Monday, 28 June 2010

The Body Shop: Beauty Bloggers Bonanza

♥ Hey flowers 
On Friday 25th June, a gaggle of beauty bloggers, were summoned to a swanky Mayfair-based hotel, for some roof top schmoozing, cupcake prettifying and general beauty banter.
That's right, it was The Body Shop event which I was pleased as punch to be invited to...
Upon arrival, we were faced with quite a feast of scrumptious morsels, swished down with lots of fizzy stuff! All the ladies from The Body Shop and Headstream were extremely lovely and made us all feel very welcome, were enthusiastic and answered any queries we had throughout the day.
The prelude whilst we waited for everyone to arrive gave us all an ample chance to mingle with scone in hand, and it was a joy to meet many truly precious fellow bloggers. It is so nice to finally unearth the face behind the blog and it was lovely having a chinwag with them all before we were ushered to our seats.
The first presentation was regarding their new haircare range, which endeavours to be as eco-friendly as possible, meaning their products do not contain any parabens, silicones or colourants, thus protecting our aquatic life. 
I love Finding Nemo, and the thought of those gorgeous fishies chocking and shrivelling up because of my shampoo is not a nice thought so following this eye opener, I am going to make a more concerted effort to choose this eco-conscious range. 
They are also introducing hair butters (clever spin on the ever-so popular body butters!). They are deep conditioning, intensive hair masks and smell divine! I am particularly excited about these!
Following this, it was time for random fact of the day...!
"Did you know that the average lady consumes 4 lbs worth of lipstick. That is 281 lovely lippies in our lifetime!" ...a little bit icky right?!
This was marvellously demonstrated by this bowlful of gooey jelly!
Jen and myself looked bizarrely delighted about this revelation!!

So the good news is that The Body Shop's Delipscious range of lip products are made from 100% food-grade ingredients, so we can now all pucker up and slap on the lippie until our heart's content, without the fear of ingesting something grotesque!
Next up was a show and tell of their new products that have been added to The Body Shop's  Vitamin C range.
The new additions include:
♥  Facial Radiance Powder Mix
♥  Eye Reviver Duo
♥ Microdermabrasion 
All the products seemed really intriguing, especially the radiance powder mix, which promises an intensified natural radiant look and feel to the skin in just 10 days!
I'll keep you posted...

Finally, Chase Aston, international makeup artist introduced us to the Body Shop's new makeup range entitled Baked to Last. The range consists of 2 bronzers, 2 blushers and 8 individual eyeshadows. Each product is baked on a terracotta disc in Italy, for 48 hours, to intensify the pigmentation and make the product more refined.
The infectiously vivacious Chase Aston demonstrated a few makeup tutorials for us using these new products, from simple easy day looks, to a more striking evening face, with dark blue eyes and berry lips!
The eyeshadows can be used wet or dry, to vary the intensity and finish.  

In between the presentations, we were invited to prettify and adorn our very own cupcake!
It was spatulas at dawn as we all marvelled at the colourful icing and squished smarties onto our cakes, in the attempt to make ours the most amazing cupcake ever!
Needless to say...mine and Ling's cupcakes failed aesthetically...!

A handful of the lovely girlies I met proffering their delightful cupcakes!
Finally, we were informed on The Body Shop's latest charity partnership with Ecpat which strives to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse. It is such a worthy cause and next month I will be posting all the details on how you can help get behind this campaign. But for the mean time, you can purchase The Body Shop's Soft Hands Kind Heart Hand Cream for £5, where £3.45 of this goes straight to Ecpat to help with their charity efforts.
Celebrities are literally "putting their hands up" in support of this project, and us mere mortals got the chance to place our hands next to the likes of R-Patz and Naomi Campbell!
This was my humble effort...
Cupcakes, makeup and glitter galore!
I was clearly in my element, ludicrously illustrated by the cheesiest of grins here!

After the posse had dissipated, Ling and I took to the streets of London, for a spot of mooching and meandering, and like moths to a flame, we were drawn to Carnaby Street to pay homage to the MAC Pro store!
Our adoration paid, Ling proposed we had a SNOG!
"Pardon moi Miss Ling?!" 
....A SNOG!
I am now a snog convert! How had I never heard of this heavenly infusion of frozen yogurt and fruity delights! :)

A perfect finale to a grand day out!
Thank you to all involved - it was highly enjoyable and insightful and I really appreciate being invited to attend.

Thanks for reading lovelies...what are your thoughts of the new products hitting The Body Shop?
...and have you ever had a snog??


Beautygirl24 said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Jennifer Rosellen said...

Was so nice to meet you and ling wish i'd been able to join you for shopping and a 'snog' ha it looks yummy!xxxxx

Justine @ Productrater said...

last time I was in a body shop, I went looking for the vitamin c line and they didn't have it, I almost flipped out cause it's my fave. Apparently they are reformulating the line and judging by your pics, they did! cool and nice event you went to!

BeautyismyBeau said...

Looks like a really lovely event. The bowl of of lipgloss is a bit freaky - scary to think how much we all consume in a lifetime. Now I want a cupcake :) x

Kel said...

Looks a lovely day! nice cupcake work.
And those snogs look amazing! yumyum

X x

Hello Barbie said...

Looks like such a fab event- cupcakes, make-up, glitter and blogging girlies- what more could a girl want?! xx

VampiressDoll said...

One word.... Sweeeeeeet! XD

Sophie said...

Oohhhhh..snog's look delicious! And i'm assuming the english version of the American Pinkberry? I've always wanted to try them! Now it looks like i can..a trip to london it is then! Looks like a fab day! xx

GlamourSkittle said...

Looks like so much fun, cupcakes and the ice cream looks gorgeous. Really like the look of the make-up too :) Jealous Much? hmm yeh maybe ;) hehe xox

Scientific Housewife said...

Omg, all the food looks so good, and that presentation is getting me excited about the Body Shop!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous as always, Milly! My fave bit? Pics of the amaaaaazing looking food haha. My least fave? The vat of jelly stuff consumed by every woman.. yuck xx

Vicky said...

It looks like you all had an amazing day :)

Excited to see their eco-friendly hair range now!!

Lauren ♥ said...

Mmmmm!!! cakeys :]
I really love the look of this range!
So excited to try, and hear the reviews!
You look stunning as ever, looks like you all had so much fun :]


Shortiee31 said...

Ahh looks like you girlies had a wonderful day!

Oh and funnily enough I had my first SNOG with Ling too :p


Tor said...

Things like this make me wish I lived closer to London so that I could come too!! Looks like you had a wicked time anyway hun :) I've never had a snog, but I do love frozen yogurt... I'll have to try and track one down, it looks yummy! xx

Lauren said...

Ahhh it looks like you had a fabulous time my dear. Are all these beauty invites part of your day job or was this just because of your blog?

Mmmm that 'snog' looks yummy scrummy!


michelle said...

Looks so lovely! We got a bundle of cakes and products on those tea stands at the more! office from The Body Shop too :D

LadyBugSays ... said...

Looks like an amazing day! And that frozen yoghurt looks so yummy!

The Fashion Teller said...

Fab reveiw honey! The lipsticks and little bake products excite me-remind me of MAC a bit.

Glad all your girlies had a fab and yummy day! xxx

Jenn said...

Thanks for following me!
I now follow you! How amazing is your blog hun!!
I`m going to go read every post!

*Daisy Loves.. said...

The baked collection looks fab!! Ive seen other blog posts which showed the goodie bag - jealous much?! :) x

Zoe said...

gutted i missed you milly, i was in the afternoon! good to see you had a good time, i loved it. hope to see you again soon!! xxx

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