A Guide to Choose the Best Airbrush For Home & Professional Use

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Airbrush painting has been able to create a great change in the dimension of fine art, illustration, and graphic designing. But it is a really daunting task to find out the best airbrush kits that would be good for both the beginners as well as the experts.

12 Best Airbrush Kit [ Expert's pick ] :

When you browse for airbrush kits on the internet, you will be absolutely confused to choose among the number of various options that you get to have. In order to save you from that kind of confusion today, our expert’s have reviewed 50+ top rated airbrush from beginner to expert level and then, brought best 12 among them so that you can make your choice without any regrets.

1. Iwata Eclipse Set with Hose Cleaner and Paint

Iwata Eclipse for Beginners & Experts

This equipment is one of the best airbrush that you can find which is multifaceted and of high potential so that you can have the precise detail for completing a number of purposes.

It is a gravity feed airbrush that comprises of 0.35 mm needle and collaboration of nozzle which give the outcome of fine detail. It has been designed by Brilliant professionals so that the cup size is efficient for the paint flow and you can have accuracy while spraying. It is one of the most useful tool that you can have in your kit, and it comprises of a bottle of paint cleaner as well as the user guide.


  • Easy painting technique.
  • Efficient paint flow.
  • It is breakage resistant because the needle is of high quality.
  • Long life and high durability.
  • All accessories available on unboxing.


  • The air compressor might be a little bit tough to handle.
  • It is not good for sandblast.

2. Harder & Steenbeck 2-in-1 Airbrush

Harder & Steenbeck infinity for professional

It is one of the best airbrush with an ample working mechanism because it comprises of a 0.15 mm socket type nozzle. Not only that the cups have been designed in a manner so that the spray paint can be done in a hassle-free manner.

It has been designed in an innovative manner and also has a flexible Trigger mechanism so that airbrushing is absolutely easy. The Air hose and the airbrush cleaning set comes with a warranty from the manufacturer so that the buyer can be assured while having this product.


● Precise and accurate spraying capability
● The cups are absolutely good accessories for painting
● The equipment is reliable and durable
● Warranty for quality given
● Portable and easy to use


● Sometimes due to overuse, it might have a clogging problem.
● It might not be compatible with every kind of air hose.

3. Iwata Medea Revolution CR Dual Action Airbrush

Iwata-Medea Revolution review

If you are looking for one of the most professional airbrush kits, then this is definitely the most suitable item that you can ever find. It is contemporary to the industry standards and has the potential for all levels.

Even though it is adjustable, it gives the top-notch services and efficient performance. Which can be used for general purpose for small and large projects so that you will be able to do any kind of works like Art and Craft Projects, nail art, temporary tattoos, automotive painting, and a lot more.


● High-quality airbrush
● Affordable rates
● Efficient for residential as well as commercial purposes
● Small and large projects can be handled
● Painting can be done with precision


● Air pressure adjustment can be a little bit tough even with airbrush compressor.
● The lubricant tube is small

4. Master Airbrush

Master airbrush for for Beginners & Experts

Master airbrush gives a master performance because of its double action technique. It comprises of a gravity fluid cup so that he will be able to paint even the intricate spaces and also wide patterns.

It has been designed to be absolutely user-friendly and versatile so that you can use it for your hobbies as well as profession. This airbrush is basically used for activities like arts and crafts, graphics, cake decorating, fine art, nail art, and a lot more. It is lightweight and portable, and you will be able to use it without any assistance. There is no chance of overheating as it turns off automatically.


● Automatic working mechanism
● Reliable and easy to use
● Long durability
● Inbuilt airbrush holder
● Low maintenance


● Not a ‘must have’ choice for the experts
● You will not be able to customize shoes with this product

5. Paasche H Set Single Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

Paasche H Set Single Action Gravity Feed Airbrush

This is an single action airbrush which comes with a Chrome plated body so that it has resistance to any kind of corrosion and is durable for a long period of time. This equipment helps the user to get the fine lining done along with wide patterns.

It is very easy to handle and you will not need any kind of assistance. Airbrush cleaning up is also very simple, and you will be able to do many kinds of crafts and other projects. Also, an interesting fact about this airbrush is that it is complete with accessories and it is good for beginners as well as the experts.


