Friday, 25 June 2010

Shorts in the City

I have just returned from a fan-dabby day in London Town, where I was fortunate enough to be attending The Body Shop event at the Westbury Hotel in Mayfair. A gaggle of beauty bloggers convene to hear about some of the Body Shop's new products and ventures, whilst swooning over some makeup tutorials from makeup artist Chase Aston and prettifying some cute cupcakes whilst slurping on champers.

I know...I know...but someone's got to do it! :) 

Fully detailed post on the event will be up this weekend, but just wanted to give y'all a sneak peek of my outfit.

Heart leotard - Topshop
High-waisted shorts - River Island
I really enjoy these shorts and adore the military gold detailing at the front!

Gladiator sandals - River Island
Pearls - Topshop
Tan - Xen Tan Dark Lotion!

Models Own - Nude Beige
I thought I would go for quite a sophisticated nail for the day's festivities (puts down the neon pink...!) but I really love this murky colour!

As I was trotting down New Bond Street, I got accosted my this woman bearing an intimidatingly huge camera, and wanted to know if she could feature me on her fashion blog. 
Flattered and feeling slightly awkward, I merrily posed whilst she frenziedly snapped me and made me work the camera - "look left, turn right, chin down....SMILE!" ARGH!

Now running rather late for our Body Shop event engagement, we walked and talked whilst she conducted a mini interview with me! I felt totally out of my comfort zone but she was lovely, and it was a fun, unexpected experience prior to the day's event.

Her blog is here if you want to have a nosey and I will holler when my feature is up!


Laura Jean Griffiths said...

Wow that outfit is gorgeous!
Love the leotard - its so cute :)
Ahh such a hard life sipping champers and decorating cupcakes, but as you say, someone has to do it ;)

Lovely blog btw!
Have a great weekend!

Happy1234 said...

You look lovely - I am soo liking high waisted shorts - so want a pair for my holiday :)

Jessica Rose said...

I love your outfit posts Milly,
you look super gorg as usual!

natasha1821 said...

I love the shorts and the pearl necklace and the ring.

bat my lashes said...
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holly said...

you look gorgeous as always millie! your outfit looks amazing on you ((:,X

legseleven7 said...

Ooooo love the leotard hun

tracymiami said...

As always hon you look fandabby dozey - you are super stylin :o)

How funny i bet you were well chuffed/embarresed at the same time but def flattering and deserved.

R u making bloggin your career, if not you should lol

t xxx

GoldenGlow said...

I love the shorts! They're gorgeous. And the tan! x

michelle said...

Lovely outfit Milly! And oooh, you got papped ;) Love your nail colour. And you should've popped over to Covent Garden for a sneaky Starbies :O


Lucy said...

Milly, let's swap legs! Gorge xxx

Dreams That Glitter said...

Ridiculously cute, love it :)


Nicola-x said...

You look absoulutley gorgeous!! love this outfit :)

Nicola xo

Hannah said...

Love the outfit, you look absolutely gorgeous! I love love love the tan - this pic really makes me want to slap the fake stuff on, you look so nice! xx

The Fashion Teller said...

Lucky you off to a fab event hun! :)
Love the outfit-city shorts are the best right now! I am obsessed with khaiki ones and beige.

Beautiful as always xoxo

beautyandthebeast said...

Looking fab and VERY brown! :) Love the sandals xo

Parisa said...

You are absolutely beautiful :)
Your outfit choices are so well put together!


Deanna Loves Pretty Things said...

I just picked up that leotard at Topshop while visiting New York City! I just adore it!! I like the way you styled it here...I wore mine with a black skirt with light pink polka dots and the pearl and skull necklace also at Topshop! <33

CassandraKK said...

You are gorgeous. This look is incredible! I'm so envious of you! :)



StyleFrost said...

Love the high waisted shorts style, look great on you, gorgeous sandals and ring too! x

tennillex said...

wow milly, your looking so lovely!
i adore what your wearing and the jewellery, your skin looks beautiful too! xx

Holly GoLightly said...


hannah . said...

i <3 your outfit!
you look stunning !


Lauren said...

Millybop looking a beaut as always :) <3

StaceySparkle said...

Wow love the outfit! You look so tanned, i am so jealous i look like a milk bottle haha!

Stacey xx

Nora-Schu said...

Gorgeous outfit!
You're stunning xx

♔ MW said...

u look so kute - i love it!!! <3

Peachykeen said...

Love it =) You look gorgeous babe.
How often do you apply the dark lotion? I've never gotten that tanned! xx

xxErinxx said...

You look lovely! Love the shorts in particular - so cute :-)
Can't wait to hear all about the event!

Simply Naturale said...

Wow just found your blog and i love it :) Love the ootd, i have the leotard so you have helped me find another way to wear it to look amazing!
Great blog hun
Much love Eloise xoxo

Milly said...

Hey pumpkins
Thank you all so much for your comments. Sorry I never have the time to reply to each and every one of you but I do really appreciate and adore you all taking the time to read my blog and comment. It means a lot.
So thank you xx

BeautyismyBeau said...

Love the shorts! Congratulations on being randomly harassed for your excellent style! :) X

libys11 said...

im addicted to bodysuits!!! this is really pretty!! :D

Animated Confessions

LadyBugSays ... said...

Gorgeous shorts!

Fashionistable said...

Hi Milly, It was lovely to meet you on Friday. Thank you so much for saying yes to having your picture taken and being patient in the middle of your rush. I really appreciate it. Your blog is beautiful. I will be following. Xxxx

Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

total hotness, love the outfit!!

pearlnecklace said...

Nice designs. Thanks for the sharing.

pearljewelry said...

really gorgeous outfit

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