A Guide to Choose Best Hot Rollers for Long and Thick Hairs

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Taking care of hair always has in the top priority list of every woman. From a very early time, women have been passionate about their hairstyles. It is high time to change your ordinary hair rollers to hot rollers for getting superb hairstyles of your choice within minutes. 

These rollers come with a proper heating unit in which they get heated up before applying them to the hair. There are billions of women with billions of hair qualities and types all over the world. Among all, short ones are the most manageable (Check the top 10 hot rollers for short hairs), while the long and thick ones are the least controllable. 

Best Hot Rollers for Long Thick Hairs

Top 10 Best Hot Rollers for Long & Thick hairs [Complete List]

Hot rollers are the most suitable elements for curling them within minutes. Here is a list of best hot rollers for thick and long hairs from which you can gather some information before purchasing hot roller set.

1. The Caruso Professional Hot Rollers - Best Overall:

It suits this title most appropriately. The hot rollers have a finely crafted foam body which will not cause any damage to your hairs. It comes in two packages. You can either get the small pack having 12 foam lightweight heating rollers or the big box with 30 foam bodied lightweight heating rollers of Caruso Professional.

This hair roller set is suitable for all hair types and especially the long and thick ones. It gives you long-lasting curls with the different shapes of rollers.


  • Curls stay for more time.
  • The heating unit is small.
  • Most suitable as travel hot rollers.
  • It comes with dual voltage so that you can plug the heating unit anywhere.
  • It comes with a bonus storage bag for organizing and moving use.


  • It causes dampness in the hair
  • The curled hair gets stuck in the plastic clip which surrounds the foam rollers.

2. The Conair Xtreme Hot Rollers - Best for Adding Volume:

It helps you add volume to your length. These rollers are pretty good for the women having long and thick hair already. By using these rollers, your daily life routine with hair becomes quite manageable.

The Conair Xtreme helps you in times of hurry too. The ceramic infused technology helps the heating unit to heat up fast. You can get these rollers of different shapes and sizes. It includes small rollers for baby and tiny hairs; medium rollers for the middle length and the large ones are for the back long and thick hairs.


  • Easy to handle.
  • It takes 85 seconds to heat up.
  • Comes in a dozen.
  • Provides more heat protection than most of the other products.
  • Roller material helps in heat transfer.


  • They come in lesser number.
  • Not a good choice as travel hot rollers.

3.The Remington Ionic Hot Rollers - Best for Coarse Hair:

These are best for the rough hair types. There are numerous women worldwide who have long thick but coarse hair. These types of hair quality do not easily suit the rollers of any kind. The owner has to be very careful while handling such strands.

But now, you have got nothing to worry about as Remington Ionic has brought you the ideal rollers for managing your needs. These rollers come in several 20. The ceramic surface of the roller with the plastic clip helps to protect your coarse hair from heat.


  • Give your coarse hair some ionic conditioning.
  • Helps to keep your curly hair frizz-free.
  • Comes in two sizes for different lengths of curls.
  • Smoothens your coarse hair.
  • Gives curls for longer time.


  • Do not cop up with various voltages.

4. The Revlon Curls-To-Go - Best for Travel:

It is the perfect travel hot rollers. These rollers are easy to carry and come with an organized pouch. There are five pairs of heated rollers in the bag. They have new tourmaline ionic technology for heat protection and smoothening of your hair after curling them.

The plastic clips are ergonomically designed for fitting these rollers. Revlon Curls-to-Go comes with a small heating unit and a lightweight pouch for traveling purpose.


  • Smoothens hair with tourmaline ions.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Comes with ready dot indicators.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Has soft touch tips for gentle handling.


  • Takes time to heat up.
  • Do not fit comfortably in the heating posts.

5. The Calista Tools Ion - Best for Long Hair:

It is the one of the best hot rollers for long hair. These rollers come in 6 pairs and are the speciality of these Calista products, thus making it best for long hairs. The heating unit takes 3 minutes to heat all the 12 rollers correctly and equally.

These rollers are quite lightweight, which makes it easy to handle. These are the best hot rollers for long hair. Calista Tools Ion is an expert in products based on hairstyling. These qualities make it the best rollers for thick hair.