  • All kinds of the agent can be done with this single action airbrush.
  • Reliable and long duration.
  • It includes three head sizes for different painting pattern.
  • High-quality construction.
  • All accessories inclusive.


  • You will need to have an air compressor.
  • You need to adjust the airbrush according to your convenience.

6. Paasche Airbrush TG 3F Deflection Gravity

Paasche airbrush TG review

This is a double action internal mix airbrush with gravity feed Technology which has been constructed brilliantly. It comprises of accumulated body, and its handle is of anodized aluminum, therefore, making it highly durable.

Using this equipment is as simple as cleaning it, and it is constructed to handle any kind of water based paint. You will be able to do a number of activities with the help of this airbrush including graphic design, illustrations, nail art, tattoo art, etc. Unboxing you will get a 4-ounce cup, size 1 and size 3 sprayhead, fan aircap, wrenches, braided hose, etc.


  • Automatic and easy to handle (beginner friendly)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Good for residential as well as commercial projects
  • Constant paint release and easy to clean
  • Made in the USA with a good warranty


  • You need to find compatible fittings
  • Only water-based paint can be used

7. Badger 105 Patriot Fine Gravity Airbrush

This is one of the best airbrushes that you can find which is not only comfortable and trustworthy but also saves a lot of time and money at the same time. It has a spill-proof cap so that there will be no paint spelling and it provides very comfortable and easy use.

It has a number of accessories for comfortable use like needle and nozzle, and it makes painting the intricate designs easier. It can be operated simply, and you will be able to use a small amount of color to a great extent.


● Gravity feed dual action airbrush for efficient performance.
● Reliable and trustworthy equipment.
● Highly durable and easily maintained.
● American manufactured along with a warranty for repair and replacement.
● Easy instruction manual.


● The different air compressor will need different fitting and air pressure adjustment.
● It can be difficult to use with propellant cans.

8. Badger Airbrush Sotar 2020 2F

Badger Airbrush Sotar for professional

This is one of the best equipment that comes with a nozzle so that the air painting can be done in the most efficient manner. It comprises of low viscosity, and it is dual-action airbrush so that it is absolutely great for the beginners as well as the expert artists.

It can be maintained in a picture perfect manner, and it has the warranty on manufacturing defects so that there can be repaired and replaced. It gives clear pigmentation so that you will be able to do accurate paint it with any kind of materials. You can read here about best airbrush makeup kits.


  • Highly reliable and durable
    One of the best airbrush for beginners.
  • Warranty for Assurance of the Clients
  • Gravity feed dual action airbrush
  • Extended use without any maintenance issues


  • You might need assistance while using it
  • Assembling the equipment can be a little bit tough

9. Paasche Airbrush TG-3W Gravity Feed

Paasche Airbrush TG 3W Gravity Feed kit

This is one of the unique internal mix airbrush which is affordable and gives high-quality painting patterns. You will be able to make an intricate painting as well as White patterns with the help of this kind of airbrush.

It comprises a handle which includes a needle so that the painting release can be done with consistency. It comprises of three special fan aircap so that you can use it without any problems. It is completely packed in a wooden case so that it is easy to carry and you can transport it from one place to another.


  • Comes with a manufacturers warranty for repair and replacement.
  • Long durability.
  • Comes with a good instruction manual for beginners.
  • Detail and precision.
  • Intricate detailing.


  • Assembling device might take some assistance.
  • Cleaning it can be a problem.

10. Iwata custom micron B original airbrush

Iwata Custom Micron B Original Airbrush review

If you want to have one of the exceptional airbrushes, this is the perfect one which comprises of round Trigger. It is inclusive of the smallest needle and nozzle combination which is around 0.18mm so that you can get the painting done with absolute accuracy and have immense control over the equipment.

It is absolutely polished and created out of stainless steel so that is resistant to corrosion and you can have a detail in the painting. It has a micro lining spray pattern so that you will be able to make wide diagrams as well as integrated design.


● Highly durable and reliable
● Absolutely usable for beginners and the experts
● Corrosion resistant and strong construction
● Attention to detail Can be given


● It can take a little time to be assembled
● Sometimes the nozzle needs to be replaced

11. Badger airbrush company ultrafine air

Badger ultrafine airbrush

This airbrush has the most precise trigger control so that the tension can be easily restricted according to your convenience. It is absolutely economical, and it has been used for Greater comfort so that the finishing can be done with detail.

