Monday, 20 December 2010

Motto Monday

Three wonderful cities I have had the pleasure to frequent, on one or many an occasion.
Being but a hop, skip and a train ride away, London is my haven and a place that I never tire of. I was there on Saturday, frantically finalising the finishing touches to my Christmas shopping. I have never actually been in Central London, underneath the twinkly lights in December when the snow has been falling and actually settling. So when we naively emerged from Oxford Street tube, inappropriately dressed for such a flurry, we were rather enraptured by the romantic notions of this wintertime blessing. This hand in hand feeling lasted from about Topshop to the corner of Carnaby Street until we both discovered that our fashion footwear was anything but waterproof. Soggy socks syndrome had struck.

Paris is only a fleeting memory for me, as I was taken there on a whistle stop visit by my father en route to Disneyland, a place I seemed to have much more of a veritable interest in as a ten year old or what not. I would like to return to Paris just to cast my own judgement on the capital. It is the type of place that is laced in such splendour, romantic nuances and iconic hints, I would love to experience its finesse as well as uncover the hidden, darker sides of the city.

New York, New York...those who have been reading my blog for many months will recall that Sophie and I were whisked off to the Big Apple early this year courtesy of Sleek Make up and Sophie's unbelievable bowling talent. Previously I had been acquainted with New York on the turn of my 18th birthday and I believe it was love at first sight, smell and beep of an inpatient taxi driver's horn.

This Monday Motto just made me think of all the places I have been and all the realms which I still yearn to go and discover...
Tell me about your favourite places. Oh and also, I am going to open up the 'few to follow' forum to you. So feel free to leave your link, or endorse any other blogs you think I may like, and you could be appearing on Motto Monday next week.


Joy said...

Ignore Zainab, Milly - I love your whimsical writing!

And I love the fact that you too went to the Top of the Rock on your NY visit, instead of the predictable Empire State Building! Looks like you went when it was much warmer than when I went, although it was still gloriously sunny!


Marilou said...

LOL Zainab, if you don't like then..sail away. YOU ARE the only obnoxious thing in Milly's blog.

I remember perfectly your trip to NY with Sophie, this is the exact time when I started to follow both of your blogs and never stopped since then. Keep going girls woot woot

Cherry Pullinger said...

I love all three cities!

Rossaaay said...

Ignore Zainab, your blog is amazing! I would love to go to New York and Paris because i have never been, i'm desperate to go for my 18th! Also would love to go to London again, I was born there but have only been back once since because i don't live in England anymore :( You're lucky you are so close!

Katie said...

I have to say I completely disagree with Zainab's comment. I love your blog and your chattery writing style, it's such an easy read! I'm not sure what my favourite places are yet, I have traveled so little, but I hope this will change! I plan to go to New York with my uni in 2012, absolutely cannot wait! :)
Here's my link!
Katie xoxo

Stefany said...

I absolutely LOVE New York. I was just there this weekend to see the Macy's window displays. I live like a 10 minute subway ride away so I'm there all the time. I need to venture out and visit Paris and London though. =]

Charli! said...

I am lucky enough to live in London, I say lucky but many say unlucky but I love it... Im 10 minutes walking distance from central London and can see Big ben from my bedroom window and the London eye from my balcony.. I still find this place truly magical! I want to see New York and Paris so badly they are on my to do list :)

I love your blog and the way you write it so dont worry about any negative comments you get!
Heres my link


Jenny said...

I'm also lucky enough to have visited all three of these cities, and have to agree with you. They're my favourite places too! :) Totally disagree with zainab, I love the way you write, so easy to read and relate to. If you've got nothing nice to say (or true to say!), zainab, as my mother says, say nothing at all! xx

natalielinsay said...

Each to their own but I LOVE your style of writing - You could make ANYTHING sound as if it were conjured from a dream!

On another note - Love Paris, love London, DESPERATE to go to New York!


arlene said...

I'm sure you'd rather be whimsical than a cow like Zainab.. or should that be "Anon" *sigh*
My favourite place is Tallinn in Estonia, a real fairytale city xx


Ignore Zainab, this is a lovely post. Your lucky you've been to all 3 cities xx

LC said...

