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Benefit Gimme Brow brow-volumising fibre gel

Wearing my Saras Secret necklace | Topshop Ohh La La lipstick

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow "brow volumising" fibre gel*, £17.50
(available in two shades). Available online and on counters now

When it comes to brows, I have always been a little tentative when it comes to exaggerating them to follow suit with the bushy brow trend and believe less is more, for me. I love a heavily defined brow as much as the next person but on me I don't think I really suit them or am clearly not cool enough to pull them off. Therefore I have always stayed clear of brow kits that offer you a flat angled brush, powder or tinted wax as however lightly I apply the product, it always seems a little too cakey and heavy for my liking. Give me a tinted brow gel however and I am as happy as larry. I like to comb and groom my brows and add a little bit of colour and density without manicuring them to the nth degree and making them too perfect?! So you can understand why I was so excited to try Benefit's new brow product which is a dinky fibre gel with a mascara-esque wand applicator that gives your brows a natural makeover! Perfect.

Benefit's Gimme Brow makes brows magically appear; from skimpy brow to wow brow with a quick stroke of the brush. The brush-on fibre gel adheres to skin and hair so helps you create a shape and fill in any sparse areas whilst forming a perfect arch and an uniform shade all through your brow to add fullness and definition. I absolutely love this product and find that I can use either shade (light/medium or medium/deep) to brush my brows into shape, fill in the gaps and add a natural colour which is incredibly long-wearing and doesn't budge. Ever. Unlike some of the brow waxes and powders I've tried, this seriously doesn't move and because the brush is tapered and so tiny, it gives you the freedom to manicure the thinnest of brows and give them the perfect shape.

Are you keen to try this product and take your brows from skimpy to wow in an instant?


Katie Ivatt said...

Looks really good and defined on you, totally agree about the not a fan of over dramatic eyebrows point, give me a natural shaped cute brow anyday, thought do wish i could pull off the cara brow. Really lovely review will defo be making a purchase!
xxxxxxx katie

Shereeeen ♥ said...

I definitely agree that less is more. I don't fill in my eyebrows (I just get them threaded) but I've heard so many greta reviews on this product that I'm actually considering trying it out :)


Leanne Webber said...

Ugh I just want it so badly!
Looks excellent on you.
I'm lusting over this and the High Brow.
Great post!

nailsandteapots xx

Erin M said...

I love this brow product too! Definitely worth trying!

Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

Nicole Brooks said...

I need this! Thanks for the review! I also love your necklace!

Chantalle said...

This such a great product, love this stuff!

Chantalle x

Lucy said...

I haven't seen this product, I normally use a pencil and brush to darken my eyebrows but this looks like a great product. I will have to try it Lucy

melissa z said...

this looks so natural it looks great , i must try this as my eyebrows could do with the help :)
Melissa | TheInkedBlonde

Kathleen D said...

I really need to invest in this, I've been wanting it for ages and eye shadow just doesn't have the same effect!

Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

Emma Irving said...

This looks so good and easy to use! may have to purchase it xx

Emma from

India-Robyn said...

Mine is coming in the post today! so excited :D

The Jewel Beauty Blog - A friendly Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

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Zazie Bibi said...

This sounds lovely, but i wish they had a lighter shade xx

A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

MD said...

Just like you, I don't like my brows to look to intense but I still want them to look defined and groomed! I've heard so many good reviews about this product so I think its time I give it a try!


bethanie jones said...

I definitely need to give this a try!
It looks fab on you!


Megan said...

So interested to try this, I hope if I go to a counter they will let me try it without buying!!

Abby Connigale said...

Heard soo many good reviews on this, sounds right up my street! xx

Abby |

Lace Lovexo said...

i love your blog, i always look forward to your posts! Im so keen to try this, i just recently did my brows for the first time at benefit bar and they put this on for me! I think i will go and pick it up after your review xx
Dani xo

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