Monday, 21 November 2011

Carmine: the November box


I present to you this month's Carmine beauty box.
After much shaking and shimmying of the lid, swiftly followed by much huffing and puffing and a few cursed words, I finally managed to detach the stubborn lid from the box and reveal its contents. Apparently there is a particular 'lid-removal' technique. Clearly I have not quite mastered this technique yet! Faced with a reluctant lid and a box packed full of surprise products, maybe it is all just a clever ploy to heighten the excitement of the whole experience!

So here is what I received in November's box...


This is what Carmine says about the products...

Neom Organics Real Luxury Body Lotion (50ml)
An organic product from an award-winning brand, this lotion is packed with the fragrances of lavender, jasmine and basil. 
Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream (15ml)
A powerful anti-ageing night cream that turns back time whilst you sleep.
New Cid i-Pout lipstick
A revolutionary and incredibly wearable lipstick equipped with a built-in mirror and light for perfect application in absolutely any circumstance.
Cosmetics a la carte Brow Ink
A soft, semi-permanent ink which allows you to define your brows perfectly by allowing you draw in individual hairs. It can also be used as an eyeliner.
Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil
From the makeup line of fashion icon and solo artist Nicola Roberts, this eyeliner pencil contains skin-loving vitamins and is just oozing with colour.

Well I was pleasantly surprised with the items in this month's Carmine box, mainly because there were three full-sized makeup products, and I would always choose makeup over skincare any day. The fact there was a lipstick in the box absolutely delighted me, especially as it is a really nice colour and is from a brand that I am familiar with but never sampled before. 

The Neom Organics body lotion is an alright sample size at 50ml. It smells rather lovely and is a nice, rich consistency. I have never tried anything from Neom Organics so it will be interesting to trial one of their products, however I am not sure it will lure me away from my Body Shop body butters! The Lulu's Time Bomb Flashback Night Cream doesn't really excite me, purely because I am naively living under the illusion that I am not getting old and do not need to invest in anti-ageing remedies just yet. I suppose from such a small sample, it would be very hard to gage whether this is an effective product or not, but I have passed this to mother bear for her appraisal.

I think the two winning products in this month's box are the Cosmetics a la Carte brow ink and the Dainty Doll Eyeliner pencil, although understandably the colour might not be to your personal taste. I absolutely love the look of these two products and look forward to featuring them in a more detailed review. I am having a slight love affair with my brows at the moment so can't wait to try this felt-tip like pen to define and shape them. The Dainty Doll eyeliner is quite an exquisite emerald green which I think could make for a really pretty peacock-inspired eye look.

You can discover more about the Carmine beauty box and subscribe via their website.
What are your thoughts of this month's products?


Laura @ The Beauty Spark said...

I'm intrigued by the brow ink :), I do love a good bit of brow grooming! xx

Victoria India said...

This box looks AMAZING i would of loved to have had this box in my life. In fact i'm really tempted!

Charlotte Amber said...

GAH! i love the lipstick you received!!

Serenity of Beauty said...

Opening the blinkin box is an absolute mission. But I am very happy with this months box :)

Lauren Ashleigh said...

wow this box looks absolutly amazing! seriously considering swapping boxes.

MissMollie said...

This box looks incredible! I love the look of the lipstick.

Mollie xo

Annie.n said...

This box looks amazing! Reviews on last months put me off but very jealous of this! xoxo

Jesss said...

Hate when you can't get into boxes...
I keep meaning to pick up some Dainty Doll things, everything looks so lovely!


Terri said...

Oh my fingers are itching to sign up to this box aswell as my boudoir prive and glossybox!!

Eden Angel said...

I love the look of this, especially the eye brow pen. Can't wait to read your review on that :)

LilyLipstick said...

I like the look of this box a lot - I'd definitely use all of the make-up products. x

Kirsty F said...

very intrigued by the eyebrow pen... what will they come up with next! lol

congrats on your 5000 followers btw! (saw your tweet) I love your blog, its always my first port of call when im looking for the best reviews for the latest beauty must haves!!!

Vicky said...

I want swap my Glossybox for this!!!

Catanya said...

All the brands you mention are completely new for me but they look amazing!! There are so many options to choose from right now, it is so difficult to choose one box only!
Have an amazing week, sweetness!

Style Eyes said...

The lipstick looks great. I love the colour

Natalie@pixielashes said...

I haven't signed up to a beauty box yet, This looks like one of the best though I might go for it :) xxx

Catherine said...

I got my box on Saturday and I too have problems with the lid! This is my second box and I can't wait to see what's in the next one :) I "blame" you for tempting me to sign up! ;)

Catherine x

Fi Frambooo said...

The Dainty Doll eyeliner is a gorgeous colour, really like the look of that!

xo fifi

Raffles Bizarre said...

This looks like a really great box!
The brow ink is particularly intriguing.

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