Monday, 19 March 2012

TRESemme Liquid Gold

tresemme liquid gold

TRESemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex £6.99*
available now from Tesco stores, Boots and Superdrug

My hair loves oil and serum treatments. Loves AND needs them should I say. I will never fail to style my hair without using some sort of oil or serum, before and after blow-drying, and also on ad hoc occasions to smooth and condition any flyaway ends. My hair never gets greasy (I unashamedly can go a week without washing my hair!) so using oils on my hair has never been a concern for me. My hair probably wavers on the dry side, especially after the recent bathing in bleach experience, and laps up serums like a parched desert receives the rain.

I have lately been trying out the new Liquid Gold Restorative Complex from TRESemme, an intensive leave-in conditioning treatment to restore dry and damaged hair. It is true and undeniable that I worship at the altar of Moroccan Oil – I confessed my love for this miracle product here and I must say that I was nervous to put it back on its pedestal for a bit whilst I gave the Liquid Gold a run for its money. TRESemme Liquid Gold Restorative Complex is an innovative new addition to their haircare range, which is instantly absorbed into the hair, deeply conditioning it without leaving any oily residue. The formula is silky and lightweight, so wouldn’t weight down even the finest of hair, and is infused with the wonder-ingredient of the moment - Argan oil. This, along with nourishing Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, leaves the hair feeling velvety soft with a beautifully radiant shine.

I really liked this product, despite being a bit sceptical at first considering my unwavering alliance with Moroccan Oil. The formula is lovely and lightweight, smoothes onto the hair like a dream and makes it feel so soft once blow dried. It would take a tonne of bricks to weigh my hair down, but I did really appreciate how light this treatment was, which is nice for people who have finer hair and worry about oils making their hair look lank and greasy. My tip would be to avoid the roots and concentrate the Liquid Gold through your mid lengths and ends. One or two drops would be ample but for my hair I used about four, gently rubbing it in before applying heat. Once dry, it gave my hair a superb shine and radiance, something that is sadly lost when you get your barnet bleached. I was really impressed and also enjoyed using this product between washes when I wanted to add a quick gloss and luster to my hair. It is hard to say whether The Liquid Gold Restorative Complex directly improved the condition of my hair, but it certainly made it feel less dry and look decidedly more healthy, with a lovely light 'swishable' feel to it.

TRESemme Liquid Gold

So how does it compare to Moroccan Oil? Well, the day I stop using Moroccan Oil will be the day I stop wearing lipstick, but for a product that is a quarter of the price, it didn’t fare badly at all. I would definitely purchase this and think it is a brilliant alternative, especially if you are looking for a lightweight serum to nourish the hair and leave it gorgeously glossy. 

Will you be purchasing?

nb. You may recognise this post as I did actually publish it a few weeks ago, but I was a bit too quick off the mark so had to save it for when the product had officially launched. I am so sorry if you commented on the original post, but unfortunately I lost all your lovely comments when I republished the post today. 


Jen said...

Your hair is gorgeous! I definitely prefer the packaging to this rather than Moroccan Oil! xx

Victoria said...

really want to try a hair oil but im scared itll make it greasy! this sounds great and is a lot more purse friendly than moroccan oil! great review :)

Hev said...

I've been using Lee Stafford's Argon Oil and have been reasonably impressed with it too. After using a friend's morrocan oil though I just want that for myself! Haha.
I might invest soon though as I've heard it's quite long lasting for the price? x

Kelly said...

I love reading about the 'high street' versions of other higher priced hair oils, always interesting.
Your hair looks in pretty fab condition to me so I'd give it the thumbs up.

Kellina's Thoughts said...

your hair looks amazing!!

love tresemme products - they're really good quality and have amazing prices!!

emmerliejay said...

It's good to hear there are some cheaper alternatives to the big names that are still quite good! x

Farzana said...

A LOT of bloggers love this!

Lea said...

I love the colour of your hair now, and it looks in great condition - I should take a leaf out of your book and invest in some good hair oils by the look of things!

Lea x

Ashleigh said...

My hair is that dry too (I can also go about a week without washing before it even gets greasy, as bad as it sounds) so this sounds great! I think I'll be purchasing this soon if it's worked so well for you :) especially since it's so reasonably priced compared to other oil treatments! xo

Niki said...

you have such beautiful hair!!!

Ana Sofia said...

Sounds like a great product! But i have to jump on the Moroccan Oil bandwagon, i've heard so many great reviews about it! :)


Shadie Claire said...

This sounds great for the money, your hair looks lovely. I really want to try it now! x

Gauri said...

Your hair looks amazing!!!

all about the girl said...

Jealous of your hair, it looks lurverly!! I want to try this but think it'll make my hair greasy :-(

Tanjaxo said...

First off, I LOVE your hair!! What a fabulous head of locks!
This looks like a good product, it's been eyeing me every time I stroll along into the drug store. I think I'm going to have to give it a try, it's worth a shot & I trust your review! Hopefully it'll give me the same good results!

-Tanja xoxo

Hannah said...

Wowie,you must absolutely swear by Moroccan oil if the day you stop using it is the day you stop wearing lipstick!! I've been wanting to try a hair oil for a while so I think this one seems like a good one to start with.
From a fellow lipstick lover - xx

Glittered feathers said...

Your hair looks amazing, and not to mention shiny. I think I will try this, especially because it is cheaper than Moroccan oil, I love a bargain.

Jess x

Aysh said...

Your hair looks stunning beautiful Milly! To be honest I think I would buy this product just for the name of it alone....liquid gold...YUM! ;)

Love Aysh xoxo

CeCe & NuNu said...



AnaV said...

Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

Ana V

Ysis Souza said...

I like the looks of this! Will definitely check it out. By the way, your hair looks stunning; so shiny!!! :)

Ysis from

STUB BLOG said...

This stuff is seriously good isn't it! I also use a VO5 product which works wonders too...and definitely a purse friendly alternative to the moroccan oil!


Sian Lacey said...

Wow! Your hair looks incredible! Definitely gives you that healthy glossy look!


Isobel Rose said...

you are a huge inspiration to me!

Izzy xx

princesselfy said...

Love me a hair oil! Wish I could go a week without washing my hair! And of course, the locks are looking particularly swishable!xx

Sara said...

This was extremely helpful because unashamedly my hair can also go a week without being washed because it never gets greasy, unfortunately it's a little bit too dry and I don't know how to exatcly "take good care" of it; I've tried some oils and serums but it just doesn't feel like I've accompished anything, you know?
Well either way, I'll make sure to try this serum out.
Love, Sara.
P.S. I actually just "stumbled" upon this blog and so far I'm really enjoying it. I love your posts, fashion and non-fashion related. :)

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