11 Best Relaxers for Black Hair in 2021 [Guide & Review]

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Finding the best hair relaxers for black hair can be difficult.

There are so many different products in the market, and it’s hard to know which one will work best with your specific needs. We’ve done all of the research for you. In this article, we’re going to review 11 of the best hair relaxers available in 2021.

You’ll find a detailed guide that includes what each product is best used for, as well as the pros and cons of each option. This way you can make an informed decision about which product is right for your needs.

This is your one-stop shop to get all your information in one place. No need to search around anymore when we have it all right here. Get started with our reviews now.

Complete List of Best Relaxers for Black Hair

1. Carols Daughter Cactus Rose Water Lightweight Conditioner

Carols Daughter Cactus Rose Water Lightweight Conditioner is a lightweight conditioner that helps to improve hair strength, manageability, and shine. This leave-in conditioning treatment will help to reduce breakage with the use of ceramides and coconut oil in every step.

This product contains water, cetyl alcohol, behentrimonium chloride, stearalkonium chloride, glycerin, cetrimonium chloride, hydroxypropyltrimonium honey quaternary ammonium salt, cyclopentasilox, It is a lightweight conditioner that hydrates and softens hair with the use of cactus rose water.

This black hair relaxer kit is perfect for all textures of natural hair from fine to coarse. It can be used on relaxed or natural hair types. The combination of nourishing oils gives your hair a great shine without weighing it down.

This conditioner contains coconut oil, which provides a protective barrier for your hair while also helping to eliminate frizz and static.[1]

Carlos black hair relaxer also contains cactus flower water, which helps to protect the hair from harsh elements and provides hydration. It also comes with a refreshing fragrance that will leave you feeling invigorated after each use.

The formula is designed to help strengthen the hair while keeping it soft and healthy-looking, without weighing it down or leaving residue behind making it one of the best relaxers for black hair that is currently available in the market.

2. HYOUJIN PRO- Black Hair Dye Coloring DIY Beauty Salon Tool Kit

The Hyoujin Pro Black Hair Dye is a professional hair dye that can color your hair black. It is a revolutionary, easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and professional at-home hair dye product that comes with everything you need to color your own hair including the gloves and instructions.

The HYOUJIN PRO is an affordable way to have salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home. They are easy to operate and clean after use. You can make your hair color at home by yourself with the help of this kit.

It includes a pair of latex gloves, three plastic mixing bowls, one plastic beaker, and one brush. It is suitable for professional use and home use. The tools are made of high-quality material with good toughness and luster.

This black hair relaxer contains no ammonia, and it will not damage your hair. The ingredients are all-natural, and the smell is pleasant. You do not need to worry about getting any unwanted odor on your clothes or furniture when using this product.

It does not matter if you have never dyed your hair before because the instructions are easy to understand and follow. The dye brush allows you to control where the dye goes for smooth and even distribution for professional results.

3. Keratin Intense Repair Hair Mask

Keratin Intense Repair Hair Mask is formulated to restore, nourish and strengthen hair. It helps repair damage caused by heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental stressors.  

This Hair Mask contains a blend of keratin that penetrates deep into the hair shaft to restore elasticity, shine, and softness. This product is designed for all hair types.

This intensive treatment restores elasticity to dry or damaged hair leaving it looking healthy and shiny. It helps prevent split ends and breakage by adding strength & shine while taming frizz.

This bundle includes Keratin Intense Hair Serum, formulated to rebuild strands from within and forms a protective coating around straightened hair, and Keratin Hair Mask formulated to restore, nourish and strengthen hair.

It acts as soon as you apply it to your hair, restoring the structure of the hair to renew elasticity, shine, and softness. Includes a 4.8 oz Keratin Hair Serum & 11.8 oz Repair Hair Mask.

This keratin repair treatment helps rebuild and restore the structure of the hair to renew elasticity, hair shine, and softness. It helps nourish your hair, repair past heat damage and protect against future damage.

After applying this hair relaxer, your hair will be smoother, stronger, and durable to breakage and will radiate a gorgeous shine.

4. SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer

SoftSheen Carson Optimum Salon Hair Care No-Lye Relaxer is the next generation in hair relaxing. This Relaxer kit helps preserve the 5 signs of healthy hair: Moisture, Shine, Strength, Softness & Body. It is perfect for coarse hair.

It features 3 components including Healthy-Gloss 5 Moisture Conditioner, Healthy-Gloss 5 Moisture Hair Crème & Silk Keratin Serum for softness & body.

It has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply on the scalp and leaves your hair shiny without weighing it down. It also prevents breakage of the strands and makes them stronger.

This is one of the best relaxers for black hair that comes with everything you need to achieve a beautiful, healthy, and long-lasting hairstyle. The no-lye relaxers are available in Normal and Super strength depending on your hair type.

It works with varieties of people of color that include styling products, colors & treatments for all types of hair including curly, wavy, and transitioning hair. This relaxer kit will help you maintain your sleek and smooth look at home, with shea butter, jojoba, and avocado oil.

