Tuesday, 19 April 2011

8 Hour Cream - Intensive Daily Moisturiser

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream. It has become quite the skincare necessity in the possession of many a beauty junkie everywhere. A multi-purpose product which soothes, heals and relieves dry, chapped and cracked skin. Its uses are limitless, from styling eyebrows and preventing split ends to soothing hands, nails and softening cuticles. It was only recently however that I paused and wondered why we so readily refer to this cream as 'eight hour'? After a little research, it all became clear. A faithful user of the product applied some to her child's skinned knee and declared that after just eight hours, the skin looked better.

 After the acclaimed success of their headline product, Elizabeth Arden have spawned an entire range of Eight Hour Cream products, all pertaining the similar properties that has made the classic cream so infamous. I have recently been using their Intensive Facial Moisturiser, a luxurious lotion for the face.

Elizabeth Arden says...
"This daily hydrating lotion leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturised for up to 8 hours. Formulated with the perfect blend and aroma of classic Eight Hour® Cream, it even protects skin from the effects of extreme weather and climate changes while SPF 15 shields skin from the harmful effects of the sun."

What I love about this product is its power to soothe any dryness I have on my face. As a whole, I don’t really suffer from dry skin. My skin is normal, with slight areas of oiliness throughout my t-zone. However recently I have been experiencing dry patches on the side of my nose, which this intensive moisturiser has quickly eradicated. As the name suggests, this product is very rich and intense, and you do only require a delicate application. Applying anymore than a pea-sized amount left my face feeling slightly greasy and heavily laden with the product. I have been using this moisturiser before I go to bed after I have washed and cleansed my face. When I awake, I am left with very soft, smooth and hydrated skin and all the product has been absorbed. I do think people with particularly oily skin would find this product a bit too heavy for their skin, but people with dry skin or, like me, with areas of dryness, would really benefit from it. And its use can definitely be extended away from the face, much like the original Eight Hour Cream. I have been using it on my elbows as a perfect prep before fake tanning. Also it is great on your cuticles and relives dry hands. The one thing I am not too keen on is the smell. It is quite heavily perfumed, and offers a herbal-like aroma. I just didn't find it very appealing but it certainly doesn't take away from the cream's effectiveness.

Unsurprisingly, Elizabeth Arden are extremely proud of the Eight Hour Cream range they have established, and are pleased to announce the launch of their new Facebook page.
Eight Hour Cream UK is a community product page where fans can get together, revel in the products’ amazingness as well as swap tips amongst each other and pick up some tricks from some big names in the beauty industry. To celebrate the launch of this page, EA are giving away a product from the Eight Hour Cream range every day for the first two months, effective from 11th April. 

Entry is easy, simply ‘like’ the Elizabeth Arden Facebook page and then click to enter.

I'd love to know if you are a fan of the Eight Hour Cream range.


Katie Styles said...

This is one of my favourite products. I get dryness on the sides of my nose too, so use this for that and also on my hands and elbows. It can do no wrong. Off to enter that competition now! xx

Heather said...
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Heather said...

I think the 8 hour cream performs really well but I can't seem to get over the smell - it's very strong and herbal! I've found that it works great over lipstick to add some moisture and a nice bit of shine if you don't mind the smell/taste that is! (:

Abi said...

i NEED to get my hands on this stuff! everyone absolutely raves about it!! xx

The Fashion Teller said...

I adore my 8 Hour Cream and know it will always have a place in my make-up bag! xx

Edie said...

This cream has been an absolute trend a few years ago... everybody had it in their handbags and used it regardless whether they needed it or not. Guess it will always be around.

best wishes,

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