Tuesday, 17 May 2011

treats from Tresemme

Another day, another bountiful range of hair products to hit the shelves. A month or so back, I attended the launch of VO5's new haircare range, and we were also treated to the presence of Matthew Curtis, Tresemme stylist and all round hair god, who introduced us to these latest products. We witnessed Matthew showcase the products whilst offering us tips and tricks along the way to achieve our desired style.

24 Hour Body: Amplifix Hairspray
Touchable Finish: Hairspray
I like these hairsprays, and always find myself reaching for them when I have a beehive that needs a bit of reinforcing. The products do not differ from each other that much. Both are equipped with a lovely fruity fragrance and great staying power. The main difference is that the amplifix hairspray is probably more industrial and will hold a style for much longer than the touchable finish hairspray. The touchable finish hairspray is better suited to smoothing away flyaways and frizz, and adding volume at the roots. It also brushes out much more easily than the amplifix, which can leave the hair a little bit crispy. 

Instant Refresh: Volumising Dry Shampoo
Dry Shampoo has never really been my bag. I don't think my hair ever warrants it as it rarely get greasy or oily between washes. I have passed this to a friend who has always been intrigued to road test some dry shampoo and she has been mildly impressed. Smelling fresh and zesty, it revives her greasy roots, giving them some body and lift. It is perfect in the face of crisis when time doesn't permit a hair wash, but I don't think it will become part of her complete hair routine. 

Thermal Creations: Blow Dry Potion
 This non sticky and lightweight cream promises to protect the hair up to 230 degrees whilst blow-drying, straightening and styling. It is used on damp hair, smoothed through the lengths whilst paying particularly attention to the roots. More product can also be applied to the roots after styling to add extra smoothness. Unfortunately I didn't love this product. I know what my hair likes and it has never been a fan of creamy lotions used on it whilst damp. I tend to find them too heavy, opting more for serums and sprays. This blow dry potion was a little too heavy and greasy for my hair and I found left it feeling weighed down and lacking movement and body.

Salon Sleek: Straightening Spray
Salon Shine: Glossing Spray
Salon Smooth: Serum
This is an angelic addition to the Tresemme's range. They have created a selection of products with added argan oil from Morocco, to really nourish and smooth the hair. I absolutely love all these three products when used in conjunction with each other. I previously spoke about Argan Oil in regards to the VO5 Miracle Concentrate, which is a really wonderful product for restoring dry and damaged hair, and these are no different.

The serum and straightening spray are used on towel-dried hair before blowdrying. I use the spray first, applying liberally all over my hair. I then follow with the serum, which only require a small pea-sized amount, and I smooth this through the ends of my hair. The glossing spray is a great finishing product that adds instant shine to your hair and smooths away those troublesome flyaways.
Voila, my hair straight after using these three products.

24 Hour Body: Sky High Plumping Powder
Very similar to the VO5 Instant Oomph Powder, this plumping powder is a fine white dust that has a subtle, fresh smell to it. It is perfect for adding some volume and lift to the roots, and by following the simple instructions on the packaging, you can achieve an amazing plumping effect with a natural matte texture. The hair does feel a little tacky to the touch, but for creating sky high lift for a night out, I am willing to forgo this slight downside.

In summary; 
Products to pick up: the Argan Oil range
Products to skip: Blow dry potion and volumising dry shampoo

This new range is available from Superdrug, Boots, Tesco and Asda.
Have you tried any of these Tresemme products?


Redz2486 said...

I love their Instant Refresh! It's a great way to give me another day of fresh hair if I've slept in lol.

I've not really tried any of their styling products bar there shampoo and conditioner. And I'm also intrigued to try out Argan Oil.

p.s I love the colour of your hair!! Seperate post please hehe =) x

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I am always, after washing my hair, Salon Smooth Serum and it's brilliant - my hair is so shiny and I don't have split ends.

The shampoos and conditioners are also great and they smell divine. Perfect for everyday use! X


Steph xox said...

Nope not tried any of this range !!

looks great tho!! I tried one tresemme shampoo and conditioner for volume a while ago but really didnt like it...will have to try these and see if they suit me better.

girlinthecity said...

oooh you lucky thing getting to play with all these fab products - very interested in the Argan Oil ones - didn't even know they'd brought that out (bad beauty blogger, lol!) ... but everytime I look for the volume dust in boots or superdrug - it's absolutely nowhere to be seen - no point of displays or owt, makes me sad! x

Jen said...

Definitely want to try the plumping powder!

As an avid Moroccan Oil fan I'm a bit sceptical of cheaper alternatives but the argan oil may well be worth giving a go - your hair looks great :)

glamour rouge said...

Ooh I might give the plumping powder a go! :)


oh so petite said...

Oooh the 24 hour body looks really good. The products look really good. Will have to try some for myself.
http://fashion-geek.blogspot.com/ ♥

LilyLipstick said...

I still haven't got round to using half the products that were in the goodie bag but so far I love the volumising powders and the Argan Oil spray is really nice too. x

Dressmeuprockstar said...

I love Tresemme. I use their heat protection spray and hairspray and think it's great. I want to try the plumping powder though as I love big hair! x

musicndaydreams said...

Wow! Your hair is amazing! Love the colour & I can't believe how smooth & shiny it is!

I have naturally really curly hair & I'm definitely gonna invest in some Argan Oil proucts!


Argan oil said...

For Pure Argan Oil

Corrie♥ said...

Ooh like the look of the Argon oil products!! Your red hair is looking lush! x

Amy (London, UK) said...

You have such lovely hair. Does the plumping powder really work as well as it says it does? Think I'll give it a bash anyway...

Amy xxx

Aysh said...

Hey Milly! Gosh its felt like ages since I've commented on your blog! :) I'm really liking the look of the plumping powder, never used anything like that before! Seeing as I am on a constant mission to get big, big, volumised hairs, think I may have to give it a whirl! Thanks love!

Love Aysh xoxo

Sadie K said...

So glad you have done this post, I saw the plumping powder the other day and was wondering what it was like. I was looking for a cheaper alternative to the one I get at Toni&Guy, so think I'll give this a try, thanks :)

Filipa said...

Thanks for the review! I have actually been on the look out for hair products (my hair has gone super long last year.. maybe cuz i didnt cut it? :P ) so I need to start taking better care of it, eek!

Nehal said...

Your hair looks so lovely and shiny!

I'll definitely be trying some of these products

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