A Guide to Choose Best Blow Dryer for Curly and Natural Hairs

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Although everybody wants to be in the limelight flaunting their hairs but practically, it is not possible to bring out their beauty with the hair unless one uses the best blow dryers for curly hair. It may be party time, the critical interview or an exciting appointment looks, at first sight, matters most. The grooming for any occasion is imperfect without the best hairdo. 

The 10 Best Blow Dryers for Naturally Curly Hair - Buyer’s Guide

The beauty of the curls and the locks can be managed only using a hairdryer, and one should always use the right and the best ones to manage the looks. Look at the list of the best blow dryers to maintain the curly hairs and stay confident. 

1. Kaleep 1875w Negative Ionic Salon Blow Dryer

With low noise and fast-drying technology, the negative ions lock the cuticle of the hair if you want to have that trendy look with the curly hair. The hair gets evenly heated. Get the desired style with the help of the 3 attachments – diffuser, concentrator and the comb. The long power cord enables one to move effortlessly in front of the mirror.

The diffuser helping to manage the curls makes it the best hair dryer for curly hair. The design of this dryer is ergonomic and is easy to hold and operate. The motor of the dryer is powerful to take a long time load for managing curly hairs and do not overheat in quickly. The 2 speed and 3 heat settings incorporated in the dryer along with the button for a cool shot makes the hair look beautiful.


  • 3 attachments manage the curly hair to get the best look.
  • Long cord of the dryer helps for easy mobility.
  • The dryer is lightweight and quite effortless to handle.
  • It is an all-purpose hairdryer.


  • The settings sometimes lock up.

2. KIPOZI Lightweight 1875W Hair Dryer

While looking for a good blow dryer for natural hair, it is none other than this model. With 3 settings mode and 2 speeds of the motor, one can set the hair effortlessly to stay smooth and silky managing the locks and the curls throughout the day. With the nano-ionic technology used in this model of hair blower, it helps to have a streamlined airflow drying the hair from the roots without dampness.

The concentrator nozzle, along with the diffuser, helps to manage any type of hair stylishly. With removable air filters, this dryer can be used conveniently without any hassles. Being lighter in weight, and with a long cord, it is easy to control; it is best suited for the new users. The diffuser helps to dry curly hairs easily without compromising the voluminous look. The concentrator nozzle allows having a perfect directional flow of the air.


  • It is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The extended prongs of the diffuser can hold more hair. 
  • The cool shot button takes only 10 seconds. 
  • The noise level is low.


  • The speed settings sometimes malfunction. 

3. BaBylissPRO Nano Heavy Duty Titanium Hair Dryer

As one looks for a titanium blow dryer for natural hair that has speed, power with ergonomic design, then the search almost ends with this product. It is the most potent hair dryer/blower that runs on 2000 watts with three-speed and temperature settings. The more experienced one can work with any types of hair to bring them under control.

The heating level is consistent without any fluctuations. It comes with a stand so that the hands are free to shape up the hair in the much-needed style. The filters of the dryer are removable and easy to clean. The hairdryer comes with the concentrator nozzle to streamline the airflow. The hairs do not frizz and remain silky and smooth as it uses ionic technology. The cool shot arrangements cool the hair within seconds allowing no hot feel.


  • It dries the hair without overdoing keeping the shine.
  • The watt and the titanium technology works in unison.
  • Heats fasters, dries faster and cools faster.
  • The stand helps to manage hair without holding the dryer.
  • It is versatile to work with.


  • It comes with only one attachment.

  • There is no diffuser. 

4. MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer

If you are looking for far infrared technology best blow dryers for curly hair, then the MHU Professional Infrared Ionic Hair Dryer should be your choice. The far infrared technology prevents the hair from becoming overly dry or frizzy.

It uniformly bows the hot air to dry the strands from cortex keeping them healthy. It comes with the concentrator nozzle as well as a diffuser to shape up your hair precisely the way you want. This best hair dryer for natural hair has a removable filter at the rear end for cleaning and extending the life. Dry the curly hair keeping the volume intact. The power cord uses U.S ALCI standard safety plug to avoid short circuit. It is best for ones having extremely curly hairs. The long electrical cord of the dryers helps to increase its mobility.


  • It is a reliable product. 
  • Reaching the settings button is easy. 
  • The power cord is long and allows mobility.
  • It comes with the necessary attachment for curly hair. 


  • The diffuser falls from the dryer frequently. 

5. Panasonic EH-NA65-K Nanoe Hair Dryer

It is for the most quality-conscious user. The EH-NA-65–K can be termed as the best blow dryer for curly hair. It makes the hair vibrant and healthier, drying it with the specialized technology of drawing moisture from the air. The motor working on 1875 watts provides constant airflow regulating the heat with 2 speed and 3 heating settings.

