cleanses the scalp and removes the build-up from styling products. It also helps to maintain healthy hair growth by encouraging circulation in the follicles.

This shampoo nourishes your hair with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2, D & E while strengthening it against damage. The best shampoo for locs is made in the USA and it contains no sulfates or parabens.

This Set is a complete hair care system for all hair types. It is safe for color-treated hair and helps to restore shine, reduce itchy scalp, dandruff and frizz. This shampoo set contains no sulfates or parabens and does not test on animals. 

This best shampoo for locs should help nourish and hydrate your curls without over-drying them, moisturize the hair’s natural oils, and provide essential nutrients to keep the best shampoo for locs shiny. For best results use the best shampoo for locs with the best conditioner for dreadlocks.

5. Design Essentials Rosemary and Mint Stimulating Super Moisturizing Conditioner

Design Essentials Rosemary and Mint Stimulating Super Moisturizing Conditioner is a moisturizing conditioner that replenishes moisture to your natural waves and coils. It is a great choice for natural or relaxed hair types.

It restores your hair’s hydration, leaving it feeling softer, smoother, manageable, and healthy-looking. This product has been infused with rosemary which purifies the hair while peppermint invigorates the scalp.

This Design Essentials formula is enriched with vitamins A & E to nourish and strengthen the hair while restoring natural moisture balance. It is free of alcohol, paraben, sulfates, and cruelty-free.

This product contains natural ingredients such as mint oil, rosemary extract, sunflower seed oil, olive fruit oil, and aloe vera which help provide nutrients for healthy hair growth. The formula also includes panthenol (provitamin B5) to help strengthen the hair shaft while reducing breakage.

This super moisturizing conditioner contains a proprietary blend of essential oils that help to re-energize dry hair and scalps, leaving them thoroughly revitalized while soothing dryness.

This unique formula helps to promote healthy hair growth by stimulating circulation at the root of each strand, allowing for maximum absorption of nutrients. 

The addition of Rosemary and Peppermint essential oils provides a stimulating sensation for the scalp while providing an excellent source of antioxidants to help protect against damage from environmental stresses.

6. Design Essentials Oat Protein and Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Design Essentials Oat Protein and Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a sulfate-free, conditioner formula that gently cleanses hair while hydrating and nourishing the scalp.

This shampoo for colored hair will leave your locks looking healthy with a radiant shine. It is made from natural ingredients including extracts of oat protein, henna, nettle leaf, and sage to cleanse the hair without stripping it of its color or moisture.

The Oat Protein and Henna Deep Cleansing Shampoo is a first lather shampoo filled with natural ingredients to deeply penetrate and cleanse the hair of any impurities without stripping it of its natural oils.

This gentle, alcohol-free formula can be used daily to revitalize hair and scalp. Silicone, sulfate, and cruelty-free. This Oat Protein & Henna Shampoo contains no harsh chemicals, alcohol, or silicone and is safe to use on all hair types including color-treated hair.[2]

It also has a signature blend of certified organic botanicals like rosemary leaf extract, nettle root extract, horsetail herb extract, and lavender flower oil to promote healthy hair growth while soothing your scalp.

This formula is made with natural ingredients that are both gentle and effective in removing dirt, oil, and product buildup from the scalp, hair shafts, and roots of the hair while also adding volume to your hair.

The hydrolyzed oat protein conditions the strands to make them stronger while nourishing them with essential nutrients. Henna adds shine and volume to your hair making it more resilient to damage and breakage.

7. Pure Biology Premium RevivaHair Hair Growth Shampoo

RevivaHair’s Premium Hair Growth Shampoo for men and women is a clarifying shampoo that promotes stronger hair, thicker volume, and less thinning, split ends, and breakage.

It proved complex is an all-natural formula made from the highest quality ingredients available to deliver optimal results. This unique blend of vitamins and proteins works together to nourish your scalp while cleansing hair of any impurities that can weigh it down.

It contains Biotin, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Saw Palmetto, Green Tea Leaf, and Grapefruit Seed extracts plus coconut oil and rosemary oil for hair growth. It also includes essential oils like peppermint and lavender to help keep your scalp healthy.

