10 Best Holographic Nail Polishes of 2021 Reviewed

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Nail polishes are a beauty staple for many people, and guess what? It’s not just our smartphones and computers that are getting upgrades this year. It seems like the nail polish has been struck by the same lightning!

It’s crazy how tremendously fast the trend of Holographic Nail Polishes is captivating the fashionista youth globally. People are trying them out, and guess what? They love em’ too!

I’ve personally tried some of the best Holographic Nail Polishes out there, and I’m genuinely impressed how we finally made something worth our hard-earned money trend on the internet.

But because many people don’t know much about Holographic Nail Polishes or aren’t as aware, I thought, why not curate an entire list dedicated to this trend? YES, GIRLS! This article will be all about some of the Best Holographic Nail Polishes I got my hands on and what I have to say about them so you can choose some for yourself too! So now, without any further ado, let’s first understand what Holographic Nail Polishes are.

Complete List of Best Holographic Nail Polishes

What are Holographic Nail Polishes?

Holographic nail polish is the latest trend in beauty. Essentially, this nail polish changes colors based on its surroundings and lighting.

For example, a holographic white will reflect rainbow-colored glitter around when you walk outside or into sunlight; it can create an amazing effect of prismatic rainbows all over your nails!

Sounds Magical? AH, IT REALLY IS! Ironically enough, these wonderful Nail Polishes are just like regular Nail Polishes in their composition, except they also have a pigment mixed into their solution termed Spectraflair.

What I love the most about these Nail Polishes is that they can actually be made at home if somebody wishes to. Just mix some Spectraflair into your regular Nail Polish & BOOM! Your very own Holographic Nail Polish is ready! But considering Spectraflair isn’t easily available, most people consider purchasing the nail polish online.

Holographic nail polish is suitable for any occasion. You can wear them at work, or you could rock them to prom with your dress and makeup. They are just a little bit more special than regular nail polish, so they can be used for any occasion! Now let’s look at the 10 best holographic nail polishes I was mentioning earlier.

1. Ownest Holographic Nail Polish

Let me start this one off by mentioning the fact that the Holographic effect on this Nail Polish is among the best ones on this list. I actually liked it very much.

Both your hard-earned money & time are equally valuable. Hence this product also works quite efficiently as you don’t have to apply a lot at once, and it’s also been priced pretty much in a pocket-friendly manner.

Talking about the quality, the nail polish is actually quite strong, and it doesn’t chip off easily. I remember having all 10 nails intact for long enough. If I didn’t remove it myself, it maybe would have lasted longer.

Considering the fact that it’s also made up of cruelty-free, environmental-friendly, vegan constituents, I have to say that this Holographic Nail Polish is one of my favorites off this list.


  • It has Exceptional quality
  • The Nail Polish is also Very Efficient
  • It Lasts Longer after application of adequate multiple layers
  • It’s Environmental-friendly & 100% Vegan in making


  • The packaging looks regular

2. ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish

Can we please talk about how ILNP Juliette Holographic Nail Polish has such a luxurious and exquisite Rose Gold finish! Like AARGH! I already knew I absolutely loved it from the second I first glanced at it. What a wonderful addition of a Holographic Nail Polish to my collection!

Another benefit of purchasing this literal gem is that it also doesn’t chip off easily, it’s rather chip-resistant! So if you have another nail paint stacked up to apply next, don’t bother waiting because it won’t chip off, you’re just gonna have to remove it.

Again, this Nail Paint is Environmental-Friendly, & 100% Vegan, so there’s no need to worry about using a cruel product. They’ve got it sorted as well. I would recommend this Holographic Nail Polish to someone who has an interest in polishing their nails with a Rose Gold Shimmery Finish and chooses to only use a reliable and safe product.

But guess what, none of what’s written above made me press “Buy Now” but the fact that they offer a 100% free refund or exchange with any item of the same price from their collection with no additional cost, at all! How great is that huh?


