Benefits of Beetroot Juice for Whitening & Glowing Skin

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In this age of immense pollution, where dust and smoke are taking a toll on the lives of people, it has become quite difficult for people to take good care of their skin. Not only this, but the stress and busy lifestyle of people are also adding to it. 


It is a difficult task to keep one’s skin fair and glowing. Most people suffer from skin problems like acne, dull and patchy skin, and so on. While cosmetics are a quick solution to such issues, the effects thus gained are not very long-lasting.


Moreover, cosmetics contain chemicals that eventually affect the skin in the long run. Therefore, the ideal solution to keep your skin in good condition is to opt for natural and organic skincare options. 


Out of the several options available, beetroot deserves a notable choice. Being extremely rich in nutrients and antioxidants, red beet juice benefits can provide your skin with nourishment and keep it healthy and glowing. 

Benefits of Beetroot Juice for Skin

How Does Beetroot Help to Get A Glowing Skin?


There are numerous cosmetic uses of beetroot. Although beetroot is used as an ingredient in cosmetics, it is also highly beneficial when added to one’s diet. Beetroot juice for skin is known to be very rich in minerals, iron, calcium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A. If one drinks beetroot juice every day, he can witness many health benefits. 


For instance, drinking beetroot juice can help to lower the levels of blood pressure, cure arthritis, fight anaemia, and so on. It also helps to cure patches on the skin, pimples, and acne. 


Beetroot juice helps to flush out the toxins and purifies the blood. This makes the skin glowing and keeps it soft, moisturized, and supple. Many people, who do not like the taste of beetroot, choose to mix it with carrot juice or apple juice to change the flavour.

How Can You Use Beetroot on Skin?


Beetroot is a great option when it comes to curing acne, pimples, dark patches on the skin, and so on. Beetroot is highly rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for being able to reduce pigmentation effectively. It also helps in the evening of the skin tone. 


Therefore, if you are done trying all the chemical ingredients for getting rid of acne, try beetroot. You can make a face mask by mixing beetroot juice with yogurt. Mix beetroot juice and yogurt in a 2:1 ratio, apply the mixture on your face and leave it on to dry. 


After the mask has dried, rinse it off with warm water and massage your skin gently. This process will not only help you to get rid of pimples and acne, but will also leave your skin glowing, and reduce the scars.

What Benefits Does Beetroot Have on Skin?

Beetroot For Whitening Skin

There are some amazing ways in which beetroot is just awesome for our skin. Stated below are seven essential reasons as to why beetroot is highly recommended for anyone who is having skin problems.

1. The juice of beetroot helps to fight pimples and acne: If your skin is oily and you are tired of pimples and acne, then beetroot juice is precisely what you need. Beetroot has properties that help to enhance the beauty of the skin. Sipping a glass of beetroot liquid is extremely helpful.


2. Get glowing skin: The benefits of consuming beetroot juice are numerous. It does not only work on the surface of the skin but from within too. Drinking a glass of beetroot juice works wonders on the skin because it purifies the blood by eliminating the toxins. 


This, in turn, leaves you with glowing and healthy skin. Rubbing in the juice over the skin aids in getting rid of dead cells. As a result, your skin becomes soft and graceful. 


3. You can have a fairer skin: You can also use beetroot for skin whitening. If you want your skin tone to lighten, but you are not ready to commit yourself to harmful chemicals, you can try beetroot. 


For this, you will have to mix lemon juice and beetroot juice in equal parts and apply the mixture on your face before you go to bed. Wash your face after fifteen minutes. You can happily see the result even after such a small time.


4. No more blemishes, dark circles, and dark spots: With beetroot juice, you can bid farewell to all your skin problems for good. You can apply the beetroot juice to the blemishes and dark spots in your skin. 


You can also use it under your eye circles. After a prolonged period of usage, you will notice that the places will start to get lighter. 


5. The juice is excellent for your lips: Did you know that dabbing beetroot juice on your lips every night before going to bed could give you pink, soft lips?


6. Beetroot juice prevents drying of skin: beetroot can keep your skin from drying. For this, you need to make a face mask by mixing milk, honey, and beetroot juice. Apply the mask on your face, and you will notice as your skin will keep growing supple, soft, and moisturized.


7. Beetroot extract helps to sustain skin suppleness: Sipping a glass of beetroot juice helps to maintain the flexibility of the skin. Thus, you can remain assured that your wrinkles and fine lines will appear much later.


How to Use Beetroot for Skin Repair?

As already mentioned earlier, beetroot juice can help you to prevent early aging and the appearance of wrinkles. You will have to peel the beetroots and chop them finely. After that, blend the beetroot into a fine paste. Straining the mixture will help to separate the juice and the pulp. 


Once it is ready, you must dip a cotton ball inside the juice and then dab it gently over the affected parts of your face. After you are done applying the juice, rinse it off with warm water, and wash your face with a face wash. 


Beetroot is known to contain large amounts of antioxidants, thereby helping our skin to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles.

Different Ways in Which Beetroot can Be Used

Beetroot Juice For Glowing Skin

Beetroot can be used in different ways. Stated below are some of them:

1. Beetroot and lemon juice: When it comes to skin whitening, beetroot juice offers benefits much better than many whitening creams that are available in the market. 


To prepare the mask, you will have to mix beetroot and lemon juice in equal quantities and apply the mixture as a toner. Rinse the mask off after fifteen minutes. You will witness significant results if you use it regularly.


2. Beetroot and clay mask: You can also mix the juice of beetroot with a clay mask to prepare a face pack. This will not only give you the benefits of a clay mask but will also let you enjoy the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidizing properties of beetroot juice. 


As a result, you can quickly get rid of pimples and acne. This face pack will also help you to reduce blemishes and make them disappear gradually.


3. Beetroot, milk, and honey: Milk and honey have a moisturizing effect on the skin during the dry and cold winter months. Adding a few drops of beetroot juice to milk and honey automatically accentuates the impact of it and amplifies the moisturizing property of the face pack.


4. Pink lips with beetroot juice: What if you would not have to apply pink lipstick if you wanted to get luscious lips? Well, beetroot juice can help you achieve your goal. 


All you must do is dab a little bit of beetroot juice over your lips and leave it overnight. The beetroot juice helps to reduce pigmentation and thereby and to enable one to bring out the natural redness of lips.


5. Beetroot and carrot juice: Applying a face pack made of beetroot and carrot juice on the face can help an individual to have naturally rosy and pink cheeks. 

Amazing how beetroot juice can work wonders on your skin and help you to bring out the best in you without having to seek the assistance of chemicals. 

The otherwise ordinary-looking vegetable is quite extraordinary in terms of its usefulness. It hides within itself many health and beauty secrets, which can help you achieve the best look. 

Beetroot is a must-have in everyone’s beauty repertoire. You can either consume beetroot raw in a salad or have beetroot juice. 

No matter what you do, make beetroot a part of your everyday diet to stay in the pink of your health! There is no second option when it comes to choosing beetroot juice for glowing skin.

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