The premium hair volume shampoo also contains aloe vera juice which moisturizes your scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. It contains no sulfates or parabens that can strip your hair of its natural oils.

If you suffer from thinning strands and want to grow thicker fuller-looking locks then this is the product for you. The unique formula contains essential vitamins and minerals that are effective for every type of hair. 

It’s a safe shampoo for all hair types, including color-treated tresses, oily or dry, fine hair, brittle hair, long or short, straight or wavy. RevivaHair thickening shampoo will stop your hair loss in 30 days.

8. OKAY | Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo

Okay Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo is a daily cleansing shampoo for all hair textures and types. It is a natural hair growth shampoo that helps to promote healthy hair and scalp.

The key ingredients in this product are Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Argan Oil, and Aloe Vera Extract which help to improve blood circulation to the scalp which helps nutrients reach your hair, and encourages hair growth.

It is formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients that nourish and replenish the scalp’s natural oils while strengthening, moisturizing, and structuring the roots and hair follicles to make your hair thicker, fuller, shinier, and more manageable.

The shampoo also contains Black Jamaican Castor Oil which is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 & 9 Fatty Acids that can improve blood circulation to the scalp which helps nutrients reach your hair and encourages hair growth. Available in 12 oz bottles.

This black castor oil shampoo also contains aloe vera juice which soothes your scalp while removing impurities. This sulfate-free shampoo gently cleanses without stripping away essential oils or leaving behind a residue that weighs down your hair.

It is a unique blend of pure castor oil and other natural oils. The shampoo helps repair the damage, eliminates dry hair, and treats frizz. It replenishes vitamins into the hair strands, gives hair smoothness, OKAY Black Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo can be used for all hair types.

9. Lion Locs Shampoo and Conditioner

Lion Locs Dreadlocks Shampoo is an environmentally friendly, and biodegradable shampoo designed to cleanse your dreadlocks and scalp of chemicals, residue, and build-up without damaging or drying out you’re locs.

This gentle cleanser will also remove any styling products from your locs. It is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that will soften dry itchy locs while providing the nutrients needed to hydrate and revive them. 

Lion Locs Dreadlock Shampoo is a sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free formula that is safe for all hair types. It lathers well, rinses clean without any residue or build-up.

This product contains natural ingredients to help keep your dreadlocks shiny and healthy-looking. The smell of this shampoo is very pleasant as it has essential oils in it. You will be amazed at how soft and manageable your locs will feel after using this shampoo.

Lion Locs Co-Wash is a 2 in 1 vegan shampoo and conditioner for all hair types. It’s specifically made to help reduce breakage and split ends while cleaning and nourishing your locs.

Apply to wet hair, lather up, rinse out. Repeat if necessary. For best results use Lion Locs Dread Soap or Dread Shampoo Bar before using this product as a leave-in conditioner.

10. Jamaican Mango And Lime Tingle Dreadlock Shampoo

Jamaican Mango And Lime Tingle Dreadlock Shampoo It helps remove product build-up, gently cleanses, binds and seals in moisture to help prevent breakage. This invigorating blend of natural extracts and essential nutrients helps repair distressed hair.

It is formulated with naturally nourishing ingredients to gently cleanse and maintain your dreadlocks. The tingle shampoo is safe for all hair types, colors, textures – including color-treated or natural.

This deep cleansing formula helps remove product build-up and gently cleanses while binding & sealing in moisture. It all starts with a healthy scalp and get to the root of the problem.

Manuka honey proteins can reverse scalp damage while strengthening hair follicles from within. It is formulated with a nourishing blend of natural extracts to help cleanse, condition, and invigorate your locks.

This invigorating blend of natural extracts and essential nutrients helps prevent breakage and repair distressed hair. Manuka honey proteins can reverse scalp damage while simultaneously strengthening hair follicles.

The result is more manageable tresses that are stronger, healthier, and more resilient than ever before. Enjoy the look and feel of softer healthier locs, twists, braids, and curls again.

11. Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Knotty Boy’s Dreadlock Shampoo Bar is the world’s first dreadlock-specific shampoo. It cleanses and conditions dreadlocks while removing residue from styling products.

It is formulated with organic ingredients, Knotty Boy’s all-over body soap will leave you feeling fresh and smelling great. It is available in 3 scents: Coconut Lime Verbena, Peppermint Tea Tree, & Unscented.

Knotty Boy Dreadlock Shampoo Bar is a residue-free, no conditioner to hinder the locking process formula that cleanses and soothes the scalp. Rosemary, tea tree & peppermint essential oils give this bar a fresh scent while it gently cleanses your hair and scalp without stripping away natural oils.

Knotty Boy Shampoo Bar is made with a special blend of natural ingredients to cleanse your scalp without stripping away the oils that are crucial to the locking process. This shampoo bar will not build up residue in your dreads and leave them feeling greasy.

It has no sulfates, no parabens, no silicones, no phosphates, no petroleum products, or animal testing. It contains rosemary oil for its anti-inflammatory properties and tea tree oil for its antifungal properties.

Use this shampoo on wet or dry hair, lather in your hands before applying to your head for best results. Rinse well with warm water and follow with Knotty Boy Dreadlock Conditioner Bar for soft.

12. Dollylocks 8oz Nag Champa Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo

Dollylocks 8oz Nag Champa Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo is a highly effective, natural dreadlocking shampoo that is formulated with moisturizing organic oils to promote the healthy growth of dreadlocks. 

This weightless liquid shampoo is made with pure botanicals and organic coconut. It uses natural ingredients to remove dirt, oil, and residue so you can enjoy the full benefits of your dreadlocks.  

It contains ingredients like castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, aloe vera gel, and more. This high-quality, phthalate-free fragrance comes in an easy-to-use pump. It’s also weightless and residue-free.

The organic coconut base of this product washes your hair gently while conditioning the scalp with a touch of aloe vera, leaving you with clean locks and healthy hair. [3]

This product will not leave your scalp dry or flaky, so you can enjoy healthy growth from the inside out. The best part is that it doesn’t take much of this cleansing shampoo to work—a few pumps are usually enough to thoroughly cleanse your dreadlocks.

The best thing about this cleaning product is that its scent isn’t overpowering like some other shampoos can be, which makes it great for people who don’t want an overly fragranced dreadlock shampoo.

This shampoo is a great dreadlocks shampoo for mature dreads and is made with all-natural ingredients. This dreadlock shampoo is available in 8oz and 12oz bottles. Dollylocks recommends this dreadlock shampoo for mature locks. It may arrive with a pump or flip-top cap.


It’s no secret that loc and dreadlock care can be a long, expensive process. For those who have been growing their locks for years or are just starting to grow theirs out, it is important to invest in the right products from day one. We reviewed 12 of the best shampoos on the market today that will help you maintain your healthy hair while keeping costs down over time. 

The Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo was our top choice because it helps remove product buildup without stripping natural oils from your scalp and making them brittle. What shampoo do you use? Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use any shampoo on locs?

Any shampoo you choose should be free from any sulfates, parabens, and other harsh ingredients as these will dry out your natural hair and scalp.

Also, it is best to use a shampoo made specifically for your hair type on dreadlocks. Choose a natural shampoo bar that best suits your needs while giving you healthy and clean locks.

2. What should you not use on locs?

The best thing to do would be to avoid using any products containing harmful chemicals or ingredients such as alcohol, sulfates, fragrances, or parabens since these can damage the hair and may even cause infections when used regularly. 

Detergents, silicones, or phosphates are best avoided as these are known to build up in your natural hair and can lead to residue buildup that makes it more difficult for your locs to lock easily.

3. How often should I oil my scalp with locs?

You should oil (or condition) after every wash using mild dreadlocks shampoos without sulfates or parabens/no silicones. After washing/conditioning, lightly spray a light mist of water over the top of the dreadlocks before applying the oil/conditioner. This will keep your scalp from becoming too oily or dry.

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