  • Exceptional Quality
  • The Nail Polish doesn’t chip easily.
  • It has a Beautiful Rose Gold Shimmery Finish to it.
  • Looks Premium, & doesn’t harm the environment.
  • The company’s customer satisfaction-oriented policies are quite impressive


  • One has to put at least two coats of it for best results

3. ILNP MEGA - 100% PURE Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

So I put it right as soon as I was done applying my pink nail polish to see how it’ll look, considering it’s more of a grey-ish transparent shade, and I loved how after a single coat of applying it, the pink nail polish was partially visible, but it turned the combination into like a pink holographic nail polish. If you purchase this, try experimenting as I did.

For the record, as soon as I applied another coat, it completely dominated over the pink, and so I must say it’s fairly opaque. So if one applies a single coat of it on a nail with no pre-applied polish, they won’t have to put another coat. IT’S THAT OPAQUE! Really loved the exceptional look I could carry with the application of this nail polish. It ‘sCost-effective & yet gives such a premium feel!

I would also like to mention that just like the rest of the nail polishes, it also is environmentally-friendly & 100%, so things are very well taken care of here by the company.

Well, I mean, what can I say, it’s long-lasting, fast-drying, and above all, it has an intense holographic sparkle to it. Really recommend it to y’all!


  • It’s Long-lasting, Fast-Drying, and has a beautiful holographic sparkle.
  • Environmentally friendly & 100% vegan in making.
  • Highly Efficient. A single coat is beyond sufficient.
  • Looks premium and pairs well with other colored nail polishes on the bottom.


  • It’s more silvery and grayish rather than complete opalescent.

4. ILNP Birthday Suit - Cashmere Pink Holographic Nail Polish

I can’t emphasize this enough, ILNP has some of the best colored Holographic Nail paints in their collections, and just like most of their products on this list, Birthday Suit made me fall in love with this Glittery Nude Pink Shade! LIKE, WOW! That color is just so dreamy!

I appreciate how you don’t have to always pair this one with another nail paint, rather it’s got a standalone shade, so if you solely wear this, you’re gonna do great! Oh, & of course, it’s chip-resistant and 100% Vegan as well.

I love how they offer the same 100% free refund or exchange with any item of the same price from their collection at no additional cost. This product did captivate me with that offer, but gladly enough I preferred to keep this cutie into my own collection!

Let’s appreciate the fact that it lasts longer than sufficient. I applied about 3-4 coats of it and it lasted for 2 weeks, which is great for me. I would say it’s a value for money product.


  • Long-lasting, Chip Resistant, and 100% Vegan.
  • Looks Premium and has a standalone shade.
  • The company’s customer satisfaction-oriented policies are quite impressive.
  • Fairly Efficient & Long Lasting.


  • Doesn’t go well when coated over with other nail polish shades, it’s more of a standalone product.

5. ILNP Cityscape - TRUE Black Holographic Jelly Nail Polish

Okay, now this one was one of my favorite shades on this list cause if you’re a regular reader, YOU KNOW I’M OBSESSED WITH COLOR BLACK! It’s just so elegant, looks rich and fancy, YET ironically simple. That’s the kind of product I love. It has class, yet it looks soo basic. I literally wore it to work, parties, regular chores, etc, and it always seemed to match with my aesthetics.

What’s the best here, is that it’s Holographic + Black, which means even though it can’t be paired with other nail paint shades (or at least shouldn’t be), it’ll satisfy you just as much. I never felt like missing out or anything, in fact, this is my personal favorite among my collection of holographic nail paints.

Just like any other ILNP nail polishes, this one’s also 100% Vegan & Hypoallergenic. I mean, it just has everything that I wanted in a Holographic Nail Polish-especially with the remarkable black shade!

For the record, Cityscape, just like the rest of the products from ILNP, comes with the same 100% free refund or exchange with any item of the same price from their collection at no additional cost. HOW COOL IS THAT? I mean, sure the product is spectacular, but this offer made me wanna get it even more!


