Friday, 27 July 2012

Cocosa Sale - Margaret Dabbs & Essie

Margaret Dabbs & Essie
Margaret Dabbs footcare
Margaret Dabbs footcare

Summer time and strappy sandals. They go together like bread and butter but once the sun comes out, the thought of naked feet and exposed toes can instil a feeling of dread amongst many. For months we shroud our feet away from the world, hidden under thick denier and sturdy shoes, but now sandal season is upon us and it is time to bare all! Before we all run out and book our lavish spa treatments, Margaret Dabbs’ Foot Perfection Set (originally £31, now £25 on the Cocosa sale tomorrow!) might just be thrifty answer we are looking for to perform the perfect pedicure at home. Containing a generously-sized exfoliating mousse and a hydrating lotion, simply add water and a loving touch, and your feet will be worthy of any sandal in no time.

Firstly soften your skin in warm water to prep the skin and then massage a small amount of the Exfoliating Foot Mousse all over your feet, paying particular attention to any areas of hard skin. Containing active ingredients such as pumice, tea tree leaf and emu oil, this mousse removes dead skin cells as well as replenishing moisture and hydrating the skin. Tough enough to scrub away stubborn skin, but gentle enough to use on sensitive areas, this mousse is your first step to achieving fabulous feet! The emu oil in the mousse will also soften your cuticles so it is the perfect time to attend to them, pushing each one back gently with an orange stick. Once done, simply wash the mousse off and softly towel dry your feet.

Before moisturising, give your toes nails a quick trim to get them looking smart and uniform, free of any ragged ends and ready for a gloss of colour. To give your feet a hit of hydration, the Margaret Dabbs’ Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion will lavish your feet with another helping of emu oil as well as lemon myrtle leaving your feet glowing, soft and citrus-fresh. Take one pump and smooth it all over your feet and toes, not forgetting your tired soles which are crying out for hydration. You may have noticed that the magic ingredient in both these products is the Emu Oil, a natural product that has been used by Aborigines for thousands of years. It has the same irritant level as water, is non pore-clogging and is a superb skin emollient, making it the ideal property to revitalise and replenish the feet.

essie jag-u-are
essie jag-u-are

And with your feet now all smooth and summer-ready, the final flourish is adding a slick of colour to your toes to complete the perfect pedicure. Essie Jag-u-are is featuring on the Cocosa sale tomorrow and can be picked up for red-hot £8, rather than £10! This racy red lacquer screams expense and would be a fitting paintwork shade for any sports car, although I am pretty sure Essie were making reference to the animal rather than the automobile! A cherry red polish with soft metallic gold tones makes this polish the perfect pedicure colour to transform your toes into glistening rubies under the tranquil sea.

With a maximum discount of 50%, will you be taking adavantage of the Cocosa sale tomorrow?


Kelly said...

Gorgeous colour, and I love the look of the foot mousse.

A Vintage Indian Summer said...

I really like the nail polish! It reminds me of the ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz! Pretty! X

Rainbow veins said...

Love the colour! Gorgeous! :) xxx

Margaret said...

Gorgeous nail varnish!! xx

Carissa said...

I keep getting emails from Cocosa and I just ignored them, will definitely take a look now!
Carissa xx

Vanilla Crush Blog

Diane, said...

Love this colour, but all essie colours are available at So Tanned at £8.50 all the time...

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