I live in south London, and go to uni in central so I am often wandering aimlessly around the west end before i toodle off to my lectures. I love that London is my home and I think its beautiful.

I also had the pleasure of visiting Australia this year and I must say, Sydney and Brisbane are amazing xx

Dreams That Glitter xoxo said...

Darling, your style is what makes your blog so special and unique. Please keep writing how you do!

I love all those cities you mentioned, but also random ones like Reykjavik, Iceland :).

And there's so many lovely blogs to follow and mention, I wouldn't even know where to begin! I would like to give the lovely Stacey of Sugar and Spice a mention though, she's a sweety.


AngelinaFoster said...

Shopping in London for Christmas presents is brave!! I love London and New York. I'm a bit scared of visiting Paris though because of the language barrier! xx

Kerry said...

ouch...!!! first time visiting your blog and i really like it! xxxxx

Michelle said...

Not a clue what this Zainab character is on about, I adore your blog and I believe your 2500+ followers would also agree ;) New York is the one place I'd absolutely LOVE to visit, I remember watching your vlog in absolute jealousy. I love Paris, I go every summer with my Mumma when possible, and of course you know my love affair with London! xxxxx

Bettina@BeautySwot said...

I have been to all 3 places - London (well north london) has been my home for many years and there is still so much to discover.

I have been to New York once, I want to go back and take in more of the city and nightlife.

Paris I have been twice, both times in August and it is just fantastic! Warm and friendly and easy to do all the sites.

such a lovely post!

My blog is

Beauty and the blog said...

Am I the only one that hears Zainab and thinks Eastenders lol anyhoo keep up the good work Mills,

LipglossAndLeopardPrint. said...

I love love love all 3 cities! Great post.. Also loving the sunglasses! xx

Emma said...

I love Los Angeles. No where quite like it for me!! xox

Susan ♔ said...

I absolutely agree with everything you've said in this post - these three cities are simply incredible!! I had the great pleasure of living in Paris for a year and I would certainly recommend giving it another visit - it is simply magical... oh, and Disneyland is pretty special at our age too :) xoxo

Hayley said...

So jealous that you have been to New York twice =D i am hoping to go next year.

I love Paris!!! The boy proposed there this year =D and i <3 London

*ignore the first persons comment, i love your style of writing!!* xx

Milly said...

@Zainab, I would like to pick up on your comment and hopefully express as to why your judgment is so severely misconstrued. Firstly, I applaud you that you have managed to contain your dislike and detest of my writing style for so very long. I do believe that the style of this blog is rather apparent in the other 150 odd posts preceding this most recent one. I am therefore perplexed as to why this particular post has offended you so.
The section of my post you have paraphrased has been crudely copied, so yes, as it appears in your comment, it doesn’t make sense. I shall elaborate for you as to what I was trying to detail it this sentence. I was drawing a comical parallel between my desire to visit Paris now, compared to when I was younger, where I had a much keener interest in the commercialism of Disneyland, over the culture of Paris. The use of “what not” merely was utilised to suggest that I am not completely positive as to what age I was when this venture occurred. I may have been 10, I may have been 9. This fact is inconsequential; therefore I highlighted this by my flippant use of wording which followed.
My blog may not be your cup of tea. I will make no qualms over the fact that I enjoy, and am proud, of the English language, and my writing style will continue to reflect this.
Just for your reference, the word obnoxious means loathsome, intolerable, repugnant. I believe you have not used this word appropriately in your description of this post, or my blog in general. I fail to see how the manner I write could be detailed as this by any stretch of the imagination.
Please correct me if I am wrong, but I do believe that you choose/chose to read my blog freely and without any physical restraints or man-handling being implicated. You are not forced to entertain my writing, and just like we don’t all read the same books, I am more than aware that we won’t all enjoy the same blogs. I therefore suggest you just pop me back on the shelf and find something else that is more suited to your literacy palette.

Yours whimsically,

Hannah said...

Love this post Milly - and I adore your writing style, it's absolutely beautiful. Your reply to Zainab is spot on, and elegantly put, as always. Don't ever change how you write, as it is what makes your blog so special, like a breath of fresh air!

