Wednesday, 24 February 2010

St. Tropez Vs. St Moriz

Tonight I thought I would do a swifty review/comparison between two very talked about brands of fake tan! Now I am a self confessed fake tanner! I'm not particularly pale, but when I have a coat of self tan on, I instantly feel healthier and more desirable! It sounds cliched, because it is, but I personally just enjoy the 'feel good' factor a squirt of fake tan can give you. I would never go near a sunbed, and think it's fabulous that celebs like Nicola Roberts, are continuing to campaign and raise awareness of the dangers of sunbeds. I'm not going to hark on, because at the end of the day, it is your personal choice but it wouldn't be for me. 
I personally am not quite ready to 'embrace the pale' but with so many fabulous instant tanners on the market these days, I can sleep easy knowing I am never far away from a golden glow!

So let's have a look at the contenders.
In the blue corner we have...St Tropez Self Tan Mousse
In the red corner we have...St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist

The price:
St Tropez is a sizzling £30 from Boots

St Moriz is a cool £3.99 from TKMaxx

The smell:
The old St Tropez smelt truly vile, very digestive biscuit like! St Tropez then put their heads together and relaunched with a new packaging and 'newly formulated' smell! I will give them their due, it does smell considerably better. Just a bit musky, but nothing horrendous. 

St Moriz is just a pretty 'nothing' smell. Granted, I have the misting spray, so maybs the mousse smells more heavier, but it is by no means offensive. I think the smell of St Moriz is much less noticeable than St Tropez, but personally I wouldn't be put off by the smell of a product as long as it did it's job!

The Application & Colour Payoff:
I use to think St Tropez was my HG self tanner but now I compare it to St Moriz, and previously used Fake Bake, it has really gone down in my HG estimations. The colour is ok, but I think it requires a few applications and prolonged developing time, in order to achieve the desired result. The mousse is really easy to work with, and gives you enough colour on the skin to see where you have applied, and where you haven't. It does dry very quickly though, so be warned, you have to squirt and rub in speedily! Like I said, after one coat, you had a little colour, but I would always want to apply one or two more applications over the next day or so, to really get that sunkissed look. And when I say 'sunkissed', in hindsight, St Tropez offers a more muddy, dirty dull tan, rather than a golden glow!

The first time I used St Moriz, I was like...WOW! I didn't have that high expectations for this little beauty, mainly because of the price tag and the fact I discovered it at the back of a dusty shelf in TKMaxx. But I am really impressed. :) You get an INSTANT colour which is what I like, and strive for with a self tanner. I like the idea of quickly applying it before a night out and being benefitted instantly with a golden glow! I like using a spray tanner rather than a mousse. It is way less laborious when applying and means you can get to those unreachable areas, such as your back, with more ease! I only have to wear one coat of St Moriz and I feel truly sunkissed and golden! It is magical. It develops really quickly and 1 coat is darker on me than 2 coats of St Tropez. The only one downside I can think of did make my tummy a litle bit itchy! Only temporarily and only on my belly! Odd, but something I can endure as I heart this product! :)

The results are in...
St Moriz 3 - 0 St Tropez

We have a clear winner ladies and gentleman! :)

Seriously, get down to TKMaxx and check this little gem out. I am already venturing out this weekend to restock up and hopefully find the St Moriz Mousse as well.

Let me know your thoughts on either of these products and tell me your HG fake tan?
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Monday, 15 February 2010

Vanity Space

Hey ladies
I hope you have all had a delightful weekend whatever you got up to. I had a particularly lovely Valentine's weekend with the boy. :) In between smooching and gazing into each other's eyes, I decided it was about time to tackle the horrendous chaotic mess that was my make up area.

It had got to the stage where I could no longer locate certain products and had bronzers and mascaras strewed across my table! Storage intervention was necessary!
I had already had some of these mirrored drawers but I needed one more set to store some of the overflowing recent purchases. So this is my sparkly new, freshly organised vanity area! I love this little space.

I purchased these drawers from a variety of different stores over the last year or so. If you are after some like mine, the best places I have found are BHS, Homebase or Matalan. My brush holder is actually a toothbrush holder from BHS! I love the look of this drawers, they make it all look so glamorous and French Chateau! :)
In between the drawers, I have a little white wire letter rack which I have adopted to house my eyeshadow and blush palettes! Also have my MAC brush cleanser and a little box with bits and bobs in like nail scissors, tweezers, eye pencil sharpener, nail glue and magnets! 

So let's have a sneeky peek what lurks in my drawers shall we?! I have vaguely organised them now so all similar products dwell together.

Bronzers, blushes (most are in my palette) and few powders

Foundations, powders, concealers and primers

Lippie Drawer No.1 Balms and glosses

Lippie Drawer No.2 All non MAC lipsticks

Lippie Drawer No.3 My FAVOURITE drawer...MAC lippies *Angels actually harmonise when I open this drawer*

Eyeliners, glitters, primers and eyebrow pencils

Highlighters, MSFs, cheek tints

Primers, mascaras, random pigments...bit miscellaneous

That's it lovelies! I think it's quite a modest collection, but I like it and am so happy it's all organised and purdy! :)
Let me know what you think and tell me all about your makeup storage solutions? Feel free to do a post back and let me nosey at your collection!
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Saturday, 13 February 2010

Valentine's Day MAC Haul

I hope you have all had a splendid Saturday. Me and the bf went to London today and spent the day hand in hand, merrily skipping from shop to cafe, lingering over coffee and gazing into each other eyes! Ha! It was a delightful day, and I got treated to a few spesh Valentine goodies. :)
This is what I got from MAC.

The lippie line up from left ~ right:
Pretty Please
Costa Chic
Dollymix Blush
Here is the swatches of the lippies for you ladies:

Pretty Please as you can see is a very sheer oyster pink colour. I think it is divine and would be perfect to use over a brighter colour to mute it down and add a luscious finish to the lips.
Costa Chic was the purchase I was most unsure about. I picked it up in MAC Pro and then decided against it. By the time we had meandered down to Selfridges, I had decided I did actually want it! And I am so pleased I fought the voices in my head. It is an awesome colour. It has a frost finish to it, and is such a warm pinky coral lovely colour. It is so flattering and really accentuates a tan and is like a Rio Carnival on the lips!
Impassioned has been on my wishlist for some time now, and it is a perfect amplied lippie. Whereas Show Orchid is quite a cool hot pink with blue undertones, Impassioned is a very warm hot pink lippie with a hint of orange and gold running through it! Perfection!
Dollymix blush was quite an impulse buy as I hadn't planned to get another blush...but I heard this one whisper my name as I walked past and I couldnt resist. Sorry there isn't a swatch but the picture really wasn't doing it justice. It is a concentrated bright pink Sheertine Shimmer with precious gold reflexes running through it! I <3 it! :) 
As well as playing with make up, we also drank tea and ate cake!

And marvelled at French Connection's window display...! The mannakins' bunny ears were wiggling up and down...sooo cute :)

Thanks hunnies, as always, for reading my little ramblings, I hope you have all had a fab day, whatever you have gotten up to.
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