Thursday, 22 March 2012

my dot com (and giveaway winners)

(The photo is completely unrelated, but Bogdan is so cute no. He recently travelled to Essex from the village of Meerkovo after I buy car insurance from compare the market dot com!)

Those amongst you who are extremely observant whilst on your laptopamabob may have noticed that pearlsandpoodles dot blogspot is no more and has endured a radical transformation! I am now the proud owner of my very own dot com. Why has it taken me so long you may wonder? Well before now, pearlsandpoodles dot com was an existing url on the web which seemed to be some sort of strange American-state electoral voting site. I waited patiently, willing for the url to become available to buy, and lo and behold, my persistence was rewarded last weekend! There is no great rhyme or reason why I wanted a dot com for my blog, I just felt that over the last two years Pearls and Poodles has grown and grown, and I have invested more and more time and dedication into my blog, the dot com just seemed to be the cherry on top. I like the professional touch it gives and makes it much less of a mouthful when trying to share your blog with interested folk. I simply did it through blogger and was not technically challenging in the slightest, thankfully so. It only costs £7 something to buy your domain for a year so it is only a small price to pay in my opinion to make the change. 

As far as you, my faithful readers are concerned this change will make no difference to how you access my blog. The old blogspot page is now redundant but will automatically redirect to the new dot com. You may however want to change any links you have to my blog to reflect the new url, just to make your journey onto my site as seamless as possible! 

Also, I want to apologise it has taken me SO long but I can finally announce my giveaway winners for the two recent competitions I have run on my blog. 

Firstly, the winner of the Enrapture styling tool of their choice is… Lisa R who was lusting after the Enrapture Jumbo Waver to give her straight hair some beautiful waves. 
And the winner of the iconemesis phone cover is…Charlotte Breony who chose the very cute Fifi Lapin cupcake cover.

Well done girls, I will drop you an email to confirm your chosen items and get your postal details. Thanks again to everyone who took part and continues to support my blog. I maybe don’t say it enough but your comments and engagement is always just staggering and makes blogging for me a very happy and enjoyable place to be right now.


Viktoria said...

'laptopamabob' - Hehe, love this :D

I paid for my own domain name recently too (though my blog is new and small!), and also moved over with Blogger, I'm so glad I did. It just feels nice, not to mention it's easier to give out a dot com address!

Viktoria -

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Oh my goodness, so jealous! I want a meerkat!!! xoxo

Mariyam ABAG said...

my friend has a meercat called babushka :)

adorable in a weird way.

Jeni said...

I got Bogdan too- he is mega cutes! :) xxx

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