Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Beauty Blogger's Shipwrecked Survival Kit

Ahoooy there shipmates!
So picture the scene. You are set to be castaway on some idyllic paradise (as pictured above) for the unforeseeable future. Sounds pretty heavenly to me! The only downside is: you are only allowed to take 5 beauty/make up products with you. Eeeek!
So what would be your travel essentials? What would have to be a 'must' in your beauty survival kit?
I often think about this condumdrum and it took me a while to come up with my 5 essentials, but I did it and it has made me re-evaluate my makeup/beauty needs! Not saying it will stop me purchasing excessively and unnecessarily, (let's not be silly now) but it did make me feel rather saintly for a while!
Oh and FYI, the local tribe of the island will be providing us with suntan lotion, so no need to list that!! :)
So here goes...

No.1: Vaseline
Maybs quite an obvious one, but even those days when I'm not stranded on a desert island, this is such an essential in my bag. With sun exposure comes chapped dy lips, and no beach babe wants that going down when there's cute marooned pirates running ragged on the beach!

No. 2: Tweezers
I have a real thing about unruly eyebrows! I am quite obsessed about maintaining pretty brows and I just know that if I didn't have these babies in my survival kit, I would literally be burying my head in the sand! (I just hope the tribe have a miror to hand that I can borrow...!)

No. 3: Coconut Oil
Whenever I use this product, the smell alone transports me to another paradise far far away from Essex! And it really does do wonders for my hair.  Sea water and the sun makes my hair one angry frizz ball! This stuff however really deeply conditions my hair and puts back in all the moisture and shine! I would be hoping that The Body Shop could commision an industrial size pot though for my trip!

No. 4: L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara
I think mascara would be the most essential item to take with me out of my make up bag. I love this Telescopic Mascara, and would be confident to go au naturel on the beach, providing I had this to hand. Mascara just does wonders to open up the eyes and makes you look more awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed!

No. 5: Nail Varnish

I figure I will have pleny of time on my hands, in between sunbathing...swimming...spearing some fish, so I would definitely take a nail varnish with me to pass the time and keep my nails looking luscious! I would chose a pale pinky nude colour like Barry M's Hint of Pink, thus enhancing my tan to the maximum!! 

And that's it ladies. I'm not going to tag people only because I am aware of a lot of tags going around at the moment. But please, if you fancy doing this then jump onboard (get it!) and give it a go yourself! You will find it quite enlightening.
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