Using this black hair relaxer is fair and simple, just follow the instruction sheet for optimal results. We highly recommend this product to try at least, you’ll start to see the changes from the very first application.

5. ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme

ORS Olive Oil Professional Creme is a rich, luxurious cream that moisturizes and conditions hair and scalp. It helps prevent dryness, breakage, split ends, and color fading as it replenishes moisture lost from chemical processes or daily styling routines.

It contains olive oil and lanolin to condition the hair shaft while also providing essential nutrients for healthy growth. The creamy texture of this product makes it easy to apply and distribute evenly throughout the hair without weighing it down or leaving behind any oily residue. 

This black hair relaxer helps restore the hair’s natural luster, shine, and softness to leave it looking healthy and beautiful. It is recommended for all hair types.

The best thing about this cream is that it can be used on any type of curl pattern whether it’s tight corkscrew curls or loose waves allowing you to customize your look based on your preference. This product can also be used to prevent the reversion of natural hair back to its original state after using a no-lye relaxer.

Olive Oil Professional Creme is recommended for use every 6 weeks, or as needed, depending on your hair’s condition. This product works best when applied directly to clean dry hair. For best results, gently massage into the scalp and allow it to sit for 3 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

6. Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Conditioning Relaxer

Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Conditioning Relaxer is a multi-tasking product that can be used for Straightening hair, toning gray roots, deep conditioning the scalp, and moisturizing dry or damaged ends.

Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Conditioning Relaxer is a sulfate-free, color-safe relaxer that provides maximum scalp comfort while beautifully straightening hair.[2]

The touchable formula of this black hair relaxer rinses out easily from hair without leaving an oily residue and is infused with a blend of conditioning agents to leave your hair looking healthy, shiny, and radiant.

This Relaxer gently straightens hair while providing maximum scalp comfort. This relaxer rinses out easily from hair without leaving an oily residue and also helps to maintain healthy-looking hair.

The Avlon Affirm Sensitive Scalp Conditioning Relaxers reconstructor has a unique formula to strengthen your natural curl pattern, leaving your hair healthier than ever before.

It is a professional product specifically designed for relaxed hair. This relaxer system allows you to get the results you want with less damage to your hair and scalp.

7. Dr. Miracle's New Growth No-lye Relaxer Regular Kit

Dr. Miracle’s New Growth Thermalceutical Intensive No-lye Relaxer Regular Kit is a highly effective, anti-breakage no-lye formula that helps straighten natural curls for silky, soft, and healthy hair.

The kit comes with a bottle of relaxer, gloves, applicator brush, and instructions. This product can be used by both men and women to provide healthy hair growth without damaging effects.

This product contains ingredients that moisturize your scalp and provide nourishment to your hair follicles. It contains argan oil which provides excellent conditioning properties that help strengthen brittle strands of hair while providing moisture to them.

It is formulated with a unique blend of natural oils to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. This anti-breakage no-lye formula is gentle enough for everyday use on all hair types, from curly to straight or relaxed. 

This Black Hair Relaxer Kit is perfect for anyone who wants to get rid of their natural curls and have straight hair. The kit includes a no-lye relaxer, a conditioner, and a leave-in treatment that will help you achieve soft, silky, and healthy looking hair.

This Kit is an excellent hair follicle treatment to feed the hair each week with vitamins and oils essential in maintaining and growing healthy, shiny hair. It will also help to increase circulation of the scalp which helps to prevent dryness that can lead to flakiness, itching, and irritation

8. Hawaiian Silky No-Lye Relaxer

Hawaiian Silky no-lye relaxer is great for straightening hair without damaging the scalp. This formula is mild, will moisturize your hair for a radiant look and bounce. The Silky no-lye relaxer comes in a 20-ounce bottle.

This no-lye relaxer moisturizes hair and is gentle enough for relaxed, natural, or transitioning hair. It helps to eliminate frizz while leaving your hair soft and manageable with a beautiful shine.

This relaxer works great on all types of hair including natural, transitioning, and relaxed styles. It’s also perfect for people who are sensitive to lye relaxers.

It also helps to nourish and moisturize your hair while adding volume. The Hawaiian Silky no-lye relaxer can be used on all types of hair, including color-treated or permed locks. This product is not tested on animals, so you can feel good about using it on yourself or a loved one.

It is the first relaxer that uses lithium hydroxide which works differently than sodium hydroxide. This revolutionary formula straightens hair with minimal scalp irritation and burning while Jojoba and Mink oils protect and nourish the hair and scalp.

This extraordinary Relaxer leaves the hair smooth, silky, manageable without breakage, frizz, or dryness. It is available in mild regular and super to accommodate a variety of textures.

Apply to wet hair and comb through evenly. Let sit for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Be sure to use the conditioner from the same line as well as the shampoo to maintain soft silky hair after relaxing it.

9. Luster's Short looks Color Relaxer 3-n-1 Diamond Black

The Luster’s Short Looks Color Relaxer 3-in-1 Diamond Black is a great hair color product that will leave your hair looking healthier and shinier than before. It also helps to straighten the hair and leaves it feeling soft and manageable.

