Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cocosa Sale - Monu skincare

Cocosa Sale - Monu natural skincare

If you are fan of natural beauty products and prefer to know exactly what is in your favourite face cream, then the Cocosa sale this week might be just the one for you! Monu Skincare was the vision on British beauty therapist Susan Molyneux who began creating her very own beauty products using a mix of herbs, plants, marine extracts and natural ingredients. Fast forward 30 years and Monu has now gained worldwide recognition and is an obvious choice amongst beauty professionals due to their commitment of only ever using the best of nature. I think it is so refreshing when you see an exemplary brand such a Monu being so proud of their heritage and organic roots, and ultimately you just know that you are treating your skin to a whole lot of goodness. Monu's strong ethos means you will never find any damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes or synthetic colours in their range and they favour human volunteers rather than animals when it comes to testing their products.

The Collagen eye cream and lip balm set (was £25 now £15) is the perfect coupling of products to soothe and hydrate your eyes and lips. The eye cream is extremely gentle and particularly suited for dry or mature eye contours, giving them an instant lift and plumping effect. It is enriched with Evening Primrose Oil which feeds and strengthens the skin around the eye, whilst the ingredient Arnica helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. The lip balm is a lovely light formula that repairs and protects dry, chapped lips - the result of dehydration and environmental damage. Wheat Germ Oil and Beeswax work effectively together to soften and replace lost lipids and the active UVA in the balm will protect your vulnerable lips from any further damage. It can be applied during the day or whenever your lips cry out for a burst of nourishment. This balm has firmly been by my side for the last few days and I love the way it makes my lips feel instantly smooth and plump.

Monu's Extra Rich Night Cream is a luxurious night treatment for the skin, formulated to nourish and hydrate your face and neck area whilst you sleep. It is especially suited for very dry skin; skin that may have been ravished by environmental damage such as sun exposure or those bracing winter winds we are all too au fait with here in England! A rich fusion of several essential oils and Vitamins, as well as Royal Jelly and Beeswax, gives this night cream a decadent texture and a natural potency that encourages smooth, soft skin and lasting hydration.

The Cocosa beauty sale goes live tomorrow and is boasting a maximum discount of 60% off RRP. If you have been yearning to add a natural range to your skincare collection, then this could be the perfect opportunity to grab yourself a bargain and sample some of the organic offerings from Monu.


JodieeCharlotte said...

Oh, this sounds good. The box is pretty.


Elliee ☮ said...

This sounds really good! I might give this a go! The packaging is SO pretty!x


Lea said...

It's always good to hear about new products :) I enjoy your posts a lot, I find them very informative.

Lea x


Emma London said...

These look great! And the packaging is so sweet xx


Rainbow veins said...

This looks so awesome! :) xxx


Alice said...

I hadn't heard of this company before but they sounds great. The packaging is lovely xx


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