Monday, 27 December 2010

Motto Monday

This photo is particularly poignant for several reasons. The mug was a Christmas present which I absolutely love. Mugs and mottos, two of my favourite things combined together in sweet, tea-beholding harmony. 

Secondly, today has been the first day since last Tuesday that I have been actually able to appreciate any of the above. All sensory pleasures have been severely lost over the past week due to a heady flu-like cold that has seriously made my Christmas rather dismal. Today is the first day that I have vaguely felt human again, and have been able to enjoy a belated festive feast. I don't wish to sound ungrateful, Christmas has still been wonderful for me as I have had family, warmth and lovely gifts to contend with, but I do feel sad that I had to spend Christmas eve in bed with a box of tissues and some VapoRub for company whilst all the seasonal jovialities could be heard beneath me. 

Whilst in a semi-comatosed state on the sofa, I have been watching the news and have been left dumb-founded at the scenes on Oxford Street and various shopping centres across the country, with the hoards of shoppers bracing themselves for the Boxing Day sales. I don't know if it is just me, but sales shopping does not instil an inch of excitement within me, more fear and trepidation if I am honest. I cannot think of anything I would want that much to pull me from the welcoming wonder of my house and make me trudge in the cold to queue and be barged left, right and centre just to save myself x amount on some more clutter I really don't need.

I am hoping to feel a lot cheerier tomorrow and plan to venture to my boyfriend's family for a Christmas gathering of sorts. I have hardly seem him over the Christmas break due to the heinous way I have been feeling, so it will be nice to take a drive over there, and go for a walk with the dogs and get some fresh air. His family have a lovely, yet mischievous dog called Milly which causes the utmost chaos whenever myself and said dog occupy the same place, as I never know whether it is me or the dog that is being instructed to sit down or stop barking!

I hope you have all had a glorious Christmas. 
A few to follow: Natalie, Kim and Lucy.


Kim said...

That's a lovely mug :) I'm glad to hear that you're beginning to feel better! The sales just look plain scary, I'm not tempted to go if there is such crazy behaviour being exhibited. I'd much rather snap up some bargains via t'internet with a steaming cuppa. I hope you have a lovely time with your boyfriend and his family tomorrow :) Thank you very much for recommending me to your followers! Much appreciated my dear :) xxx

milkteef said...

Oh I want this mug so badly! Do you have any idea where the present-giver got it for you? Hope you had a truly wonderful Christmas despite the flu xxxx

Miss Lucy said...

Perfect mug! So glad you're feeling better hun, what unfortunate timing. Now you must make up for all you've missed! xx

birminghamlady said...

What a lovely, lovely gift!
And I am sorry about your Christmas, it must have been awful. I heard so many people getting sick this Christmas, this is almos insane!
May you get better and better and have a hell of a party at New Year's Eve to compensate for the time you lost in bed :-<

natalielinsay said...

Aww glad to hear you're feeling better Milly :D And I'm so with you on the sales... I don't have the patience nor the will to fight with other customers over sales racks. On another note - yayyy, thank you for making me 'one to follow' greatly appreciated <3 xoxo

ShineyGlam said...

cute mug and i like its message, eat cake and move on, wow i could do that!

Fuyume said...

aww glad to hear your starting to feel a bit better. what horrible timing to be ill xxx

The Fashion Teller said...

Glad your starting to feel a bit better lovely and hope u can get out tomorrow and see Rob!
Text me and let me know when you think your be good to meet up xoxo

Rebecca said...

What a lovely mug! I'm glad that you are starting to feel better, being ill at Christmas is not nice!
I couldn't think of anything worse than shopping on Boxing Day, I always thought it to be a bit greedy after getting presents the day before! x

Jess said...

The flu seems to have reached all parts of the nation over Christmas. Glad you are feeling better! Also, I work on Oxford Street (had Boxing Day off luckily) but today I decided to look in a few shops before work and there was even a queue of about 100 people waiting to get into Next! I'm not over keen for the sales but I do love a good bargain as I've seen a few things that I previously wanted. I normally wait until the eager beavers have left so I may pop out later in the week. I'm hoping it's a little better.


Sarah said...

Haha how funny/random that you and your bf's dog have the same name! :)
I feel so sorry for everyone who was sick over Christmas, it's not a nice time to be ill, I'm glad you're feeling better though and I'm sure the trip tomorrow will do you the world of good! X

Burn the Blonde

The Beauty In Me said...

Lovely <3

Happy Holidays

GoldenGlow said...

The flu always loves to hit over Christmas, glad to hear you're feeling better though! I'm completely with you on the shopping, there is no chance I am going to spend the weekend relaxing then force myself into the over-crowded jumble sale that is January sales! xx

Lucy said...

I know how you feel, Im coming down with a cold as we speak.
Glad to hear your feeling better though :) Hopefully the rest of your Christmas will be a lot more Cheery.
I love tea, my friend bought me an adorable mug from paperchase with owls on it for Christmas.
I look forward to my first yummy cuppa :D


Rainbows and Buttons

FromGemWithLove said...

Glad you are feeling better, hopefully you will have a healthy new year sweets. Loves xxx

Mallory Taylor said...

I adore the mug! ^^

Mallory xx

Hayley said...

Oh i love the mug!!!!!! I need that in my life! Really glad to hear you are feeling better =) xx

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Sorry you've been ill lovely but I really hope you can enjoy new years! I'm so with you on the sales. I mean I like to go, but I wouldn't que at 5am on Oxford Street!!!!!


Arash Mazinani said...

I was fortunate enough to get the flu/cold thing before christmas. Although at the time I didn't really feel very fortunate. It is awful whenever you feel ill and have to miss out so it's good to hear that you're finally over the worst of it.

Your mug is awesome, I think any avid tea drinker needs a decent mug collection to savour their drink from. I have a few myself, my favourite being a mr greedy mug which is so huge you probably can get 4 regular cups of tea in there.

I used to work in retail so me and sale shopping don't really mix. I think it's a bit sad that people are up at the crack of dawn to buy more stuff on boxing day. For me boxing day is about chilling out with your family. During my time at Harvey Nichols I did see some crazy sites on the first day of sale. Mammoth queues and sadly people almost coming to blows over handbags. Quite frightening really.

I hope you have/had a nice time with your BF's family the dog sounds like quite a character.
Twitter: @arashmazinani

Arash Mazinani said...

p.s digging the new favicon!

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