Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Oops . . . she did it again!

Britney Spears and perfumes.
Seems a logical transition really, considering the semi-demise of her pop career, and the well-worn avenue of many a celeb turned perfurmier.
Ms Spears, aka Elizabeth Arden, have turned out several scents over recent times, and I, unashamedly have purchased, sprayed and relished the sweet scent of Fantasy and Curious on many an occasion.
Well-known for the girlie, colourful and frivolous packaging, and the achievable price tag, I have a lot of love for the Spears’ scents.
Today, Wednesday 22nd September 2010, her latest potion was released – Radiance.

The packaging and bottle will not disappoint those die-hard Britney fans. Adequately shiny and bejewelled, the bottle is really quite sweet, with chunky, colourful jewels, perfect to jazz up any dressing table.

This is how those behind the perfume would describe the scent…

"Her ninth fragrance is a feminine blend of red berries, delicate flower petals and soft musk, packed in a bold and girly, light blue and pink bottle, decorated with fake rhinestones.
The alluring aroma of the composition includes notes of berries, tuberose, jasmine, orange blossom, iris and musk."

I was so very full of delirious excitement to receive this and give it the sniff-test! In my head I was hoping for a similar ilk of perfume to her previous sweet and fruity fragrances.
I seized the bottle, squirted jubilantly, inhaled and…oh! I had hoped for light and sugary, I got musk. Mature musk! I could definitely detect the under-current of berries, but hopeful for fresh strawberries…in reality I got overripe gooseberries. I wanted to get a second opinion so I hailed the mother, who was subsequently showered with the fragrance and she resounded that she really liked it.

BINGO! In my eyes, this is exactly what the clever little beans behind the perfume have set out to achieve – branching the Britney aroma empire out to those women who may have previously boycotted the beaming blonde Britney and her blinging bottles! It is heavier and more mature than her previous perfumes, slightly ‘sexy’ and warrants an evening-time airing.

Perfume is such a personal choice, and unfortunately this scent is just not my cup of tea. It is just a little too floral and overwhelmingly musky for my liking however, judging by many other reviews and trusting the mother’s intuition, this is going to be a popular purchase for many ladies.

The perfume has only just been released and is available in store and online at Boots for a very reasonable price:

Radiance 100ml £37.00
Radiance 50ml £28.00
Radiance 30ml £22.00
I would love to know your thoughts if you have sampled the scent yet?


Amy-Leigh said...

What a beautiful bottle, can't wait to try it! xxx

Steph xox said...

Have not tried it yet, but love the girly and cute...will look adorable on my perfume shelf!!

Hayley said...

Oooo the package is so pretty! I love Curious so much! Hoping I like this one too.

Thanks for the review =)


Lauren said...

I've owned Curious before as my "Work perfume" I also like a cheaper alternate for the perfume I wear to work. I haven't tried any of her others, but I sometimes steer clear of celebrity perfumes as I think maybe they're a little tacky and cheap smelling.

I think its the whole attachment of their singing/acting/reality TV career. Next time I'm in Boots I'll saunter by and have a sniff :)

Saying that about celebrity perfumes though, I was really plesantly surprised by Christina Aguilera's fragrance! It's quite nice actually.

Everyones tastes are different, I like sweet smelling perfumes and tend to go for more fruity smells than floral or musk.


LaurenStephanie ♥ said...

I cant wait to try this! The bottle looks fab and tacky...but tacky in a good way (:
I'm quite a big fan of her perfumes and all her songs bring me back to my childhood. Deff will be buying this! xx

Kellie said...

I should really try some more Britney perfumes. Must admit, i love them. I tried the purple colored one afew years back. I forgot the name, anyway. I fell in love with it, and fell even more in love with the price tag haha


Hannah said...

Really like the sound of this perfume - and I'm in love with the bottle! Will definitely have to give this a spritz when I'm next in Boots xx

Michelle said...

I love the sound of this perfume, going to give it a test run at some point! The bottle is a little bit OTT for me though ): xxx

Nic's Notebook said...

Oh I didn't know there was a new one out! I love all her previous ones lol.. Will have to have a sniff later when I hit the shops!

The Fashion Teller said...

Fab review huni! I actually really want to try this fragrance! Read about it in one of my mags and was curious to try it. I love the tacky, girly bling bottle too! He he xxx

The Fashion Teller said...

Fab review huni! I actually really want to try this fragrance! Read about it in one of my mags and was curious to try it. I love the tacky, girly bling bottle too! He he xxx

Dreams That Glitter said...

Great review! I'm not sure now whether this would work for me, but I'm still super excited to check it out!


Kelly said...

The bottle is just gorgeous isn't it.
Never tried a celeb scent, just not my bag generally.

Got my boyf bringing a large bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy back with him so I'll stick with that. :)


From Jessica With Love said...

I picked this up the day it came out! I love it! (as i do all Britney's perfumes) Its much more grown up than her others. Plus its got a really reasonable price tag. Defo my new go to perfume : )

Winny. said...

i shall have this in my paws in about ohhhh 4hours!

Miss*Kimmy said...

LOVE LOVE posts about new perfumes.
This bottle is so cute!
I actually love Britney Spears perfumes, I had no idea she had made 9 perfumes already though?!
Thats crazy.
I just bought Curious th eother day, it's such a classic.

*Peonies and lilies* said...

I've yet to try this perfume but it sounds really nice and the bottle looks so pretty x

Freja Wewer Hjernøe said...

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I've visited your lovely blog before, and i find it very inspiring!
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Marisa said...

I really like all Britney perfumes, I can't wait to try this one! I like floral and musky scent so I think I will like it very much :P

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