It  is a premium product that delivers all of the benefits of a relaxer, toner, and conditioner in one easy step. The result is soft, shiny, conditioned hair that feels great. And you’ll have a beautiful color with maximum straightness and hold.

This relaxer is made with 100% ammonia-free ingredients, which means it’s safer for your hair. It contains conditioning agents to improve the overall health of your hair and increase its shine and body.

This relaxer creme leaves hair up to 5 times stronger than untreated hair. It provides effective color and conditioning treatments in one easy step. This product is formulated with a special blend of natural extracts to leave hair shiny, manageable, and healthy-looking.

It will give you strength for all of your styling needs without sacrificing the quality or healthiness of your hair. You can achieve maximum straightness with this product while still keeping your hair healthy.

Overall, this product is best for you if you want maximum straightness, healthy hair, and beautiful color.

10. TCB No Base Creme Hair Relaxer

TCB No Base Creme Hair Relaxer is one of the best hair relaxers on the market. It comes in a unique cream form that makes it easy to apply and distribute evenly throughout your hair.

It is dedicated to developing products that are made with the highest quality ingredients, are affordable and easy to use. It is a neutralizing shampoo relaxer that helps to straighten hair. Hair relaxers burn scalp skin and leave hair straight.

It is a neutralizing shampoo relaxer. Every hair relaxer apply burns jar leave straight tcb conditioner curly relaxed straighten. Neutralizes the acid in your hair so it can return to its natural state while you wash away unwanted chemicals and residues left behind from other products. 

The creme formula allows you to achieve better results, faster than traditional hair relaxers. This Relaxer is also ideal for those with sensitive skin or scalp, as it’s free from harsh chemicals and irritants commonly found in other brands. It also provides a superior conditioning treatment for relaxed or natural hair.

Apply this product on wet hair, massage it in and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with water thoroughly and apply conditioner if necessary. TCB No Base Creme Hair Relaxer is the most effective neutralizing shampoo relaxer ever.

11. Avlon Fiber Guard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit

The Avlon Fiber Guard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit features the revolutionary FiberGuard formula, which soothes and moisturizes dry, sensitive scalps. This relaxer kit is adjustable to mild, normal, and resistant strengths.

It will leave your hair soft and manageable with a healthy shine. The Avlon Fiber Guard Sensitive Scalp Relaxer Kit also includes an applicator bottle of conditioner for after-treatment care. 

This relaxer kit is best for you if you have a dry and sensitive scalp, curly hair that needs to be tamed, or naturals who need extra moisture in their locks.

This product has been designed with a sensitive scalp in mind. It will moisturize dry, itchy scalps and it also detangles and conditions for softness, shine, and healthy-looking healthy-looking, manageability. It is formulated with aloe vera juice, vitamin E oil, jojoba oil, and other natural oils.

The gentle, moisturizing formula contains botanicals like aloe vera and chamomile to help soothe dry, sensitive scalps during the relaxing process. [3]

The 3-step system includes oil for pre-treatment, a cream relaxer, and a conditioner that can be used together or separately depending on your hair type.


We hope that this guide and review has been helpful in your search for the perfect black hair relaxer. If you have any questions or want to share your experience with one of these products, please leave us a comment below.

Remember, it is always best to consult a professional before trying out new things on your hair. Due to their high vegetable content, we recommend TCB No Base Creme Hair Relaxer is an excellent product worth investing in.

It may be more expensive than some other brands but its long-lasting effects make up for the price difference. You can easily find it as TCB is at most major retailers nationwide so picking it up should not be too hard no matter where you are located.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are relaxers good for black hair?

Relaxers are best used for people with curly hair and wavy hair. There are also some other benefits that you may be able to take advantage of when using this kind of product on natural hair.

When it comes to relaxed hair, the best way to keep your mane healthy is to make sure that you moisturize regularly.

You should also avoid combing or brushing through it too much as this type of hairstyle is best left alone after application to maintain the best appearance possible.

2. How often should black hair be washed?

When it comes to washing natural black hair, there are a few things that you should be aware of. First and foremost, the best way for black hair to maintain its shine is by using shampoos that do not contain sulfates.

These ingredients can strip your hair of all of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and damaged.

If this sounds like something that could affect you then try picking up one of the best sulfate-free shampoo brands instead and stick with those products exclusively when washing your mane.

3. Is there a natural hair relaxer?

Relaxing can be dangerous if not done properly so it is best to avoid doing it if possible and stick with trying lesser disruptive styling alternatives instead. To have to maintain the best appearance possible, try using an effective moisturizer after every wash of your mane.

This will help keep moisture locked into your curls while also keeping them looking soft and smooth instead of frizzy or damaged.

When paired with the best black hair conditioner then you should not have much of an issue with keeping your mane looking its best at all times.

4. What happens if you stop relaxing your hair?

If you stop relaxing your hair then your curls will eventually fall out and the best way to keep them under control is with the use of a little bit of pomade, mousse, or gel. Darker complexions tend to fare best when it comes to styling without relaxers in their hair.

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