The diffuser for curly hair and the concentrator nozzle makes the hair look voluminous. With a 360 rotating cap and 9 feet cord, this blow dyer gives maximum mobility while working with it. The diffuser in this dryer dries and defines the curls as per desire without overeating. There is a hanging loop for storage, and the filters can be removed for cleaning.


  • It comes with a unique hydrating technique.
  • Curly hairs do not get too dry. 
  • There is no frizz while using the blow dryer. 
  • The rotating cord cap prevents twisting of the electrical cord.
  • The design of the dryer, along with the attachments is unique.


  • Some burnt plastic smell comes out during use.
  • The dryer sometimes overheats. 

6. T3 – Cura Hair Dryer

If you are looking for really fast drying, then go for this model. With wide airflow then the T-3 Cura hair Dryer is the best blow dryer for natural hair.  It comes with a built-in ion generator that prevents the hairs from frizzing. There are 3 heat settings, cool shot button and 2-speed controls for perfect styling of the hair.

The blower includes styling concentrator and drying concentrator to give a vibrant and bouncy look. The styling concentrator allows better directional airflow at the required areas. The noise levels are quite low at different speeds. It comes with 2 years manufacturer warranty, and that is enough to speak for the quality. The heating of the blower is digitally controlled and protects the hair from overheating.


  • It is easy to use even with all the special attachments.
  • The cool shot button is conveniently placed.
  • The power cord is 9 feet and allows easy movements.
  • The drying concentrator evenly dries the hair keeping it voluminous.


  • The styling concentrator needs to be a bit narrow.

7. JINRI 1875W Professional Salon Hair Dryer

While looking for a blow dryer with comb for black hair, this product is the best. It has a salon-grade diffuser and works on advanced ion technology for having a bouncing shinning hair with all the smoothness. The diffuser is designed in such a manner that curly hairs can be dried and arranged without any frizz.

The infrared heat used by the dryer helps to dry curly hair fast. It can be controlled with 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings. The cool shot button allows locking the hairstyle almost instantly. The straightening comb, the concentrator nozzle and the diffuser provide for various types of hairdo with ease. With a long electric cord and protection cover, this JINRI hairdryer can be used without any tension. It is a dream object for users looking for a combo.  


  • The design of the diffuser is perfect for curly hairs.
  • The blower dries any type of curly hair quite fast.
  • The comb attachment allows having many hairstyles.
  • The temperature remains consistent. 


  • Heavy rollers. Not travel-friendly

8. DevaCurl DevaDryer

It is one of the best hair dryers for curly hair that works on ionic technology to dry the curly hair fast keeping the volume intact. It has 3 temperature settings and two-speed settings to dry the hair quickly without any frizz and make it smooth and bouncy.

The Devafuser in the shape of a hand is the diffuser which allows 360-degree airflow. Get the perfect hairstyles using the Devafuser diffuser and the blower. It is for the users who want to manage the hair for a long time. The angle of movement allows drying the hair from the roots. It works on a 1600 watt electric motor and is extremely lightweight. The metal plate is ceramic coated and enables to keep the natural moisture of the hair and the lustre.    


  • The hand-shaped diffuser is perfect for managing the curls.
  • It not only dries the hair but also adds volume and texture.
  • The motor is of 1600 watts and consumes less energy.
  • The noise level of the motor is much less. 
  • One can use it daily without any problem.


  • The settings get mixed sometimes.

9. Remington D3190A Damage Control Ceramic Hair Dryer

One of the attributes that everybody should look in a hairdryer is not to damage the hair due to overheating. This model from Remington can be used safely and not only a best hair dryer curly hair but also the best hair dryer for natural hair. It comes with 3 heat settings and works on micro conditioner technology.

The Tourmaline grills made from ceramic and ionic compounds are best to dry the hair fast without overheating or any frizz. The 2-speed settings allow having the required speed of the airflow. It is termed as the damage protection hair blower by the hairstyling enthusiasts. The concentrator and the diffuser work wonders to straighten or having the perfect curls at the right place. It is suited to get the best coverage. Use it if you care your hair most.


  • The hair does dry fast without overheating.
  • It has separate controls for heat and air.
  • The brush works magnificently.
  • Medium heat is enough to dry.
  • It is lightweight.


  • No such cons are found.

10. RUSK Engineering Super Freak Professional 2000 Watt Dryer

It is for people who are looking for a sturdy yet lightweight hairdryer. It is one of the best blow dryers for natural hair that works on a 2000 watt electric motor to dry he hair from the roots. It is for anyone looking for the waves and the curls keeping the hair look silky.

With infrared heat and negative ionic technology, it dries the strands fast without damaging them. It is a perfect hair dryer to add volume to the hair while drying and styling them. Even very thick hair can be managed efficiently by this hair blower.


