Airbrush Tan vs Spray Tan – Which Method is Right for You?

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It’s that time of year again. The weather is getting warmer and everyone wants to be out in the sun soaking up some vitamin D.

But if you’re like me, you know that a proper tan can make your skin look healthy and give your complexion a nice glow.

Airbrush tans are all the rage these days because they are more natural-looking than spray tans, but which one should you go with? Well, we’ll compare every aspect of airbrush tan and spray and see which one is good for you.

Airbrush Tan vs Spray Tan Which One is Good

Airbrush Tan vs Spray Tan: Is there any Difference Between Them?

Recently we have found a lot of common misconceptions about tanning and what it is, that people still think that spray-on tans are the same as using an airbrush, which they’re not. 

Let’s settle this once and for all.

Airbrush Tan

Airbrush tanning is a process in which an air-based sprayer applies the tanning solution to your skin layer by layer.[1]

The machine sprays and blends, creating a natural-looking bronze that will last for five or six days without rubbing off on clothes or sheets. 

Airbrush tan contains a harmless DHA, which causes a safe and natural browning reaction in your upper layers.

Airbrush spray tanning is extremely effective because a technician can correct and perfect any mistakes by touching up and evening out the tan on any skin areas that need it.

They’re also great for areas where you may have more skin or where the sun is stronger, like your thigh and abs.

Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a process in which an artificial tanner sprays the solution onto your skin.

The spraying creates airbrush-like effects that are typically accompanied by streaks of color or different colors on certain areas of the body, such as hands and feet.

They may also have an uneven tone because these tanners are not blended by a brush. The beauty of the spray tan is that it can be applied in a matter of minutes. This usually depends on how much coverage you want.

The application process has been popular because they are easy to apply and there is no mess or dripping involved when applying Spray Tan.

1. Airbrush Tan Won’t Reach Concealed Areas of Your Body

The most noticeable difference between airbrush tanning and spray tanning is the fact that an airbrush tan doesn’t reach hard-to-spot areas on your body when it’s applied in a booth.

This is because the airbrushes (or more commonly known as two fingers) are usually used to paint on small dots meaning that your armpits and inner thighs might remain super white.

2. Spray Tan Won’t Contour to Your Body

If you need more Tan on your legs than your back, a spray tan won’t cover this. A qualified airbrush tanner will be able to assess your needs and apply accordingly.

Meanwhile, Airbrush has been designed to work in a smooth motion, meaning that it will contour your body shape more easily.

Though both airbrushing and spraying offer great benefits, it may be less work to replace a spray tan with an airbrush for a more even appearance.

If you are looking to save time, an airbrush will probably be your best bet. If you’re on a budget or want more natural-looking results, then spray tans might suit you better.

Since both airbrushing and spraying offer great benefits, it may be less work to replace a spray tan with an airbrush for a more even appearance. If you are looking to save time, an airbrush will probably be your best bet.

Safe Sunless Tanning

Safe sunless tanning is the best way to achieve a bronze glow without risking sun damage or skin cancer.

If you want an even tan that will last for more than 7 days, go with an airbrush tan instead. You may also choose a spray-on self-tanner because it’s cheaper and is found in drugstores and beauty supply stores.


Regardless of what method you choose, make sure that you know your body type and skin tone so that you get the most out of your treatment. Spray tan may work on some people but fail on others.

You don’t want to end up with orange-looking legs, do you? It’s important to find the right solution that will look natural and blend well with your skin tone and texture.

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of a spray tan, an airbrush is probably your best option. An airbrush can also give you the best results when it comes to price since they are not as expensive as spray tans.

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