Thursday, 4 October 2012

Philips ReAura - the final verdict

Philips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Philips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvenation
Philips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Philips ReAura Laser Skin Rejuvenation* - £799
available from SpaceNK 

So I have finally come to the end of my eight week trial using the ReAura laser skin treatment and it is now time to give you my final verdict. If you aren't au fait with the capabilities of this snazzy piece of equipment then you can read my initial post here and mid treatment post here, but basically it is a laser device powered by Fraxel laser technology that reveals radiant new skin in as little as eight weeks. It has the ability to even out skin tone, fade skin pigmentation, reduce fine lines and promote a smoother complexion. It can target signs of ageing not only on the face but also on the body, particularly the hands, neck and chest area, which makes it a highly versatile product. I said from the very start that I was probably not the target market as such, as I do not suffer from fine lines, wrinkles or skin pigmentation, but I was keen to see whether it could give me a fresher, smoother complexion and glowing skin. By boosting the skin's own collagen production, the Phillips ReAura will give you a more refined complexion and radiant, youthful contours.

I have said before that the ReAura is very simple to use, but maybe isn't the most pleasurable of beauty regimes to endure. Give me hot waxing any day over a burning sensation to the skin that doesn't seem to get anymore bearable the more you use it. Ok, so a slight exaggeration perhaps, the pain is tolerable but you have to be aware that this is a serious piece of equipment and does produce results! Using the ReAura religiously up to two times a week was a bit of a struggle sometimes, and even though I missed a few sessions and became a little half-hearted after five or six sessions, I persevered and am really pleased with the results. My skin does feel rejuvenated, very rejuvenated - with a plumper, smoother-like texture and an underlying radiance that you just couldn't get with a good exfoliator or face mask. I have also noticed little things like my pores has minimised and my makeup just sits nicer on my skin, which is always a bonus. 

If you are like me, a twenty-something girl who has perfectly ok skin to begin with, then you do not need this product unless you are feeling particularly flush or wish to invest for the future. However, if you are a little older and are starting to see the signs of ageing and are perhaps considering clinic laser treatment (which can spiral into thousands of pounds), then I have every confidence that the ReAura will work for you; and could be the better option. You have the convenience of using it at home, at your own pace, for as long as you like and with the same level of results as a professional treatment. It's a win win situation really!

Is this be something you would ever try to fight the signs of ageing?


Luxe. said...

Wow I'd love to try this!!x

JodieeCharlotte said...

It deffinately seems interesting but I would be to wimpy when it comes to using it.

But I do wonder whether it would help other things like acne scaring, better than a professional laser treating facility.

Rebeka said...

I wrote a blog post about my top favourite blogs in which I mentioned your blog. Have a look :)

Tanya Tatum said...

I love it. I am changing my essentials kit for 2013 and that goo will be most useful. Big reveal: plastic surgery sydney is what I will be opting to remove a hairy mole.

Katnesse Morgan said...

My friend gave me this product and told me, I should try it. Well I don’t have any regrets using it for it totally works for me. I may have to ask if there are also available products for acne treatment ?

Teresa Vue said...

Well, this product looks awesome, I would prefer laser hair removal which stays permanent. Most of the women fear due to the hassle and pain of waxing and rashes after shaving the hair.

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