Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Flawless you forever

" We develop products that you would like, taking into account your preferences and lifestyle.
We listen to you and are quick to innovate.
We spend our money developing and creating a good product that is safe and do not believe in making you pay the cost for any advertising.
We will advise you at every step, to help you create healthy skin and an ageless persona.
Environment friendly - cruelty free testing supported by PETA"

Flawless You Forever, A range of core and mineral makeup, skincare and spa products specially designed to keep you looking the way you should. Gorgeous!

So...with an assurance like this, I was very intrigued to try a few of their products.

Firstly, the powder blush in Country Fresh is in a lovely little compact with a screw top lid, which is perfect for portability.
The powder is deceivingly very pigmented, so you really do not need to overload your brush (my first mistake!) when applying it.
It is a darkened-dusky pink with a satin finish to your skin, with no shimmer or glitter. The name 'Country Fresh' is very telling, as it does give you that ruddy glow as if you have just been out frolicking in the fields. 
I really liked the colour and finish of this blush, but unfortunately I didn't think the staying power of the powder was that great. It looked fab when I first applied it, and was a perfect colour to even contour your cheeks with, but throughout the day, it did go a little patchy and chalky on my skin which was a little disheartening.
FYF 'Cheeky' blushes retail at £11 for 3 grams, which I do think is a little dear for the quality and quantity of the powder.

The mineral lipstick in Natalie promises to plump up the volume for a fuller and smoother pout, and to effortlessly glide on to create a youthful pucker by visibly reducing rough edges or lines. 

I really liked this lipstick...a lot! It was just my colour, a delicious nude with a (MAC) cremesheen-like texture and finish to the lips. The product also smelt very similar to a MAC lipstick, gorgeous vanilla fragrance, which made it a real treat to use.
The lipstick felt really moisturising and lasted a long time on my lips without becoming dry and needing reapplication. The lippies are laced with Shea butter and jojoba and avocado oils, which condition the lips keeping them soft and supple. I can definitely concur with this!
FYF Couture Pout lipsticks retail at £12 which I think is reasonable for the quality, colour intensity and consistency of these lipsticks.

Flawless You Forever offer a wide array of products, including makeup, skincare and a whole men's beauty range. I know I would definitely investigate more of their lipsticks and also their new BathMania range coming soon, which delights us with cupcake soaps and such. :)

Let me know what you think? If you have heard of this brand or been tempted by any of their products?


abby said...

Wow the lipstick is amazing. Such a nice colour! :)

I've never heard of this brand before, not sure about the other products but i definitely want to give the lipstick a try :) xx

eve. said...

that lipstick is loovely. :) xx

*Jody* said...

That lipstick is such a lovely colour!! How much did it cost?

Beth said...

Gosh that lipstick is a perfect natural pink colour! :) *WANT*

Nicola said...

Oooh I've never heard of FYF before - I'm off to have a little nose around their website, that lipstick is so pretty!! xx

Georgina said...

I've been away to Crete for a little while so just caught up on all your posts - always a treat!
That lipstick looks gorgeous on you! xx

mw said...

love the lipstick!<3

berrieslovebeauty said...

this lipstick is gorgeous, it looks so good on you, beautiful color!

Hannah said...

The lipstick looks really pretty xxx

Marisa said...

I never heard of that company, but I would love to try their products, have to check them out!
btw, the lipstick looks gorgeous!

Vicky said...

The lipstick looks gorgeous! I've never heard of FYF before but I'll be checking them out now :) xoxo

Milly said...

thanks for your comments ladies, lots of love for the lippie :)
Jody - the lipstick is £12.

Katie said...

I LOVE that lipstick! I have heard of them form reviews but never looked into them! However I need that lipstick :D


Real Girls Beauty said...

I've never heard of this brand before but I love hearing about new one's! Am going to check these out now :)

Bows and Butterflies said...

I'd heard of this brand through Fleur Deforce I think mentioned them so had a quick nosey on their website and I've just been sent a couple of things to review. Im loving that lipstick colour its gorgeous x

*Peonies and lilies* said...

That lipstick is such a pretty colour, it really suits you x

HappyhappyJoyjoy said...

I ordered the same lipstick on the basis of your review - got it today but it arrived used! :-( But, to FYF's credit, when I sent them an email earlier tonight to complain, they responded in just over half an hour, to apologise and tell me they're sending a replacement. They've even offered me 25% off all future orders which I'm quite impressed with!

So far - flawed but I'm willing to give them another chance!

Milly said...

@happyhappyjoyjoy - oh my goodness, i am so sorry to hear that. that is awful but very pleased to hear they responded promptly and have offered you a replacement and future discount! Hope you enjoy the lipstick when it is replaced. Thanks for letting me know hun x x x

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