  • A Premium yet Sophisticated Black shade.
  • Chip Resistant.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • 100% Vegan & Environmental-Friendly


  • It’s not a one-coat wonder, but I’d let that slide

6. BORN PRETTY Chameleon Nail Polish Set

The set includes 4 different colors, each color has two tones, except for the black one. The first tone is a base black color and the rest give a chameleon effect, sparkle glitter shimmer effect, & a fantastic holo effect.

It can be used for both natural nail polish and artificial nail art design. When we apply black as a base color, the overall look of these effects just gets instantaneously enhanced, and I love that feeling. Black, but better!

All of our products are made of high-quality materials and the company provides a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all orders with a free refund or exchange with any item of the same price from their collection at no additional cost. Oh, & it’s also environmentally friendly and long-lasting. You’ve been given so many reasons why it’s a fabulous product!

I’d say considering the fact that this is a set, & yet it’s priced so reasonably, this one’s clearly a Value for Money Product and it’s safe to say that I recommend it to y’all.


  • Easy to use & easy to remove
  • Long-lasting
  • Multiple effects & choices in one purchase
  • Eco-friendly & cruelty-free
  • Value for Money


  • I couldn’t find any such cons to it

7. ILNP Aria - Sky Blue Ultra Holographic Nail Polish

ILNP Aria Sky Blue Ultra Holographic Nail Polish, Non-Toxic Nail Lacquer, is a sky blue nail polish that comes with an exceptional holographic finish. It has a high-quality formula that helps make the nails appear shiny and healthy.

The product also has long-wearing properties that do not chip or peel off easily. Additionally, this nail lacquer dries quickly and does not require multiple coats to get the best results.

I’m in absolute love with the Sky Blue Shade on this one, especially the fact that it’s genuinely, mind-blowingly vibrant. It also doesn’t need to get paired up with other color shades and is rather a standalone product.

This vegan nail lacquer also does not require a base or topcoat to achieve its full effect. This product can be removed easily with regular polish remover.

Oh, & it also comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all orders with a free refund or exchange with any item of the same price from their collection at no additional cost. It’s also environmentally friendly and long-lasting. What else could we ask for!


  • Exceptional Sky-Blue Shade
  • Amazingly Vibrant
  • Easy to Remove & Apply
  • Cruelty-Free


  • Has no cons to it in my opinion & experience.

8. Cirque Colors Holographic Nail Polish

Cirque Colors Holographic Nail Polish is a highly pigmented nail lacquer that applies evenly and dries quickly. This long-lasting nail polish is made of the highest quality ingredients which help it last longer than traditional nail polishes. 

Above all, It comes with 35 different colors & 2 Sets to choose from, so I ended up placing a gigantic order for SO MANY SHADES, I can’t even tell you guys, and they were all amazing. I’m still yet to try some of their colors though, but I loved them. The right color for every mood!

Made with love, each color features a unique holographic finish that will bring your nails to life. The formula is non-toxic and vegan, animal cruelty-free, & 10-free.

I loved how these nail paints just took over the top & went 100% Opaque in just 2 coats even if I had another color applied on my nails before. Hence, they’re very efficient and economical as well, so I got what I saw.


  • Non-toxic, Vegan, & Animal cruelty-free.
  • Opaque in 2 coats.
  • Feels really nice and looks stunning!
  • Comes with 35 different shades & 2 sets of Nail Paints to choose from!


  • Some shades looked a little dull, but then I got them replaced and now it’s all good!

9. Color Club Blue Heaven

Do you love the color blue too? Do you want to find a new nail polish that is perfect for your skin tone and can be worn with any outfit? Well, look no further! Color Club Blue Heaven Nail Lacquer is here.

This product is free from most of the common allergens. It also offers fashion colors that are available in over 250 shades. The Heavenly Blue shade has a Halo Effect which will make it stand out from other products on the market & make you feel like you’re in a literal paradise.

