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avon glimmersticks

AVON glimmersticks
AVON glimmersticks
AVON glimmersticks
AVON glimmersticks
AVON glimmersticks

AVON Glimmersticks (£6) and Glimmersticks Diamonds eyeliners* (currently £2.50!)

Following my recent discovery of Avon's ideal flawless foundation (which I must confess was met with a mixture of surprise and delight) I have literally had my eyes opened to a great selection of products from this easily-dismissed brand. Based on my comments following my foundation post, their eye products seemed to be a popular choice amongst you all, with many of you singing the praises of Avon's SuperShock mascara and gel eyeliner. Therefore I was very keen to road test their range of eyeliners and see if I was left starry-eyed.

Unashamedly glittery and encased in a sleek black packaging, the look of the glimmerstick eyeliners really appealed to my magpie-like tendencies. These skinny liners are retractable (in and out!) totally note-worthy as some only do twist out, and they don't require any sharpening. They are soft and smooth to apply on the skin and come in a fantastic array of colours - perfect for understated daytime makeup or a more dazzling evening look.

AVON glimmersticks

Avon Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner - available here. The glimmerstick diamonds eyeliners are really rich in colour, soft and creamy to apply and laced with fine glitter. The glitter is not at all chunky but really enhances the liner with a pretty shimmer. The smooth, non-drag formula lends itself perfectly to a slim cat eye flick or a rough smudge all over the eyelid. The glimmerstick diamonds are wonderfully long-lasting and are extremely pigmented, framing the eye instantly with a shock of colour after one application. I found that these eyeliners definitely worked best when applied to the skin rather than the waterline. I found the liner rubbed off quite easily when worked into the waterline and the colour payoff sadly wasn't as strong.  

Blackest ice - a striking black liner spiked with subtle teal glitter  
Emerald glow - a mesmerising metallic emerald hue enhanced with a golden sheen
Sugarplum - a sumptuous berry-purple with a sprinkling of silver shimmer
Smokey diamond - a wonderfully unique, dirtied teal with a dusting of silver sparkle

Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner - available here. The glimmerstick eyeliner barely differs from the glimmerstick diamonds eyeliner, except for the lack of glitter and the fact they deliver a more matte finish. These eyeliners do work much better than the glimmerstick diamonds liner when applied to the waterline, and proved to be just as long-lasting and pigmented. Blackest black is a great, everyday eyeliner for the waterline or lining the top lashes, whereas saturn grey makes a great base colour for another shadow to be applied on top of. Avon glimmersticks really do glide onto the eye effortlessly and their precision point makes them ideal for perfecting that feline flick. Just be warned though, the liners do snap very easily if you get a bit over-zealous and twist out too much!

Saturn grey - a gorgeous grey hue studded with delicate flecks of silver
Blackest black - a true matte black liner, pure and simple

AVON glimmersticks
AVON glimmersticks

Crazy mismatch eye makeup for demonstrative purposes only! (Mascara used - L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic)

I used Sugarplum and Emerald Glow to line my eyelids, continuing outwards into a modest flick. I then took the alternative colour and smudged it into my bottom lashes before using the Blackest black eyeliner to coat my waterline. You will notice that you do get a bit of fallout from the top colour onto your lashes. Personally, this doesn't bother me, but I would definitely suggest combing you lashes through and applying your mascara after you have used the glimmersticks.

Have you tried these liners from Avon? What are you favourite eyeliners to use?


Marvelle said...

I found these really really dragged and pulled on me :(

princesselfy said...

These look lovely, you make coloured eye liner look good!

Constanze said...

Beautiful shades! Sugar Plum and Smokey Diamond I like best. :)

Courtney said...

Looks like something i need to try, this looks great on you! I really like the Smokey Diamond and Emrald Glow! xx

Kelly said...

Ooh love the look of these.
What sort of wear do they have?

Naomi Creighton said...

ooooh im loving black ice and smokey diamond, might have to buy these!! xo

Angelica said...

The plumy one looks really nice on your eye. x

Peg Lee said...

Stunning colours.
Avon is an amazing company.

City Girl's Fashion Box said...

Milly your posts are always so informative! Love the look of Smokey Diamond xxx

Daisy said...

I never thought about using coloured eyeliner before but this all look sooo pretty! Quite like the glittery navy one :) xxx

all about the girl said...

These look cool, great for a night out if they last? xx

Sarah and Annie said...

I've had the blackest ice liner, i really liked it! You're right though, Avon is easily dismissed and some of their products are great :) x

Farzana said...

Sugar Plum and Emerald Glow look divine!

Kat @ Cherries In The Snow Beauty Blog said...

They look lovely on you and £2.50 is so cheap!
Gossmakeupartist on Youtube recently mentioned them as being one of his favourite products!

Miss LV said...

Black Ice and Smokey Diamond look lush xxx

Niki said...

sugar plum is sooo pretty!!!

Kellina's Thoughts said...

luv all the products!!


first off, omg your lashes i love i want.

awww so i was tagged to do a tag...and i did it but one of the requirements was to tag 11 other people, i figured if im tagging 11 people i might as well ask the questions to my favorite blogger.
so i tagged you if you dont mind, you dont have to do it.

here the link of the answers.

Mishea said...

These look great! I'm gonna have to try some. Avon does have some good products!

Charlie said...

These look lovely the purple colour really suits you x

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