A Guide to Choose Best Airbrush Foundation for Personal & Professional Use

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At this time, one of the essential parts society sets its eyes on is the appearance of a person. The one thing that is noticed at first is face. We tend to keep it flawless and beautiful. We use makeup to make our face and body look flawless. But, the standard makeup brush can be exhausting to use after some time. So, the best alternative to this can be an airbrush. For a flawless look, right combination of airbrush with airbrush foundation is essential.

Top 10 Best Airbrush Foundations [Complete List]:

It does not matter whether you are an professional makeup artist or someone doing makeup at your home. You will love foundations because of the final result these bring at your face. Here is our list of the best airbrush foundation to help you make a better purchase.

1. Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation by Sephora

When it comes to the best airbrush foundations, this product has to make it on the topmost row. It always promises you good looks and the smooth makeup finish. Now, the company has come up with the Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. This makes up the foundation has a great formula.

It has a healthy combination of light and non-greasy texture. This foundation, when applied through an airbrush, blends evenly and correctly with the skin. It gives a glow like silk to the surface. This airbrush foundation is said to last up to 10 hours. And when it is said to have the best formula, you have to believe it. It causes no harm to your skin as it does not contain any chemicals such as paraben, phthalate, sulfates, and it is entirely comedogenic. You can get this airbrush foundation in various shades for you to choose from.


  • Has a non-cakey formula 
  • Has no chemicals in it
  • Goes on oily and dry skin. 
  • It has a long-lasting formula.
  • Blends with skin evenly.


  • Best results, only for those who have right airbrush makeup kits with them.
  • It does not blend well when used with sponges and fingers. 

2. HD Airbrush Makeup by MAC

MAC has always been one of the most trusted manufacturers of airbrush makeup kits. Whenever there is a need for makeup, half of us choose MAC. And there is no reason not to love this company. And when it comes to the best airbrush foundation, MAC has topped the list. It has an entirely non-greasy formula and is exceptionally soft.

The foundation spreads smoothly and evenly on the skin. MAC offers several shades for you to pick from. For those who have light skin tone to the ones having darker tones, MAC has all in store for your foundation needs. The product has excellent skin revitalizing elements. The product has a silicon-based formula. This product is specially made for the HD media. It blends perfectly with the face and body. It is available at a fair price than any airbrush foundation in the market. Here are some pros and cons of these products.  


  • Lasts all day long. 
  • This gives out a flawless natural finish. 
  • Only a little portion is enough. 
  • It plays a significant role while layering. 


  • It can be tough to re-blend the foundation.
  • It can sometimes get a bit flaky.

3. TRU Airbrush Makeup Mineral Foundation

TRU Airbrush makeup mineral foundation is an Ultra Healthy True Mineral Airbrush Makeup. This has to be on the list when talking about the best makeup foundation. This is made in the US. It gives you an 18 hours coverage. As this is a mineral-based airbrush foundation, you can see the glow and the natural-looking radiance after applying.

It promises you long-lasting wear, and you can now wave goodbye to routine touch-ups. It covers all the spots and dark circles. This product is available in 4 skin tone shades. It is known as one of the most smooth and silky makeup in the market. The product is an entirely non-comedogenic product. Thus, it does not clog your pores; instead allows them to breathe through micro-fine dots.
It is a hypoallergenic product. It has skin-tightening and has benefits with longevity. This product is known to give you a natural look. The four shades available are – Caramel, Chestnut, Cinnamon, and Praline. Here are some pros and cons to help you out –


  • Mineral-based foundation.
  • Suits with all skin types.
  • Allergy and rashes free. 
  • Tested by dermatologists. 
  • It gives full and natural coverage.


  • No such cons to be found.

4. Luminess Air Airbrush Dewy Finish Ultra Foundation

If you are looking for an ideal daily wear airbrush foundation, then your search comes to an end with the Luminess Air Airbrush Dewy Finish Ultra Foundation. It is tested & approved by dermatologists & ophthalmologists. The foundation is water-based and does not consist of any noncomedogenic, which guarantees you with no blockage of pores.

Thus, your skin can breathe freely. The product is hypoallergenic. It is even best for sensitive skin types. Luminess Airbrush Foundation is proven to give you an extended-lasting 18 hours coverage. It covers acne, acne marks, spots, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. The product is oils, fragrance, paraben, and alcohol-free, perfect for daily use. 

This airbrush foundation is animal-cruelty free; in simpler words, it is not tested upon animals. You can choose your look; it can be either build-able or breathable you do light makeup or a full coverage one. It has 12 different shades and three different bases. The three airbrush foundations are – Luminess air Silk, Luminess air Ultra and Luminess air Matte. The different shades are – Bloom, Buff, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coffee, Expresso, Fawn, Golden Beige, Java, Porcelain, and Sun Kissed. 


  • Light and natural.
  • A small amount of paraben is required for full coverage.
  • Suits on sensitive skin types.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not well suited for oily skin type.

5. Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Foundation

Art of Air is another best airbrush foundation for daily wear. You can use these mineral-based makeup as your everyday wear makeup. This airbrush foundation is paraben and pesticides free. There is no added oil or fragrance in this product. This is the best option for long-wear makeup. It does not make a face look cakey.

It is light wear makeup. The products evenly spread on the skin with a smooth texture. You can use this product with just a single spray. The smooth mist texture gives the skin glowing and natural finish. As the foundation is hypoallergenic, it is best for all skin types including sensitive skins too.

You can apply Art of air foundation with a regular brush instead of an airbrush. It covers all the spots, flaws, and uneven skin tone to give you a natural and flawless skin. It is dermatologically tested. All the 14 shades that it comes in are – Movie Star, Buff Beige, Caramel, Dark Olive, Ebony, Golden Olive, Honey, Light Cocoa, Medium Cocoa, Mocha, Sand, Suntan Glow, Tawny Beige and Warm Beige.


  • Good for sensitive skin. 
  • 24hrs stay. 
  • Full, light and natural 


  • Not perfectly waterproof
  • Can turn chalky if a small amount is not used. 

6. Dinair Airbrush Makeup Foundation

This product is best suited for full coverage. It is not much weight on the skin. The makeup gives a 24 hours coverage to the skin. It lasts the whole day and is waterproof as well as smudge-proof. It camouflages your skin imperfection, scars, and blemishes but also covers tattoos and acne as well.

If you are looking for a day to day, wear an airbrush foundation, then this is another excellent option for you. The solution of the product is paraben, fragrance, oil, and silicone-free. It is far more long-lasting when you use it without a moisturizer. It spreads on the skin evenly and smoothly in seconds. It covers the hyperpigmented areas and gives a natural look to your skin. The product provides a matte finish.

This product is non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic. The 19 shades it is available in are – Alabaster, Bronze, Cocoa, Dark Almond, Dark Brown, Dark Golden Beige, Dark Olive, Egyptian Bronze, Golden Olive, Golden Tan, Honey Beige, Light Golden Beige, Medium Brown, Natural Beige, Nutmeg, Olive Beige, Soft Brown, Tawny, and Vanilla.


  • Full but natural coverage
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • 24 hrs stay
  • Waterproof


  • None as such. 

7. Temptu Pro Silicon Based Foundation

If you are looking for a long-lasting airbrush foundation, then this can be an excellent option for you. It is a silicon-based foundation promising you a long-term stay. The foundation is oil and comedogenic free. Thus, if you wear looking for a breathable foundation, then this is it. It even has a hypoallergenic base.

It blends with your skin tone well. You can use this product for light, as well as full coverage. There are many shades available in this foundation. The product has excellent formulation; just as soon you spray this makeup on your face, it will quickly dry off. For this feature, it saves you from smudging and any breakdowns.

This is the best makeup to be worn during the summer season. The foundation has some shimmer blend in it. It makes a face look a bit shimmery. This is available in 22 shades. Some of the shades are – Porcelain, Ivory, Sand, Pure Beige, Toffee, Golden Honey, Clay, Natural mocha, and much more.


  • Full yet natural coverage. 
  • A small amount is enough.
  • Twenty-four hours stay.
  • Water Proof 
  • Paraben, alcohol, and oil-free


  • Thick Texture
  • Any touch of water, after applying the foundation, can make it cakey or wear away.
  • It has a bit of shimmer.

8. Photo Finish professional airbrush foundation

This is another mineral-based foundation that gives a good looking skin. This is the best combo you can get in an airbrush foundation.
It makes your skin look good as well as makes sure it stays healthy. The formula of this foundation is paraben, alcohol, fra, and oil-free. The product does not have any harsh chemicals as such.

You can wear this makeup all the seasons. With longevity, it has some great features, such as being water and smudge-proof. The makeup evenly spreads over the face covering all the uneven skin tone, spots, blemishes, and acne. You are not going to experience any fall-out as this is an all-day long-wear makeup. It is also very light on the which helps it to breathe.

This is a cruelty-free product. The formulation of this product is completely hypoallergenic. If you feel that the solution is too thick, then you can add a bit of water in it. The proportion can be one drop water for one drop of foundation. The nine shades it is available in are Dark brown adjustor, Fairly light, Fairly medium, Golden, Golden tan, Light Tan, Medium, Medium Beige, and Medium Tan. 


  • Suits on sensitive skin.
  • Full yet natural coverage.
  • Small amount enough for full coverage. 
  • Twenty-four hours stay.


  • It can be a bit thick in texture.

9. Belloccio’s Professional Airbrush Makeup foundation

If you want a foundation that sits on your face evenly. It provides complete coverage to the skin. It covers all kinds of imperfection, spots, blockage, and acne.
It has hypoallergenic that formulation that does not close pores. Thus, your skin can breathe properly.
The foundation gives you a natural glow even with full coverage.

The foundation is extremely easy to use. This foundation can give you a flawless look. It can easily cover your blemishes and other spots. It is an entirely water based foundation that helps you get natural beauty. The foundation is entirely affordable. This foundation is available in a wide range of shades. It is suitable for all types and skin tones. This foundation gives you ready to look in just a few minutes.