In my opinion, this is the perfect shade of blue apart from black for almost any occasion if I’m trying to look elegant and classy. I’ve tried over 15 shades by Color Club, & I can’t emphasize this enough, THEY’RE WONDERFUL!

I appreciate the Quality & making process of this product, especially the fact that it did wonders to my outfits. It also wasn’t hard to remove the polish off my nails! It feels awesome on my nails and makes me feel beautiful!


  • Cruelty-Free.
  • Free from most common allergens.
  • Made from high-quality components in the USA.
  • Up to 250 colors to choose from.


  • They’re not very long-lasting and might chip off faster than other nail paints on this list.

10. Freeorr 6 Colors Holographic Chameleon Nail Polish Set

Freeorr 6 Colors Holographic Chameleon Nail Polish Set is a gorgeous nail polish with 6 colors. This set can be used as a base coat or topcoat, and it can also be used as regular nail polish. Freeorr nail polish is easy to apply and clean.

It’s very durable, so you don’t need to worry about your nails chipping easily. Freeorr nail polish is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. I loved the Holographic effect on these ones!

This set includes 6 different glossy & vivid colors with a gorgeous luster and fascinating effect simultaneously. I don’t really know the color of each shade, but I can say I loved all of them.

Highly recommended if you like choices and wish to save some dollars collectively!


  • Gorgeous Luster.
  • 6 Colors.
  • Easy to Apply and Clean.
  • Cruelty-Free.
  • Also serves as a Perfect Gift.


  • All the shades are very similar to each other.


I hope this article has helped you to make an informed decision about selecting the right product for your needs.

Make sure that you read attentively and don’t overlook any details so that you can purchase a perfect product for yourself, a friend, a family member, colleague, customer, etc. Oh & before you leave, tell me, did you like the article?

Let me know in the comments below! Don’t be hesitant towards asking questions and be ready for my replies. Thank you for being a patient reader so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best holographic nail polish?

I’ve curated 12 of the best holographic nail polishes in my opinion, but now, I’d rather leave the final verdict to you, my beloved readers.

If you look closely, I’ve mentioned each product’s pros & cons, through which you can learn what elements were impressive about each product in my opinion and stuff I believed could be improved.

But if you really want me to give you a rough idea, the best holographic nail polishes are those that have a jelly-like finish, because it’s easier to create an even coat.

2. What is linear holo nail polish?

Linear holo nail polish is a type of holographic that reveals its full effect when in motion.

The beauty and elegance of this polish don’t show up on the nails unless you’re constantly moving it around, so if you want to experience something out-of-this-world, try linear holos!

What I absolutely love about Linear Holo Nail Polishes though, is the fact that they’re not as sensitive to the sun’s interference, so even if it gets too hot outside and your nails feel warm from all that sunlight, they’ll still look amazing.

3. Can you use holographic powder on dip nails?

I haven’t tried this, but I have heard that it can be done. There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube for how to apply the powder and make the nails look like they’re coated in stars or confetti – all you need is some patience with buffing out any rough edges.

4. Can you do holographic nails without gel?

Yes, you can do holographic nails without gel. All it takes is a good top coat and some patience because the layers of nail polish will need to dry in between coats.

When I’m trying out new nail polishes that are fresh on the market, this is usually my go-to technique. So if you’re wondering if this will work, the answer is yes.

But make sure your topcoat is good because it’s what will make the holographic effect happen. So yeah, it’s possible to do holographic nails without gel and I recommend you give it a try.

5. How do you get holographic nail powder to stick?

The powder will only stick if the surface is a little bit wet. This means that you’ll have to apply one thin coat of nail polish before putting on your holographic powders and don’t forget to seal in those pesky edges with a topcoat, because as I learned from experimentation, any rough edges can ruin the effect.

Keep in mind, you don’t want the dip nails to be too wet, because it’ll give you a less holographic effect.

In my experience of trying this out, I found it to be too easy so it’s safe to say for me that even you might find it an easy process and who knows, EVEN LOVE IT!

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