  • With 2000 watts, the motor is powerful enough to dry thick hairs.
  • It is not at all weighty.
  • The negative ions vitalize the hair.
  • Static and frizz is eliminated as it works on infrared technology.
  • It can be used for making various hairstyles.


  • The price is on a bit higher side when compared with similar models.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to use a blow dryer diffuser?

The blow dryer diffuser is used to dry the hair. Attach the diffuser at the end of the blow dryer and turn it on with medium heat. Dry the hair from the roots tilting your head after holding the blow dryer at the desired location. Move your hand in a circular motion to avoid frizz. 

2) How to curl your hair with a blow dryer?

Comb your moist hair to detangle. Now take a long round comb and wrap the ends of the hair. Now, slowly heat the hair with hot air from the coming out of the blow dryer. Pull out the round object when the hair is curled and set. 

3) How to straighten your hair with a blow dryer?

Take a broad round boar brush and run through the wet hair to detangle. On the blow dryer and take a long round comb. Brush the hair downwards while applying hot air coming from the dryer. Continue till the ends and the strands of the hair become straight. 

4) What is a blow dryer diffuser?

Diffusers are attachments that clasp to the nozzle of the blow dryer to spread the hot air to a broader section. The airstream is spread on the hair in a controlled manner, and it is advantageous to maintain the curly hairs. They are used with low speed and low heat to keep the natural curls. 

5) How many watts does a blow dryer use?

The wattage of the blow dryer depends on the capacity and the model. Any good blow dryer can come in between 1600 to 2000 watts. The most preferred wattage of a blow dryer for use at home should be around 1800 watts to get the desired results. 

6) How does a blow dryer work?

The blow dryer works on using a heater and a fan compressed inside them. Cold air is sucked in and passed over the heater and blown out of the other end. The air gets hot after passing over the heater. It spreads on the hair in the manner of the attachments used at the end.

7) How to dry your hair without a blow dryer?

Wrap the moist hair with a towel. Make it look like a turban. After some time take off the towel and take a broad brush to comb your hair from the roots. Although the ends dry fast, the roots remain moist. Therefore, one should run the fingers through the hair while combing to make the hair dry, making a passage for evaporation. 

8) How hot does a hair dryer get?

There are temperature settings in all hair dryers. The air can be really hot and damage the hair if one is nor careful. Therefore one should use it properly else the hot hair can burn the hair. Many hair dryers shut down automatically when it is too hot. 

9) How to use a hair dryer to get rid of lice?

When the heated air from the hairdryer is applied on the scalp, it kills almost 96% of the lice and the eggs. One should repeatedly use the hairdryer continuously for at least for seven days to get rid of lice. The eggs die and do not hatch. 

10) How to remove hair from clothes in the dryer?

Heat the clothes with hot air from the dryer. Heat is for about 6 to seven minutes. Now, take the cloth and give it a strong jerk — the hairs on the fabric with fall free from the fabric.

11) How to bend plastic with hair dryer?

Plastic melts or changes shape after applying heat. So a thin sheet of plastic can be bent using hot air from a hairdryer applied continuously at a specific area. When the plastic is soft, one can easily bend it to give shape. 

Things to look before Buying Blow Dryer

The best method of drying the hair fast is using a hair drier. There are many makes and models of hair driers available, and one should buy them judiciously so that the hairs do not get damaged and the desired result is achieved. One should look for a few things before purchasing a blow dryer.

  • The power – It is one of the essential factors to look in a blow dryer. The wattage of the hair drier should not be low or too high. The average wattage of a blow dryer for home use should be around 1800 watts. Professionals can use the driers with high watts like 3600 so that the lean time is minimized. 
  • The technology – One should always look for a ceramic and tourmaline technology blow drier so that the heat is evenly spread and the hairs become smooth. 
  • The cool shot button – It is always best to buy a hairdryer with a cool shot button as it locks the hair immediately after it is set getting the desired style. 
  • The attachment – Buying a blower dryer with multiple accessories like the diffuser, the concentrator nozzle and the comb should always be preferred as they give extensive options for managing different qualities of hair. 
  • Heat and power controls – Buy a dryer blower that has multiple heat control and power control system so that the heat and the speed can be controlled while using it.  The control buttons should be placed on the blow dryer at a convenient place for use. 


Drying and styling the hair has been part of the life to look attractive. While there are options to get the best, one should always take advantage of the same and buy the best blow dryers for curly hair or natural hair. Looking attractive is not a sin, and when there is a way one should always take advantage of it. People always praise for stylish hair and using the blow dryers to dry and style them or to curl and get the perfect locks is the best option. Be attractive, look smart and feel confident using the best blow dryers.

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