The 17 shades of available are – Alabaster, Beige, Blanc, Buff, Cappuccino, Cocoa, Deep Ebony, Ebony- Dark, Espresso- Dark, Golden Tan, Hazelnut, Honey Beige, Peachy Undertones, Ivory-, Java, Latte, Mocha, and Vanilla. 


  • Full yet natural coverage. 
  • Long stay.
  • A small amount is enough for full coverage.
  • Easy to apply and fast to dry.
  • Goes with sensitive skin.


  • Might seem to be a little thick in texture. 

10. Glamaire Airbrush Foundation By Graftobian

Are you in search of airbrush foundations that has the best formulation, then Glamaire Airbrush Foundation By Graftobian can be the one for you? It has the best combination of natural results, even in full coverage. This foundation is known to give a shiny and smooth texture.

This product lasts long. The foundation blends into the skin without any extra effort and provides you with smooth skin. The base of the foundation is seamless. Now you do not have to visit the bathroom multiple times a day for a touch-up. This foundation lasts for long hours without any touch-up.

The foundation fully covers your skin and also keeps your skin healthy. It does not have any alcohol, paraben, and oil. The foundation is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. It does not cause any allergy on the skin and also lets your skin breathe by not covering and pores.


  • Best for sensitive skin.
  • Smudge free.


  • No cons found. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to dilute the foundation for airbrush?

If you feel that your foundation has a thick texture that does work well with your airbrush, then you can dilute it or thin it a bit. You can use the water. You can add some drops of water to your foundation. You can even use a moisturizer. Just add a few drops of your everyday moisturizer to the foundation, and it is good to go.

Q2. How to turn a regular foundation in the airbrush foundation?

Buying an airbrush foundation can be a bit expensive sometimes. So, if the thought of turning your regular foundation into an airbrush foundation has ever crossed your mind, then it is the time to bring it to reality. You can easily use a few drops of airbrush makeup thinner, moisturizer, or water to turn the regular foundation into an airbrush foundation. It will work fine for your skin type too.

Q3. How to apply the airbrush foundations?

You have to clean and then, dry your face first. You can use a moisturizer if you want. Then allow it to dry completely. Then set the compressor to medium or low and shake the bottle of foundation. Test the spray quality on the back of your hand. Keep the foundation airbrush 6-12 inches away from the face. And start spraying with a circular motion. It is better to avoid applying in layers.

Q4. How to thin foundation for airbrush?

If you ever feel that the texture of your foundation is too thick, you can quickly thin that foundation. You do not have to worry. You can easily add some drops of moisturizer or airbrush makeup thinner to thin the solution a bit. Even plain water will work just fine. You can also use your regular foundation for the airbrush. You would need to thin the foundation with moisturizer or water.

Things to Check for Before Buying Airbrush Foundations

One of the best and most wanted professional makeup product is the airbrush foundation. This has a demand in the markets worldwide. But, there are something that you must keep in mind before purchasing any airbrush foundation. People mainly opt for two features in a makeup foundation – the texture and the finish.


When it comes to finishes, there is mostly three kind of finishes – dewy finish, matte finish and satin finish. Dewy finish will leave a shiny feel, silk gives you a completely natural look, and matte finish gives a dry effect on the face. If you have oily skin, you can opt for a matte or satin type. If you have a combination or dry skin types, you can use satin or dewy.  


Depending on what kind of coverage you want full, medium, or light, you can choose the texture. For complete coverage, you can opt for a thick texture foundation. If you wish to light coverage, use a thin texture foundation.


Whenever you are thinking of buying a foundation, you must consider knowing your skin color first. This is the initial thing that should come to notice. Choose a company that provides you with numerous color options for you to choose from. This will give you a more comprehensive view and will help you make a better choice.  


When you are about to buy an airbrush foundation, check whether it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Buy a product that promises to not result in allergies and rashes. When a product is non-comedogenic, it does not cover the pores. 

It lets your skin breathe. Also, check if the makeup is mineral and water based. This helps to give you a lightweight powder. Check whether it is alcohol, oil, fragrance, and paraben-free. It is also better if you choose a smudge-free as well as waterproof makeup. Or there will be chances of your makeup to fall out when it comes in contact with water.

Convenience with Airbrush

You can also check the texture of the foundation and which foundation is far more accessible to apply than the others. However, you must not forget that you will be using it through an airbrush, so the texture is essential here. However, if you find a good foundation with a thick texture, you can go ahead and buy it. It might be challenging to use a thick textured foundation, but you can always dilute the foundation with few drops of water, moisturizer, or airbrush thinner. 


Lastly, the thing that helps the most is to check the ratings and reviews of the product. It helps to understand how the product is. The experience of other people helps you a lot in finding the right product, and there is no way anyone can deny it.


Buying the best airbrush foundation can be a tough job. But if you follow the guide thoroughly, it can be just as easy as a walk in the park. The airbrush foundation mentioned above is among the best. They are best to cover all the uneven skin tone, spots, acne, and some are even used to cover tattoos.

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