  • The ready red dots get dark when the rollers get heated.
  • The instructional booklet helps the user as a guide.
  • The pouch helps to organize the rollers after use.
  • The PTC heating element helps the rollers to heat up fast.
  • The big plastic clips help to fit the rollers in the long strands.


  • Forms limp in the thick strands at times.
  • The front strands do not get curled up fast.

6. The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Professional Jumbo Rollers: Easiest to use

It is the easiest to use heating roller ever. The set of hair roller comes in 10 pairs of different sizes for styling your long hair with different shape of curls. The ion pores of the hot rollers of BaBylissPRO helps to smooth the long hair and make it manageable for styling purpose.

These are not an ideal choice for traveling due to the slightly heavier weight of the product as compared to the other heat rollers.


  • Adds conditioning effect.
  • Makes the hair frizz-free.
  • Makes the curls stay for 24 hours.
  • Comes with an on-off button.
  • Has nano rollers for baby hairs too.


  • More substantial than most of the rollers.
  • Not ideal for carrying.

7. The T3 Micro Voluminous Hot Roller - Best to Add Shine to The Hair:

It can be a perfect choice for the people having dull hair. They come with a technology which adds shine to the dull strands at ease. The packaging of these hair rollers comes in with a particular case which protects the hot rollers from any damage.

The heat rollers of T3 are easy to use as the metal bodies have heat-protective covers which enable the user to touch it while in use. The package comes in a pair of 4 rollers.


  • Adds extra shine to dull hairs.
  • Adds volume to long hairs.
  • Comes in the equal size of rollers which easily fit in any hair.
  • Makes them crease-free and smooth after curling.
  • The rollers come with cool grip siding for secure handling and velvet flocking for styling.


  • Gives loose waves to the hair
  • Some users find it hard to remove the eight rollers from the heating unit base.

8.The Conair Instant Heat InfinitiPRO Roller - Fast Heating Rollers:

It is the quickest heating roller. It comes in various shapes and sizes for styling your hair with different lengths of curls.

The ionic generator in Conair Instant Heat enables the user to get super beautiful curls within a short period. These are appropriate for last-minute styling. The ceramic technology of Conair InfinitiPRO helps inconsistent heat transfer which makes hair styling easier for the users.


  • Provides anti-frizz effects.
  • Heats up instantly.
  • Gives curls for longer time.
  • Comes with 12 specific temperature settings.
  • It takes two minutes to heat.


  • Super clips do not hold the curls in place
  • Do not have cool grip siding

9. Conair Curl Innovation Hair Setter - Best for straight hair:

It is an ideal choice for the women having straight hair. These hot rollers come with heated clips. The clips of different sizes get heated up efficiently after the foam rollers are put on the heating unit base for heating up.

You can gather a lot of information from this article regarding the best hot rollers for thick hair. It is ideal for gaining knowledge about a particular product before investing in it. You can use different curlers and straighteners for styling your hair only after applying proper heat protection spray to them for keeping them damage-free, styled and healthy at the same time. Using too much rollers heat on your hair can be harmful. Try to use heating agents for hairstyle occasionally.


  • Comes with plastic pins for holding the rollers in place.
  • Foam rollers add a shining effect.
  • Suitable for any types of hairs and mainly straight types.
  • Being lightweight, it is easier to keep them intact while styling.
  • Gives curls for more time.


  • The number of small curlers is more than the medium-sized ones.
  • Clips do not secure the rollers properly when in use.

10. The Remington T|Studio Thermaluxe Ceramic Hot Roller - Best Temperature-Control:

It can impress the users with its perfect temperature control system. The product comes in with ceramic surface, which makes the hair strands easy to handle. The advanced technology in the hot rollers helps to make the dull hairs shiny and soft.

These are one of the best hot rollers for thick hair. The super fast heating units help the curlers heat up fast and leave your thick hair into beautiful curls.


  • Provides fine curls.
  • Superfast heating units are easy to handle.
  • The compact case makes it easier for the user to keep the rollers properly.
  • These rollers are appropriate even for the most challenging hairs.
  • Excellent temperature settings which prevents heat damage to the hair.


  • Compact case makes loading and unloading the rollers difficult.
  • The clips leave slight dents and limp on your hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to Use Hot Rollers On Long Hair?