I would absolutely love to go to New York one day, it's my 21st next year and going to New York would be such an amazing present, but a girl can only dream! Like you I've only really been to Disneyland in Paris, and as magical as it is, I would love to see the 'real' Paris one day too. As for London, I'd love to live there one day in the near future :) xx

kirstyb said...

oh i love x

Lucy said...

lovely post milly :) i really enjoy your writing, its original, and very special!

Aoife said...

You totally whooped her ass there Milly!! Haha :)

little miss said...

Milly I love how you write. It's a delight to read. You would love Paris, hope you get to go there soon. Merry Christmas :)

abby said...

Wow Zainab you actually have no idea how ridiculous that comment was do you. I'm positive that nobody in the world would agree with you and say that Milly is anything other than an extremely kind, thoughtful and lovely person.

We all love you lots Milly and I especially love your comment reply! "Yours Whimsically, Milly" - Amazing! <3 xxxx

valentinehart said...

Hi Milly,

I visit your blog every now and again because I enjoy looking at the photos and reading reviews of products, and after reading your post on Twitter regarding the ‘hater’ comment, I felt the need to come by and have a look for myself – my old blog was often the victim of abusive comments.

Now, I am not meaning to cause offence, but as this is the internet and we have our blogs where people can publicly voice their opinions, I must admit that I agree with @Zainab to an extent, and I think the way your ‘followers’ have jumped on the let’s hate @Zainab band-wagon is somewhat unfair. I do sometimes struggle to read your entries, and I am not afraid of admitting that. It does seem as though you use the synonym function on MS Word a little too freely and so the words do not make sense, and sometimes punctuation is missing – this is not a dig at you, because I have no doubts that you are a lovely person, but it can be tedious to read, and I feel I am perfectly entitled to express that.

@Zainab also mentioned that she usually enjoys your blog – so you should focus on the positivity in that comment too; she would not be visiting if she did not want to be here. I feel like this post has become a circus for comments, as most of the commenters here are very loyal to you, but that is what worries me about the internet – in recent times, it has become a place of worship for bloggers, where even the smallest negative opinion or piece of constructive criticism will be pounced on in a defensive attack by those ‘devoted worshippers’.

Merry Christmas,
Victoria (twitter: victorialalala)

Milly said...

@valentinehart I appreciate and respect your comment, but please understand that firstly, I never declared anyone a 'hater'. I despise that expression and this term was never used. And secondly, I am fully open to constructive criticism, but you must admit that Zainab's comment was not constructive, but just rather offensive. I believe Zainab should have phrased it differently if she wished to express a dislike for the way I write.
I did not ask any one of my readers to comment on this post, and certainly to not encourage this to become a circus to 'hate' on anyone. This was and never would be my intention. I believe my response to Zainab was polite and constructive.
I am sorry that sometimes you have trouble understanding my blog. I do not use the synonym function, i genuinely just love words and do tend to know a lot of them! Sorry but that is the truth and I enjoying writing like this. I am sorry, but I whole-heartedly believe my posts do make sense and as a real sucker for correct punctuation and grammar, I would only publish a post if I deemed it perfectly readable and correctly phrased.
But I do appreciate your honesty and for airing your views on the matter.
Merry Christmas to you too.
Milly x

Lydia said...

What wonderful three cities indeed!
I worked in Boston this summer and often visited New York on my weekends off. I don't know if it was down to the fact that trips there weren't special because getting there was so easy - but New York didn't wow me. Sure, it's a fantastic city and I loved every minute of being there, but it didn't feel magical. I was kind of disappointed in myself.
London wins hand down for me - but maybe I'm biased, British n' all. I love everything about it!
Paris, for me, is a totally different experience to the other two. Calm and relaxing - I love sitting at little cafes :-)
Anyway.. my favourite city? Rome :-)

emma1119995 said...

You should most definitely visit Paris! Like you, I went to Disneyland when I was younger and never took the correct classes at school to be taken on a school trip there but I found some super cheap flights this summer and went in October. Oh my word, it is beautiful. For some reason, even though it was October it was boiling hot and beautifully sunny. I went to New York on my honeymoon so it will always hold a special place in my heart but Paris was like being in a fairytale! I highly recommend it! Hope you get to go soon! x

dan said...