It is inclusive of an ultra-fine chrome airbrush and a color cup so that the spray paint can be regulated in the ideal manner. The trigger setting mode is easily controllable so that there can be accurate precision. A finger rest has been given in the equipment so that you can have great control over the grip.


● Attention to detail
● Warranty Assurance from the manufacturer
● Affordable for one and all
● Needs low maintenance
● Very precious painting can be done


● Assembling equipment can be a little bit tough
● It might not fit some of the hoses.

12. Complete professional airbrush system kit

Complete Professional Airbrush System Kit reviw

It is a very professional multifaceted airbrush which has multiple systems, so that will be able to paint integrated designing as well as wide patterns. It gives extreme customization and their control so that you can apply it whenever it is required and does work with detailing.

You’ll be able to do any kind of graphics work, illustration work as well as fine art with the help of this airbrush. You will be able to Spray paint very thin patterns along with wide edges without any issues at all. It is one of the complete equipment that you can find with comes with acrylic colors reducer and cleaners.


● Detail in work
● Professional and expertise work
● All accessories included
● Easy to maintain and long durability
● Every kind of pattern can be done


● Assembling it might take a little bit of trouble
● In the beginning, you might need assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can airbrush tools be used?

    The use of the airbrush tool is to spray different kinds of paint and ink oil which happens through a process known as nebulization. Spray painting is one of the best techniques which will help you in painting graphics and illustrations.

  • Suggest the working mechanism of the airbrush.

    Airbrush works on free technique because it is an air operated tool. It has a slider and a nozzle with airbrush compressor which helps in painting various kinds of designs.

  • Why do you need an airbrush?

    It can be used for various purposes like graphic designing, illustration, cartoon creation, and a lot more. You can use the best airbrush for beginners on various kinds of materials depending on the kind of paint that you need to use.

  • What is meant by dual-action airbrush?

    Dual-action airbrush is one of the equipment which has both push and pulls trigger control. It helps you in blending as well as reading the colors so that it is versatile and flexible to use.

  • Name the kind of paint which is best for airbrushing.

    One of the best paints that you should be using for airbrush is the acrylic colors which can be both oil based and water based. You can also use gel-based colors based on convenience.

  • How can water-based paint be thinned for airbrush?

    In order to thin water-based paint, all you have to do is to add half a cup of water on every gallon of paint and makes it throughout sleep so that the consistency can be absolutely perfect.

  • Can acrylic paint be used in an airbrush?

    Guess you will be able to use acrylic paint to airbrush, but you have to consider the medium on which will be using this paint. The acrylic paint can be Royal based on water-based depending on the medium of paint that you are using.

  • Can latex paint be used in an airbrush?

    You will be able to use latex paint in case of airbrush if the consistency is correct. Usually, latex paint is not suitable because it is thick and therefore there can be a problem. But if the thinning ratio is good enough, you will have no problem.

  • Can paint be mixed with water?

    If it is a water based paint, then you will definitely be able to mix it with water. Just make sure that the consistency is good enough so that you will be able to use it in the airbrush and bring the desired effect.

  • What is the need for thinning paint for spraying?

    If you want to Spray paint with the help of airbrush, then you need to understand the consistency of the paint. It is not necessary to thin the paint until and unless it is getting clogged in the nozzle.

  • What do you mean by airbrushing a photo?

    Airbrushing a photograph means using an airbrush in order to create the effect and increase the attractiveness so that you will be able to cover any unwanted part. You’ll be able to obscure an image using an airbrush.

  • Define airbrush tattoo?

    Airbrush tattoos are what kind of art that is made with the help of Spray paint. It is not a permanent solution, and it can stay up to 14 days in total.

  • Name the different applications of airbrush?

    Both double action or single action airbrush can be used for different kinds of paint application with respect to the requirement. Most of the best airbrushes for beginners are quite handy to use for even newbie users for home usage.

  • How to choose the best airbrush?

    In order to choose the airbrush, read about the user manual and choose specifically on the medium that you are going to use. Also, you have to choose the airbrush kit depending on the kind of paint that you will be using. Choosing an airbrush also depends on you usage level as beginner or expert.

  • What is the appropriate airbrush for fine detailing?

    One of the best airbrush for fine detailing are introduced by Iwata, Paasche, etc. Paasche single action airbrush is most appropriate for this work.

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