Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Givenchy le Prisme Visage in Acoustic Pastel


Givenchy Le Prisme Visage in Acoustic Pastel No.88
(£32.50) available from Harrods

One of Givenchy's sunnier products from their Autumn Winter '12 collection is the ridiculously pretty face powder, le Prisme Visage* in the shade Acoustic Pastel. This was my first venture into Givenchy's beauty line so I was really keen to see what I thought of their products and whether they justify the mighty price tag. Le Prisme Visage is a translucent powder that creates a delicate veil on the skin; a barely there coverage that illuminates and 'mattifies' the skin with soft tones of rose and beige. Swirled together, this powder works wonderfully when applied over the top of foundation, and keeps your base in place and free from any unwelcome shine. At first I was a bit nervous that I would find this powder a little too matte and chalky for my liking, and even though I do prefer my powders with a little bit of shimmer, it made a pleasant change and still managed to lift and flatter the skin. Alternatively, the little quads of feminine hues can be used separately as a highlighter, an eyeshadow base and blushers. The pink and mauve shades are lovely and subtle when used on the cheeks, the sandy-beige quad works well for when you are after a neutral wash of colour on your eyes and the creamy-white option is a nice highlighter

This powder is really nice, is spot on in regards to being visually-pleasing and I love that it is quite multi-functional, but I just don't know whether it warrants the price tag. Even with the addition of the concealed drawer and brush under the palette, which is very practical, it would be a dream product if it were that little bit cheaper. But then again, what did I expect from Givenchy? Class? Definitely. Affordability...not so much!

Have you tried anything from the Givenchy beauty range?


Jane said...

oh my god the packaging and colours of this are gorgeous!

Karla McGarvey said...

Wow!! So pretty :)


Lucy Old said...

This is so beautiful!



Helen Alison said...

Definitely agree about the pricey-ness of it, but it would look so pretty on my dresser none-the-less :)


Sandy said...

So so pretty! Have wanted to try some Givenchy products for so long now xx

chen yun said...

Pretty colour.Love it so much.
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Brizbelle said...

Lovely product, but definitely pricey! The colours and the product itself seems very similar to the YSL Blush Radiance, but the Givenchy one is beautiful, nonetheless.


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