Friday, 16 December 2011

glossybox - the christmas edition


What's red and shiny and comes through your letterbox a few days before Christmas? It's the Glossybox Christmas Edition!* 
The usually girlish pink box has had a festive facelift and is as shiny and red as Rudolph's nose! This box is part two of the Glossybox Christmas Gift Guide and is packed full of products to get you in the seasonal spirit. 

This is the first time I have decided to feature my Glossybox contents on my blog, despite kindly being sent a few boxes in the past. I am always a bit too late to the table with my posts and then I feel I have nothing much to add to whatever has already been said. However I am so impressed with this month's offerings, so much so I may have even snuffled a little squeak of glee as I raised the lid and revealed its goodies, that I really wanted to share them with you.

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Blink + Go Eyeshadow and Blush Palette, (full size - RRP 14.95)
Popping a full sized makeup item in the box is a sure fire way to get my eyes dancing with delight! I was really pleased to unearth this palette rather than the mascara that I have seen in some of the other Christmas glossyboxes. I think it is nice that they have varied the contents slightly, but that is because I am smugly happy with my box. This is way more exciting than a mascara. The palette has two layers, the top layer offering six very wearable eyeshadow colours, the bottom revealing two pink-toned blushers. I can't vouch for the quality of this product yet, but am looking forward to giving it a whirl.


Bioniva Eye Wrinkle Treatment (small sample size)
Possible the consolation product in this month's box. No not a perfume sample, but a small pot of Bionova's eye wrinkle treatment cream. This doesn't really float my boat, but that's because I don't have eye wrinkles...yet. Others may be thrilled that they can trial something that retails at £43 for a full-sized product, and isn't that the whole point?

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel (full size - £6.50)
At first glance I thought this was a deodorant which I thought was an odd addition to the Christmas Glossybox, unless they suspect us all getting a little bit sweaty as we race around the shops doing our last minute shopping! But no, it is a foaming shower gel from Rituals which has an amazingly sweet, floral aroma.

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss, Serengeti (travel size)
A lipgloss: thumbs up. A lipgloss in a gorgeous, iridescent peach colour: double thumbs up! The full size of this lipgloss retails at £10, but I think this dinky travel-sized product is more than adequate. Lipgloss seems to last me ages anyway. I really love the look of this and am excited to review it in more detail in a future post.


Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Vanish (mini) with Stripped to Go Sachet
Possibly the trump card of this month's offerings. This mini Deborah Lippmann nail colour is an enticing blackened raspberry varnish with magenta and red glitter. It is really quite fabulous and perfect for the impending party season! Full size, this would cost £16 so I am more than happy with my little pot of Razzle Dazzle. Along with the nail varnish there was also a Deborah Lippmann polish remover finger nail mitt. Can't say I have ever used a finger mitt before but sure it will be very handy.

 So all in all, Glossybox's Special Christmas Edition certainly got my bells a ringing-dinging and it really did feel like Christmas had come early when this box arrived!
To sign up or to find out more about Glossybox, then you can find all the info here.

What are your thoughts on this month's box?


Michelle of The Feather Den said...

Wow, seems like this month's Glossybox is a bit of a Christmas gift! I especially love the nail varnish, that sparkle is perfect for the festive season!

x Michelle |

Tor said...

I've said the same to everyone who has posted about this box... how beautiful is that nail polish?!! I love it!

Tor @ That's Peachy Fashion Blog xx

Sarah♥ @inmywishes said...

I got the exact same in my box, I just love the nail polish!x

Kirsty F said...

ahhh i cant wait to get home to see what i got in mine! xx

Brown Sugar said...

wow, you was spoiled.
I hope that France will be one nice products.

kelly marie said...

Can't wait to get mine, hope I've got the nail polish!

Temporary:Secretary said...

I love the nail varnish so much! I haven't got my box yet :( x

Catanya said...

What a generous box indeed! My fave products would be the Cargo lipgloss and the Deborah Lippmann nail varnish!
I want to see you rocking both, please?

Dawniepants said...

Oh I've been dying to see what is in one of these boxes!

Sara Bow said...

Wow the UK version of the Glossy Box is much better than the german one!!! We had 2 L'oreal products and a few creme samples -.-

Great box!


Lily said...

Oh Milly! i had to laugh out loud at your sweatyness comment!

Lily @ llymlrs // etcllymlrs

blog-a-beauté said...

I got all the same products as yours except my eyeshadow and blusher palette shades were diff! I wish I'd gotten the neutral palette! The blush colours look really really pretty though!

Y said...

I actually like this glossybox!

lacoquettedumode said...

i might just have to sign up now-- those all look amazing!

xx Kathryn

lacoquettedumode said...

i might just have to sign up now-- those all look amazing!

xx Kathryn

Sd said...

That DL nail polish kinda reminds me of revlon 's facets of fuchsia ....

Katie said...

Those eyeshadows are gorgeous! Love the nail polish too :). X

Anita Hendrieka said...

Love the nail polish! :)

Dragon Mommy said...

I had exactly the same products as you in my glossybox and am so pleased! Ive swatched the eyeshadows and they are so silky and pigmented, i love them. The nailvarnish went straight on my nails, its gorgeous and i cant get enough of the amazing smell of the shower foam. So pleased i didnt cancel my subscription.

Holli x

Rebecca Hammond said...

I got exactly the same box and I was really pleased with all of it!!

Zoe said...

Got the same box as you! Very happy except the eye wrinkle treatment, i just wish theyd at least look at the persons age before giving them products like that.

Jacky said...

Had the rituals shower gel in my german november box. Love it! When my friends smelled it they loved it too.

Jacky B. from Germany

Sia said...

That nail polish looks amazing ! XOXO

Skodulka said...

Wow, super box! :)

Farzana said...

The Christmas Glossybox looks a treat! I love the nail polish too.

Want to win some false eyelashes? Enter my giveaway:

head over heels said...

i've seen a few variations and it looks like you got a great box! x

The Beauty Box said...

I have to say, you probably got the best version of GlossyBox. Don't know why, but UK are always the coolest one :)

If you want, have a look on Irish version.


Lauren Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren Smith said...

Hello Milly!
Firstly, I'd just like to say that I only stumbled upon your lovely little blog yesterday and I've been hooked ever since.
It's refreshing to see such a genuine blogger and who puts so much care into what you post! I've been contemplating signing up for glossybox or carmine packages and wondered which one do you recommend? I'm slightly wary about signing up due to the fact you don't know what your getting each month, but that's also what's enticing about it!

Love, Lauren x

kelly marie said...

Best glossy box yet, love it so much!

Milly said...

thank you all for your comments! :)

@Lauren Smith - thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so pleased you have been enjoying my blog. It is really hard to say which one to sign up for as of course you don't know what you are going to get each month. I have featured the recent Carmine boxes too so that will give you an idea of their type of box. With both boxes, you can cancel at any time so you could give one of them a go, and then just see how you get on. I am looking forward to seeing and sharing what is in the Carmine Christmas box coming out next week x

Lauren Smith said...

Milly, thanks so much for replying! I'll definitely let you know if I try it out and thanks for your help :) x

Well Hello Clarice said...

I got the same box as you did except my eye palettes full of neon shades. I cannot stop looking at my nails since I painted them. It's like a grown up vampy version of Dorothy's ruby red slippers. Gorge! X

Andy Vicious said...

What a great package this month! I really like those blink + go palettes, so cute!

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