I love all three cities, and have also been to all three, New York is definately my favourite, I went for my 18th last year and want to go back soso much.
If I could go anywhere it'd be Hong Kong! xx

Danni and Maria said...

Paris and NY are definitely on my to-do- list and I was lucky enough to work in central London for a couple of months over the summer which I loved! It was SO different to the sleepy village where I normally live :) Would love you to take a look at too :D

Maria xxx

Steph0188 said...

Loving these posts hunny :)
I personally love your style of writing, as I think many of us do. Ofcourse, it is no bad thing if some one dislikes it, each to our own right? But I agree with you, that constructive critism is a good thing, pure rudeness is not!
I have been visiting London more & more recently, and I really do love it. I think I'd like to live there, even just for 6months or so. Part of me really enjoys the hussle of it all, having some one there all the time. I don't think I've experinced even half of London though, and really need to do some proper sight seeing.
I know what you mean about not enjoying a place when you are younger, I don't think you appreciate something enough, being older & wiser and having more feelings does you well when visiting some where I think. I'd love to visit NY one day, a true dream of mine. I'd also take up going to Paris again, even though I don't think it was what I expected it to be- I hear people talk how magical it was, and I feel so sad that I just didn't 'get that'

Steph said...

the best place i've ever visited was Australia. It was always a place i'd dreamed of going, but when i got to travel around it for 6/7 weeks it was the most amazing time of my life. I got to go in a helicopter over the great barrier reef, visit the sydney opera house and visited amazing man-made and natural beaches. Its something i'll never forget. Just before going to Oz, i got to go around New Zealand (both islands) and visit the amazing sites they had to offer. It was equally as amazing. It was UK summertime, so NZ & AUS winter time. NZ was literally covered in snow from top to bottom of both islands, and Australia was cold down south and warmer up north. I cant explain in words how amazing it was and how it's made me learn so much about different cultures.

Also (sorry if im rambling!) earlier this year, i had to do a work placement at uni, i chose to do mine in New york, i was due to come home and unfortunately the ash cloud hit europe. so i was stranded in new york for another week.

Ill stop now, but yeah, Australia will always be my fav, and one day id love to live there. :) xx

Nnenna said...

One of my favorite places is Madrid. I know that Madrid often lives in the shadow of Barcelona in many people's minds, but I have been to both cities and I would definitely choose Madrid over Barcelona. I love the people, the language, the buildings, the different neighborhoods and would absolutely love to live there for a bit. :)

mythology20 said...

Negativity aside, you are an astonishing blogger. I visit you almost every day, and envy your writing ability; it is an exceptional talent to write in such a fascinating manner. Criticism should not take place on this platform; blogs are personal and should be looked at by those who enjoy them. I personally feel that negative comments are destructive and decrease self-esteem. (No matter how self-assured you are) Continue blogging Milly as I couldn't stand to lose another joyful blogger!

Merry Christmas, show that British stiff upper lip haha!

Lucy x

Meg said...

I actually lolled at Zainab, because before today I had never visited your blog and just from reading this one post I have decided to follow. So beautifully written and an absolute joy to read! So may it continue :)

Milly said...

Thank you girls for your support. @mythology20 and @meg, you words made me smile. Thank you truly xx

Arash Mazinani said...

when you get haters on your blog you know you've made it! Jokes aside I enjoyed reading your post about visiting such iconic cities.

I'd love to explore all three in a little more depth as when I think about it I've had mere flirtations with them all.

My uncle lived in Paris and I visited when I was younger, but I was too young to really remember. It's a shame I didn't take advantage of it before he moved to Switzerland.

London I have been a few times but the place is so huge there are always places to explore. The last time I went with friends and we checked out camden market which was awesome. We made plans to go back and do some shopping but they never materialised.

NYC I've been to when I was working in America I was there and got to see a few sights during the weekend before my departure. But the whole thing felt a bit rushed. I'm glad I've been but I would love to go back and do it properly when I'm not having to rush around.

One of my favourite cities I've visited was Stockholm, the place was great, the people were warm and friendly (unlike the weather) and place in general was just cool and laid back. I also need to go back to check out the famous cafe opera bar that's there. Me and my friends were denied entry because my friend forgot his passport :(.

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