Tuesday, 21 August 2012

FashionistA custom palette


FashionistA custom palette* - £5
Individual blushers, bronzers, eyeshadows* - £4, all available from Superdrug

There is something quite satisfying about creating your own bespoke makeup palette. The neat freak within me loves consolidating all my favourite, go-to shades into one palette, perfect for travelling and touch-ups on the go. The FashionistA’s custom palette comes in jet black or high-shine red and houses four individual products of your choice - complete with a good-sized mirror in the lid. I think these palettes are great fun and give you the freedom to pick and mix your products, combining eyeshadows, blushers and bronzers all in one compact place. Unlike other palettes that force you to have a separate palette for eye and cheek products, the uniform size of the products across the FashionistA range means you can literally have any combination you fancy. Plus you have the advantage of being able to flip the palette over and seeing the names of each shade underneath; often a flaw with other (ahem MAC) palettes!

The merged mono eyeshadows are new to the collection and come in six, multi-tonal shades. The consistency was surprisingly smooth and silky and very pigmented without being too glittery. The formula of these eyeshadows means they can be used wet or dry which is a nice touch and makes them perfect for an all over colour or a defined line. The eyeshadow featured in my palette is ‘Couture’ – a galaxy of copper browns and golds giving your lids a warm, earthy shimmer.

The mono blushers and bronzers are my favourite aspect from the collection and come in a variety of shades and finishes. There are three matte bronzers which are great for contouring and adding a touch of warmth, whereas the trio of merged bronzers give you a gorgeous glow and subtle shimmer. Described as complexion-enhancing essentials and named after fashion capitals of the world, the feel of thes products is satin-soft and can be mixed and blended together, to suit any style or mood. The beautiful blusher I have in my palette is ‘London’ and is a sweet medley of golden peach with shimmery pink laced through it. It is very pretty and smooth to apply and slightly reminds me of one of my all-time-favourite-blushers, Coralista from Benefit. The two bronzers, ‘Dubai’ and ‘Tokyo' are nice to have in your collection and are great for contouring and highlighting, but are a little small for achieving an all over colour. I also found the consistency of the bronzers a little chalkier than the other products, so I am definitely considering replacing them with the two other merged blushers from the FashionistA range as they look ridiculously pretty!

Are you are fan of customising your own palettes?


Abby said...

I can't believe how inexpensive these are! The blusher 'London' is so nice, definitely worth checking out! x


Amelia - Ugly Duckling said...

Wow, these are a bargain!! I do like choosing my own palette yes, I have a mac pro palette that I adore but its too big to take anywhere really. I could do with a small quad palette like this really :)

Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

Come say hey at Ducklingtoswan.com! :)

Carys - Beautiful dreams x said...

The top 2 look gorgeous !!!! I hope my local superdrug has these in :)

Beautiful Dreams

Kerry said...

I love the look of the London blusher - I am in need of something similar to Coralista so may have to try this! The palette looks great too xx

VIPXO said...

What a bargain! I need one for sure!



Emily said...

These look lovely, I know where I'll be heading tomorrow!


Agnes Schmíz said...

Beautiful colors! I prefer to create my own palettes.


Lorna Patrick said...

so lovely! really good value too.


TheUrbanUmbrella said...

Thtese look super gorgeous! Love mineralized blushers and shadows <3

xoxo Bree
The Urban Umbrella


www.alaurentoherself.com said...

Wow, this looks absolutely gorgeous for the money x

Laura Collins said...

I reallly want one of these! Such a good idea for taking away with you etc xx

AshleyRose said...

Im desperate to try these! And the price is amazing too .x

Kirsty-Anne said...

These look ridiculously pretty!

Currently doing a St Tropez & OPI giveaway: http://5feet10.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/st-tropez-opi-giveaway.html


Hannah said...

Wow I need to get one of these!

Kat said...

I might need to track this down online... damn being in Australia! This looks so amazing, and you picked a great range of blushes! It looks really impressive


Jeane M. said...

This is the palette worth coveting. Love to check this one out. Got my eye on your next posts.

CSG said...

Definitely getting one of these so cheap! X

Jac said...

They all look lovely, so tempted!




OMG I love it and want it! Especially the blushes. I really like this palette!

Jen said...

Oooo, so pretty haha!

I'm doing a giveaway over at my blog if your interested :) Check it out here - http://jensbrightandbeautiful.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/100-followers-giveaway.html


wand_included said...

Superdrug are doing an offer on these at the moment! i think its either 10 or 12 pound for the palette and 4 eyeshadows!

Definitely worth checking out



Abi. said...

I really want to get a Fashionista palette! Unfortunately no where around me sells these :(

Abi x

RosieB said...

I just made my first Fashionista palette today! So interested to hear that the marbled eyeshadows can be used wet as well as dry, definitely going to experiement with that! Really excited to start using the colours! :)


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