Monday, 20 September 2010

A Hair Revelation

Last week I trotted off to London to attend the rather messianic launch of the new TRESemme naturals range. I use the word 'new' loosely, as it seems to be the the hot trend of the moment, for many haircare brands to be on a quest for products that offer a more organic approach to hair cleansing and styling, which is applaudable.

The new TRESemme range is formulated without parabens, lower sulphates and is silicon free. They also feature certified organic extracts of aloe vera, sweet orange, jojoba, coconut oil and avocado oil, which should help protect your hair from damage and breakage and control unwanted frizz.
I have previously tried numerous natural hair ranges, including the Andrew Collinge range, The Body Shop's and Liz Earle's new shampoo and conditioner, with varying views of all, so I was as enthused as ever to hear about and try another range and see how the product fared with my troublesome tresses. 

We arrived at the most virtuous venue I have ever attended - The House of St Barnabas in the depths of SoHo, London. This venue operates are a non-for-proft private members' lounge, with all revenue from events, functions and membership going towards The House of St Barnabas charity, which offers support to the homeless, in and around SoHo.

The space was marvellous and exquisite, with its beautifully ornate ceilings and deliate stained-glass windows. It felt awfully sacrilegious of us, as we slurped our gin-based cocktails and loitered around the food-laden table, pictorial of the last supper.

The venue, products and company couldn't have been more apt, as it felt we had been amassed together to witness a host of celestial products, presented to us by some heavenly hair salvation before us.

The banquet was veritable and sumptuous, with mini burgers and brownies, and it was a hard job to tear us girls away...but clutching our olives and cashews, the congregation was seated as the sermon began.

We were treated to a rather hands on, informative and enlightening presentation from TRESemme's own stylist and hair saviour, Matthew Curtis
Matthew's career and skills have seen him foxtrot from designer to film set to fashion show, on a global scale, and when he mentioned he had give up Vera Wang for us that night...we knew we were in rather seraphic company!

The presentation was great and gave us all, not only an insight into the products and how to get the best out of them, but Matthew also offered demonstrations, tips and tricks on ways to style your hair, keeping heat to a minimum. 
Using techniques such a plaiting your hair when damp to create loose waves in the morning, and scrunching up the curls into a romantic, tousled up-do, were all taken on board and demonstrated that certain styles were achievable (with the right hair) without reaching for your hair straighteners every time.

It was really useful to also see the products in action.
The Non-Aerosol Hairspray really excited me, as it isn't your typical aerosol can that coats the hair in a film of spray that then leaves you hair crunchy all day. 
It lightly cascades onto your hair and, whilst still being able to hold a style commendably, it also is angelically easy to comb out your hair, haloing it with a healthy shine. Matthew demonstrated this and it was very impressive. The non-aerosol style spray is also  a lot kinder to the environment.

The Weightless Volumising Mousse was also a winner amongst us, as I know myself, particularly, am always desperate to achieve more body and bounce, specifically on the crown of my head. Matthew shown us the best application of the mousse to avoid your hair getting bogged down with stickiness. He took a pump of the mousse and worked it into his hands first before lightly wafting it through the towel-dried hair in the areas that require some oomph.

The shampoo and conditioner come in two varieties...
Nourishing Moisture: perfect from all hair types and helps prevent hair from damage and breakage.
Vibrantly Smooth: ideal to help control unwanted frizz, infusing hair with moisture without weighing it down.
Both these are suitable for colour-treated hair as well.

The new TRESemme Naturals range will be available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Sainsbury's from October 2010.
All products will retail at £5.39...which I think is pretty epic considering the shampoo and conditioner are a whooping 900ml.

We were kindly blessed with all the products to take home and trial.
I have already been using them religiously and can honestly say I am really enjoying them. Unlike some of the natural ranges I have previously tried, namely the Body Shop's, they don't leave your hair stripped or dry or feeling under-nourished. They smell divine and I have noticed a markable improvement in my hair's manageability.

The mousse and hair spray are godly gifts. I have been using the mousse, worked through my damp hair before drying it with a barrel brush, and oooh hello va va volume! 
The hairspray definitely holds without leaving your hair crispy and crunchy, and a little goes a long way.

I would like to thank everyone involved for a truly divinely inspiring event.


Irene ♥ said...

looks like so much fun(:
what a generous load they gave you!<3

Kara said...

such a great post:) i really want to try these as tresemme usually works for me anyway, i bet they smell good too:) x

hebeflora said...

gorgey post! i always feel slightly envious after these events because you describe them so beautifully! ;) hehe
love that venue :) x x x

Harpreet said...

really great post, i really want to try the shampoo and conditioner.

Jess said...

What a lovely venue - I've always been a fan of TRESemme so I'm keen to try these out. :)


Jo said...

These sound great! Tresemme are fab and making affordable products that are great to use. I look forward to hearing your further thoughts on them.xx

Lula said...

They sound like great products! I have extremely dry hair so I am always on the hunt for something new that will nourish my hair, but at the same time not strip what natural oils I do have!

Reyna♥ said...

How fun! Those are lovely photos!(:

Ess-Jay24 said...

Can't wait to try this range, currently using their colour protection shampoo and conditioner and i love them.

Caz said...

Looks like a lovely event, think i'll pick up a few bits from the range to try sometime :)

Steph xox said...

looks like alot of fun!!!

am not a big fan normally but will have a go at this new range..thanks xox

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Looks like an awesome event. I currently use Tresemme hair products, so I might give these a try next time I run out of the current ones I am using.

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

Forgot to add: If you haven't checked it out already, I just posted a big giveaway. (9 MAC products, an Urban Decay Naked Palette and a cute makeup bag).


Daisy said...

Sounds like you had such fun, fab review...I will have to give these a try!

abby said...

I love the idea of this range, especially seeing as they feature avocado oil which I know my hair absolutely loves. Looking forward to giving the conditioner a go :)

Looks like you had a lovely time :) xx

Rubie lee said...

Awesome post, im so keen to try the new tresseme out.

Winny. said...

a hair spray that smells nice, i am keeping my eye out for these :) x

Kelly said...

It's great that companies are creating more organic brands, some of the range sounds great.

Looks a great event, lucky you for getting to go.


rubyredslippers said...

They make the products look so yummy! I'll have to try them out now! xoxo

Sara Louise said...

wow this looks amazing
cant decide if i like tresemme or not ! i think i need to try it again!

Olivia said...

Great post! So many companies are making 'natural' products now. I might need to give them a go! xx

legseleven7 said...

The food doesnt look very organic lol

legseleven7 said...

The food doesnt look very organic lol

Hayley said...

Oooo it looks like it was an awesome lucky =)
Their 'normal' range irritated my scalp, but i think i will give the natural range a go =) thanks for this =)


LadyBugSays ... said...

Looks like an amazing event and some fab products!

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