Friday, 11 June 2010

The O

♥ Hiii sweetums ♥
So as I hinted in my previous post, I have some exciting revelations to share with you all. 
I am positive many of you have heard of Cloud Nine Hair and are aware of their new generation of temperature control hair straighteners.
Well, Robert Powls, the brains behind these beauts has been busy in his laboratory and has 
manifested this wondrous development in heated rollers...
OOOOh my....Welcome to The O!
Cue press release spiel... 
"TheO - Out-Of-This-World Technology That Will Take Your Hair To New Heights 
TheO uses unique heat induction technology that takes each roller to a temperature of 130 degrees  – the highest you can achieve within a heated roller - in less than four seconds, giving you the volume that can only be achieved with a roller, in record time. 
Simply pop a roller into the futuristic pod, wait for the beep, and style. And while the roller continues to rise in temperature in your hair, the pod remains completely cool and ready for the next roller.
The rollers, which are available in five sizes, including extra large 60mm, heat from the core out, so they’re hot for the hair, not for the hand.
Using the latest soft grip technology, it also means pins are not required, and you avoid hair breakage and kinks.  The rollers are so lightweight, that you’ll hardly know you’ve got them in, and because there’s an indicator on each roller to let you know when it’s done, they’ll be out again in no time - leaving you with hair that’s out of this world, whenever you want it.
TheO from Cloud Nine uses seven times less power than traditional heated rollers."
 The O will retail at £149.95 and will be available online from next week and also possible to purchase at these selected salons...Daniel Galvin, Nicky Clarke, John Frieda, Errol Douglas, Richard Ward, Jo Hansford, Michael John and Urban Retreat. 

So how did The O and moi meet...
Well myself, and five other lucky ducky bloggers, hot stepped it down Park Lane and waltzed up to The Dorchester Hotel, greeted by a plethora of colourfully dressed concierge and a line up of sexy motors. 
After I had swooned momentarily at the fancy Ferraris and beautiful Bentleys, we made our way, via the fanciest lift I have ever witnessed, to the 8th floor, where we were ushered into a suite decked top to bottom with swanky, gold-trimmed adornments and hanging ornaments.
Witness the prettiness...

We then were introduced formally to The O, and the creator, Robert Powls, who gave us all an insight into the creation of this new product and its magical powers.

We were then lured by the scent of chips and tasty morsels into the neighbouring room, to witness The O in action.
Whilst we munched on delicately created sandwiches, Steve Carr, senior stylist at Jo Hansford Salon demonstrated the art of applying the rollers to the hair.

It was very simple and he invited us all up to give it a whirl. The rollers are warm but not too hot to handle and they are easily secured in the hair on their own or with a diddy grip.
And they do literally take 4 miraculous seconds to heat up so it is tres speedy!!

And voila...!
Gorgeous, bouncy voluminous locks!

Once the demo was over we had the chance to schmooze and chitchat, slurp some more tea and explore the magnificent well as pose for those obligatory cheesy photos...!
Here are all the sweethearts that attended!
From left to right...
♥ Amrita - the6inchstilettos
♥ Louise - getlippie
♥ Fei - peoniesandwaterlilies
♥ Michelle - beautyandtheblog23
♥ Ling - moonbeamstarlight blog YouTube
♥ Moi!

It was a truly fan dabby day, and I'd like to say thank you to all involved for welcoming us and providing us with a swanky, "hot of the press" peek at this revolutionary product. I think it looks very impressive and I can't wait to get OOOmph-ing the hair and adding some vOOOlume! 

As we were bid farewell, we were kindly plied with these iddy diddy Cloud Nine hair straighteners, ideal for short hairstyles and those troublesome kinky fringes.

♥ Proof of their teeny tiny proportion! ♥

Unfortunately, I don't think these will be any mean match for my monstrous mane, but I have already spied the mother eyeing them up, so maybe she can be the guinea pig and give them a whirl!

I am a self confessed, heated-roller virgin so I'd love to know your thoughts on them.
Do you use them and would you consider investing in The O, considering the quickness and simplicity of the process, and the results you can achieve?
Thanks as ever for reading and leaving me your precious comments...means a lot and makes me grin like a mad thing! :)


michelle said...

Oooh 'The O' sounds like a lovely product! It's great that they seem to work well on shorter hair too :) Glad you had a good time at the event sweety! :) xxxxxxxxx

sarah said...

oooh these look good!i've just started using rollers in my hair and these look much easier and more effective!

tracymiami said...

ooo the O looks fab. I never leave the house without curling my locks (extensions) so I am definately interested in these babies

Top post sweetie

t xxx

nicoletta said...

Wow these sound fabulous thanks for the post xx

Hello Barbie said...

Sounds amazing! SO tempted despite the price tag. i had some heated rollers (forgot the brand) that heated in a pink bag and they were really good but could do with an update after having them for a few years.


Charlotte said...

Wowzers, these look a little hot to trott, haha :). They look fabulous, your a very lucky lady!
How cute are those iddy biddy straightners, very sweet :).

..R May A.. said...

I've only tried rollers a few times and i really liked the results but they seemed to take forever :p
Wether i want to part with that much cash for these though...
& the room looks super pretty :)

ipehishere said...

look like nice products :D

Lucy said...

I genuinely really want one a TheO! I do use heated rollers but it's a faff waiting 15 minutes for them to heat up and then I sometimes take them out too soon if I'm in a rush and I hate walking round with really heavy rollers in my hair. I WANT ONE!! Lucky you getting to go to the event xx

Victoria said...

It sounds great - I'd love something like this for my hair as it's the right length for curling but I can never do it properly myself. x

Milly said...

Thanks for your comments lovelies.
I should be receiving one shortly so will do a review/tutorial on it for your reference! :)

LadyBugSays ... said...

I want beautiful bouncey hair! Can't wait to see your review!

Kylieee said...

Cant wait for the review! I am actually looking to buy some heated rollers and these look brill! :) I think I am going to invest! Payday is not long now woohoo! xx

Get Lippie said...

Worst! Photo! Of! Me! EVAH!

Was lovely to see you again, sweetie, these do look amazing, I have to say, can't wait to try them!

Kerry said...

Hello! I've recently found your lovely blog, great style! I have never used heated rollers before but this looks like a pretty awesome gadget! I would love to try these at some point ;-) Xx

Jessica said...

I'm mad to try them. This link shows how great they are
Can't wait to try them...

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