Using hot rollers for styling your long hair might seem quite old fashioned to some of you. But this technology causes less heat damage as compared to the hair curling iron. 

However, these hot rollers are quite easy to use. You can use the heating units to heat the rollers of different sizes and accordingly set them to the different sections of your long hair. Secure them with the clips provided in the set.

Q2. How to Use Hot Rollers On Medium Length Hair?

If you want good results, you must leave on the rollers for at least 30 minutes. This will give you better results and stable curls. However, keeping the rollers on for more than that can be harmful to your hair.

Q3. How to Use Hot Rollers For Volume?

If you want your hair to look voluminous after curling, you might use the big hot rollers for styling hair. The big curls will make your hair look more voluminous than they are in reality. 

The big hot rollers form big and fluffy curls on your hair which makes them look quite thick and voluminous. Use the large hot rollers to heat up in the heating units and after that secure them with plastic or metal pins to your hair strands at ease.

Q4. How to Use Remington Hot Rollers?

Hot rollers come in different types and companies. One of the best being the Remington products in hair styling. The Remington hot rollers are easy to use. There is a booklet guide provided in each package of Remington roller which might be useful to the user while styling the hair. 

Remington hot rollers come in a compact case which acts as the roller holder as well as the heating unit at times. The set comes in various sizes. You can use any of them according to your choice. 

Q5. How to Curl Your Hair With Hot Rollers?

Curling your hair using hot rollers is pretty easy. The necessary process of using hot rollers is to heat the rollers by placing them on the heating units for the right amount of time (different in different products) and ensure that the rollers are warm enough to style your hair by checking the ready dots. 

As soon as the colour of the available dots turns white or black from red, plug out the heating unit. Apply the set of hot rollers to the different sections of the hair and leave them on your hair after securing the rollers with the clips until they cool. This way, you can curl your hair quickly.

Q6. How Long Do Hot Rollers Take to Heat Up?

The time taken by these rollers to heat up depends on the material of the product. The hot rollers of different brands have different elements on them. Some are made up of foams; some are made up of metals while the others of ceramic. The hot rollers made up of foam and ceramic takes at least two to three minutes to heat all the rollers equally for getting equal curls. 

Otherwise, it would look weird to have different sizes of curls on your hair. The hot metal rollers are not that good for hair. They heat up instantly on the heating units but cause a lot of hair damage and burn to your scalp.

Q7. How to Get Beach Waves With Hot Rollers?

You can get any curl by merely using the hot rollers on your hair. The simple way of getting beach waves on your hair is by using your hot roller a bit loosely on your hair. You have to heat the hot rollers of medium size on the heating unit. Place the hot rollers on your hair. 

Roll the hair stands on the heated rollers for a short time and take them off. Take the hot rollers off your hair before they cool down. This process will help you get loose curls and waves on your hair.

Q8. How to Use Conair Ion Shine Hot Rollers?

Using Conair ion Shine Hot Roller is as easy as using any other roller on your hair. You have to follow the basic idea of curling your hair by using the heating unit. The only specialty you will get after using Conair’s hot roller is that your hair will get a perfect shine due to the tourmaline lining on the hot rollers.

Q9. Can I Use Hot Rollers On Wet Hair?

The answer to this question is no! If you use hot objects to your wet hair, it might cause extreme damage and emerge of steams from your hair. The hot rollers on your damp hair can cause burns to your scalp and burn your hair shafts too. This thing will never let the hair shaft grow anymore, and it will fall off your scalp in no time.

Q10. How Long Should I Leave Hot Rollers On My Hair?

You can use a heat protection spray first before using any hot material except water in your hair. After the heating unit warms up the rollers, apply them to your hair strands until they cool down. It can take up to twenty minutes for the hot rollers to cool down. As soon as you remove the hot rollers, you will be surprised with several beautiful curls on your hair in no time.


You can gather a lot of information from this article regarding the best hot rollers for thick hair. It is ideal for gaining knowledge about a particular product before investing in it. You can use different curlers and straighteners for styling your hair only after applying proper heat protection spray to your hair for keeping them damage-free, styled and healthy at the same time. Using too much heat on your hair can be harmful. Try to use heating agents for hairstyle occasionally. 

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