Thursday, 28 October 2010

Treating Your Tresses: Part 1

Hair treatments...I have always been unsure whether the hefty price tag of certain high-end hair treatments really reflect the promises and expectations confessed to me.
My hair is a prime example of a barnet in dire need of regular hair treatments...hello peroxide and ruthless straightening.
Previously, on umpteen occasions, I have frequented Boots and stocked up on many of the treatments they offer, all coming in under £10 and not really leaving me or my mane feeling that indulged. 
I find a lot of the 'drugstore' hair treatments are merely glorified conditioners, which is fabulous for that temporary, superficial feeling of lusciousness. And don't get me wrong, Aussie 3MM is a firm fave of mine, but I am now after something that truly treats my hair and can help combats the dismal damage that colouring and heat has caused, on a long term basis.
So, I have thrown the hair gauntlet down and will be challenging the follicles and the unruly frizz with three of the more pricier hair treatments, to see if the splurge is really worth it...

So first up to face the frizz is:

The hair masque is rich and creamy in consistency and smells delicious; orientally floral, laced with Jasmine and Peach Blossom. It is definitely a treat to the senses. 
The Shu Uemura hair treatment is enriched with Black Cumin Oil, something I had never come across before in any hair care products. It is renown as a precious oil drawn from the dark and fragrant seeds of the Nigella Sativa Flower. It has a high concentration of the powerful natural anti-oxidant Nigellone, as well as being packed with Omegas and fatty acids.
Everything about this treatment is luxurious and exotic and really does deliver some amazing results. It promises to deeply nourish and discipline the hair fibre, allowing hair to echo the smooth fluid and resplendent finish of Japanese satin.
How very Zen! But really, I cannot gush enough how very impressed I was with this treatment. It left my hair feeling absolutely, beautifully conditioned, silky soft and was so much more manageable when blow-drying. It really did feel like it had been tame, and trust me, my hair is an imposing mane to be tamed, like a wild caged animal at times...
I religiously used this hair masque once or twice a week for 3/4 weeks, and then conveniently had a hair appointment. Even my hairdresser, who will willing state my hair isn't in the finest condition, professed that my hair was looking in a much healthier state that 6 weeks before. I jumped with joy and skipped home to slather on another layer of this miraculous masque. 
It suggests leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, but I like to leave it on for up to 30 minutes and I find that helps achieve optimum results. 
I was pleased to have had such a positive outcome with this treatment and has restored some of my faith in the higher-end market of hair care. The fact that the results were beyond superficial and were demonstrable after a few weeks of use was really wondrous.

The RRP for this Shu Uemura hair masque is £38.50, (gasp!) however, fear not, retail it for £32.75 which I think is quite fabby! They have a plethora of hair treatments on offer, including the other two treatments below which I shall be reviewing in the coming weeks...
It is definitely worth checking out feelunique if you aren't au fait with the website already. So many of their products offer discounts off the RRP and delivery is free worldwide...

Like I said, I shall be testing out these other two hair treatments over the coming weeks, and letting you know how they fare with my hair!

Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Slim intense Smoothing Masque
Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

I'd love to know what hair treatment is your weapon of choice to achieving a perfectly-treated barnet.
Do you seek high-end when it comes to hair care?


Nicole said...

hello lovely, just came across your blog - its wonderful:)

I tend to stick to drugstore products when it comes to my hair since I am, for the most part, satisfied with it. I really enjoy John Frieda's Finishing Cream. It sort of serves the same purpose as the Shu Uemura treatment.

Do u mind my asking, what kind of camera you use? You take lovely photos

Milly said...

Hi Nicole
Thank you for your comment. :)
I use a Panasonic Lumiz Tz7 to take my photos...really love it.

Beauty and the blog said...

I love a bit of osmo essence,its like whipped cream for hair,leaves it so soft and shiny too.xx

Tabitha Bluebell said...

Oooh I can't wait to read your review of the Philip Kingsley!

T x

emilycharlotte_ said...

At the min I use the naked products - its in a big tub, not sure of the name. Its about £8 I think? Anyway I think its great and I'd thoroughly recommend it - I've found my hairs in much better condition thru using it.. Not slimy like I've found others to be but totally cleansed, shiny and manageable! But my hairs not properly damaged so it might not work for hair worse off than mine! Xx

Amy said...

oh that's an absolute must try!

Aysh said...

wow, that treatment looks just lush! :) I like yourself am a huge Aussie fan! Can't wait for the philip kingsley elasticizer review, have heard a lot about it! great post hun! Thanks


Michelle said...

Ooh the Shu Uemera masque looks fabby! I'm currently using a Herbal Essences hair mask which is really good, I don't think my purse strings will stretch to the £37 regions for hair treatment ): Great review hun. xxx

Vicky said...

I'm desperate to try the Shu Uemura haircare range but some of the prices, eeeek! xoxo

Saz said...

I haven't tried the Kerastase treatment you've bought.. but I do swear by Kerastatse products!

When I had platinum blonde hair, my hair was so damaged that it started breaking all over the place.. but somehow the 'Forcintense' treatment completly salvaged my hair!
I can't recommend it enough!

Excited to see how you get on with the other treatments!

Teacups and Buttondrops said...

I would love to try that treatment....but the price...Looking forward to reading the other reviews as well

Harpreet said...

ive tried the Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Slim intense Smoothing Masque and love it.

ive got the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme, but havent tried it yet.

Kelly said...

I generally use Kerastase masks when my hair really needs a treat.
Interested in hearing your thoughts on the rest though.

The Shushu mask is expensive so would be a special special treat for me.


Anna said...

When I had bleached my hair from dark brown to blonde Redken was my saviour.
I used Extreme CAT treatment, Anti-snap leave-in conditioner and All soft conditioner. The CAT treatment is AMAZING. When my hair was feeling really weak, like each hair had actually shrunk in size, I sprayed some on and within minutes my hair was feeling thick and strong again! Anti-snap doesn't give as immidiate results, but in the long run it made my hair grow long and luscious regardless of what I did with it. The extreme series is packed with protein, and that's what makes the hair stronger.
All soft is lovely and does just what it says, it leaves your hair soft and nourished like nothing else.
Another great tip is the treatment from Loreal Proffesionell Absolute Repair. It has the same consistency as butter and it nourishes dry hair super effectivly, perfect for thick and unruly hair.

OMG, that turned in to a wall of text. Sorry about that. :P

Caroline said...

ooh this sounds really nice! the hairdresser i'm planning on going to soon has a whole shu uemura treatment room so i'm gonna make sure i try this out.

princessofcupcakes said...

Hi , I love kerastase I use a White tub with orange I can't remember what it's called but it made my bad hair days a thing of the past !! And oh I invested in the cloud 9 rollers and o pod after Reading your review and a few others !! Just wanted to say I love your blog read it lots !! :) xxxx

Milly said...

Thank you for all your comments, and I loved hearing about al the different hair treatments you girls use! I have added a few more to the list now... xx

Ray said...

Elasticizer is a god send!! I've been using it for the last month and the condition of my hair has really improved. Also it keeps your colour in for ages without it fading too dramatically. Going to do a review on my blog of it soon xxxx

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